Mother’s Day Gift Guide

EverlyWell Review – 12% off Promo Code – New Everlywell Coupon code – Food Sensitivity Kit

We found a super cool company that just about anyone can benefit from.  We have some family members who are allergic to gluten and some who are lactose intolerant…and a couple others who know they have a reaction to some types of foods, but its so hard to actually pinpoint whats causing the reaction.  And to find out, a test can be super expensive at the doctor, it can take lots of time if trying to do it on our own, and can sometimes be very painful.  

Bootay Bag

Bootay Bag is an awesome monthly subscription company that’ll send you 2 pairs of panties each month.  These panties are all unique and can cater to your preference.  You can set your subscription to a mix, thongs only, or never thongs, depending on what you’d like.  Every month, Bootay Bag will send you two new and different panties.  Lace, Ribbons, Strings, Bows…each panty is different in it’s own way.  No more of these plain boring pairs, Bootay Bag will send you some fun, flirty, comfy, sexy, pairs every month right to your mailbox.  

Rock Your Cleaning with the Shark Rocket Complete

Finding a decent vacuum always seems harder than it should be.  Finding a great one, darn near impossible.  We tend to have the kind of luck where you buy a vacuum that sounds great, makes all the perfect claims, and works great the first few times…then all of a sudden, stops sucking up stuff like it use to.  Add that to the fact that you need multiple vacuums to clean everything you want to clean.  One for the carpets, another for your wood floors, a handheld one to get up high or to vacuum your couch or car.  What if I told you there was a great new vacuum that can do…it…all?!