Father’s Day

Picture Keeper Connect

I have always had a problem with not having enough space on my phone!  I feel like I am constantly having to delete pictures just to have enough room for my phone to even function.  But now, Picture Keeper Connect makes it easy to store all your pictures, videos, and contacts on this little device, so you can save room on your phone to take more pictures! 

Lucky Tackle Box 

Lucky Tackle Box is the perfect subscription (or even just one month) box for the fisherman in your life.  In each box, you will get a variety of different baits, hooks, weights, etc. to try out every month. You can choose which box you want, depending on what type of fish you are wanting to catch.  They have so many different boxes to choose from….just look!

StatesMan Ties

What’s a Father’s Day without a tie?!  Check out these StatesMan Ties.  These ties are all ones that represent a country or a state.  And they can be personalized!

Bug Bite Thing 

We are spending our summer on the lake, which usually feels like a dream…except when the sun goes down, and those mosquitos come out, then it quickly becomes a nightmare!  So we were thrilled when we discovered the Bug Bite Thing!

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers is a great workout DVD for those who need a low impact workout.  In this DVD, you get 7 workouts…

1. Body Insurance

2. Yoga Flows & Poses

3. Tone & Walk

4. Cardio & Walk

5. Core Walk

6. Core on the Floor

7. Restore & Repair

PolarPro Filters

We personally love to use our GoPro on all of our vacations, and especially for our underwater adventures…I mean, capturing your snorkeling/scuba diving adventures?! So cool!  So when we went to Australia, and were swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, our footage turned out a bit cloudy.  


Are you ever at the beach and have to have someone sitting by all the stuff to keep safe instead of heading out to the water for some fun?  Well, no more with AquaVault. 

Landmass Maps

I have a serious case of wanderlust…always wanting to be going somewhere new, and seeing and experiencing different things.  One day I ran into a scratch-off map, where you scratch off the places on the map that you have been (kind of like a lottery ticket).  I thought it was the coolest idea.  The idea is to scratch off all the places you have traveled to, and it helps keep track of where you have been.  Cool idea, right?  

Go2 Towels and Backpacks

We like to go on lots of trips, and we also like saving money.  So, a lot of times, that means packing super light to avoid extra costs for extra carry-on or checked bags. Often times, that means foregoing some things you need to take, and sometimes buying them when you get there.

Night Runner 270°

We saw Night Runner 270° on Shark Tank, and knew they had a winning product.  So much so, that we reached out to them so we could test them out to be added to our gift guide.  Runner Lights was kind enough to send us some to test out and see what we thought.