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You’ve probably seen those delicious looking recipe videos on social media.  You know, the ones that make you save the video and want to make it yourself.  You’ve probably even wanted to make some of these recipes from Tasty.  Their recipes are so popular, that they’ve even come out with their own recipe book with super unique meals, drinks, and desserts inside.  They even have a customized recipe book for your little helpers as well.  


First, the original Tasty Cookbook…

This cookbook is beautiful in our kitchen.  We love it so much that we actually keep it out on our counter as a decoration, and it is definitely a talking piece in there.  You can choose which types of recipes you want to include in there.


You can select 7 different categories.  Choose from:

The pages are filled with beautiful images and colors with easy to follow recipes. 

Tasty Jr. Cookbook

We also checked out the Tasty Jr. Cookbook which you can customize with your child’s name and choose which recipes you want.  Add 10 of your favorite recipes from the site to add to your book.  It comes with fun illustrations for easy cooking. 

 You can even get a Tasty Chefs hat and apron. 


Check out the Tasty Cookbooks here.

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