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All About Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers

So you’ve heard about Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers and how they can save you so much money on your wedding floral budget with their cheap wedding flower packages? Well, we’re here to give you our Sam's Club wedding flowers reviews and share with you how we saved hundreds of dollars on our wedding flowers!

We had an outdoor wedding and reception, (see all our wedding details here) so we didn't need very many decorations, but of course every wedding should have beautiful flowers! When we started seeing prices florists are charging for your wedding flowers, we almost decided to just make them ourselves by going to the local farmers market. 

But, we also knew that putting together flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnières, etc would be a lot of work on the day or day before the wedding as well. So when we discovered that Sam’s Club Club has pre-made wedding flower bundles, we were sold! 

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Save Money on Your Wedding Bar with Total Wine & More

Having an open bar for your wedding can be a very expensive part of wedding budget. When it comes to all of the other details of your magical day, you can usually sneak in some amazingly frugal ideas and stocking your own bar is just one of the awesome ways to save loads of money. It turns out to be a lot cheaper bringing in your own alcohol, than to hire a fully stocked bar.

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Our Dream Wedding Wrap-Up

We did it! Our Biggest Adventure Ever, and we are now Mr. and Mrs. 

The day was as crazy and as fast as it could have been, but it really did end up being the perfect day. It was definitely not without lots of bumps and things gone wrong (we’ll have another post all about that!), but all in all, no one noticed, our friends and family had a blast, and B and I are now married! Couldn’t ask for anything else. 

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Wedding Planning with Heritage Hill

B and I are just about one month out from our wedding day, which is insane! It has come up so fast, even though by the time we get married, we will have been engaged for just over a year and a half. Crazy!

We have had such a blast planning the wedding of our dreams, and I have to credit a lot of that to our perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue in Southern California, Heritage Hill in Murrieta.

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All About Amazon Wedding Registry

Signing up for a wedding registry is one way to ensure that you get items that you want for your wedding gifts. While you'll be grateful for any gift that you receive, it's important to both you and your guests that your wedding gifts are something that will actually be useful and something you like. This is why it's important to set up a wedding registry. This is an easy way for your wedding guests to purchase items for your wedding gift that you need, want or actually will use in the future.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You

Every couple who thinks about hiring a wedding planner wants to make sure the person is professional and qualified to plan their wedding. Having a planner by your side to navigate the sometimes murky waters of planning your special wedding day can help alleviate some stress and take some tasks off your shoulders. With that being said, many couples are left wondering how to choose the right wedding planner.

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Wedding Planning For Beginners- From Engagement Ring to Wedding Ring

Wedding Planning can be a very exciting time, or it can be your biggest stress.  When your wedding day comes and goes, make sure you look back on this time as a fun and memorable experience rather than something you are hoping to forget.  Here are some frequently asked questions to take you from Engagement Ring to the Wedding Ring with ease!

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How to Plan a Wedding in 6 Months or Less

You’ve probably noticed that all the wedding planners online start at 12-18 months to plan. This can be quite overwhelming when you don’t have that much time to plan your own wedding. But, we are here to tell you, that it IS possible to plan a wedding in 6 months or less.  We have helped plan several weddings in less than the “normal” time frame, and they turned out absolutely perfect. We are planning our own wedding with pretty much the same timeline, (even though we’ll have been engaged for a year and a half, come wedding day and have had lots of time...we only started really planning around the 6 month mark.)

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Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Southern California-Heritage Hill

We have been on the search for the best wedding venues in Southern California, and mainly have been searching for the best outdoor wedding venues in southern California. And we’ve found the perfect outdoor venue for the bride who wants to create her own dream day! It is the best unique outdoor venue in Temecula Valley, in a quaint town called Murrieta.

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Who to Invite to Your Wedding

Writing your guest list and figuring out who to invite to your wedding can be one of the most daunting tasks of planning a wedding. And yet it is probably one of the first things you should do when you start planning too. You’ll need to know how many people you are going to invite to your wedding before deciding what type of wedding you will have. There are many factors that go into figuring out your guest list, so we’re here to help you figure it out. 

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Everything you need for your Save the Dates

Ahh! We got our Save the Dates in from Minted and couldn’t be more excited!! This is all really happening and as soon as we dropped our beautiful Save the Dates in the mail, it became even more real. After we secured our venue in Southern California, the Save the Dates were our next step, so we could let family know to start making plans to come to our wedding. And ordering from Minted was such a breeze, and we ended up with everything we wanted! 

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Top First Dance Songs for your Wedding

Your First Dance at your wedding is a special dance as Husband and Wife.  It usually starts off the reception, and gets the party going.  Some couples have  a song dedicated as “our song”, in their relationship, so you can always pick that as your first dance song…  But if you’ve decided to use your special song while walking down the isle, during the ceremony, or some other time, you might not want to re-use it again.  Maybe your song just isn’t really a good “first dance song”, so you are searching for the perfect First Dance Song to use for your important dance at your wedding. 

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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses your girls will love

“Always a Bridesmaid…Never a Bride.” I’ve been in my fair share of weddings as a bridesmaid, and now its my turn to be a bride! You always hear horror stories of dresses the brides pick out for her bridesmaids, and I have experienced one myself.  Sometimes brides don’t necessarily think of their bridesmaids wants when picking their dresses, but now, some brides are much better at allowing their Bridesmaids to choose their dresses or at least give some input.  I always wanted to be the bride who let her girls pick a dress they would love and feel beautiful in…and most importantly comfortable.  So, when Amsale reached out to work with us, I was over the moon, because I fell in love with their styles, and I could see a perfect dress for each girl.  

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Finding your perfect wedding venue

It’s Wedding Planning time! You got engaged, celebrated and enjoyed the moments, and now you’re ready to plan the best day of your life. If you’re following our wedding planning checklist, it’s time to find your perfect wedding venue. 

Your wedding venue can be one of the most important things you will decide on, that will help set the feel for the whole day.

B and I knew right away that we would want an outdoor wedding in Southern California. But, we also didn’t want all inclusive, because we wanted the freedom to plan the day we wanted. So we went searching, and were so excited to find a brand new and upcoming DIY outdoor venue in Southern California, Heritage Hill in Murrieta. We can’t wait to share all the details with you!

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Best Amazon Wedding Veils for Cheap

Ever wonder about buying your Wedding Veil on Amazon?!  There are so many things you can buy on Amazon to save you money!  However, buying things online can be scary...sometimes its hard to know what you're going to get.  But with the crazy prices some bridal salons are charging, brides are often wondering if it's even worth it to buy a veil.  Well, thanks to Amazon, (and lots of our research), we've put together a list of real brides who have had success with their Amazon veils.

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“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”- Awesome Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Asking “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” to your favorite girls is such a fun time in the wedding planning process. And these new Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes are such a fun new trend.  Now that you’ve got your celebration on, with your own Bridal Box Subscription, and you’re getting use to your new bride’s time for, what I believe to be, one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning process...asking your bridesmaids to stand up with you as you say “I do”. Your bridesmaids are the girls in your life who are there for you during the crazy wedding planning phase. “Back in the day”, brides simply asked their girls to be bridesmaids, but now...there’s a fun trend to ask with a fun gift...also known as a “bridesmaid proposal.”  I personally love this trend, as I get to give my girls a special gift while I ask them to stand up with me as I marry my best friend. 

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