Stocking Stuffers

SNAP Power Outlet Covers

Grandma and Papa’s house is the popular place to be, and the kiddos love staying the night there. Now, thanks to SNAP Power outlet light, Grandma and Grandpa have the coolest new hallway night light that doesn’t even take up any plugs! 


Cozy Phones

Cozy Phones is like a head band that you’ll slip over your ears and they have built in, flat speakers and and AUX cord to plug into your music. Make it easy and comfortable to go to sleep while listening to music, an audio book, or movie. 

The Gift of Mystery from Mash Em’s, Squishy Pops, and Micro Lites

Need a fun gift for a child or some stocking stuffer ideas?  This collection from Tech 4 Kids, is sure to have something fun to add. I don’t know about you, but one of our favorite surprises growing up was the surprise grab bag they use to sell at random stores.  You never knew what you were going to get, so the surprise of it all was exciting.  Well, that’s kind of the idea Tech 4 Kids has with these Mash Em’s, Fash Em’s, Micro Lites, and Squishy Pops!