The Dunk Collection

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*The Dunk Collection was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

We ran into these fun and useful gifts from the Dunk Collection and had to share with you. The Dunk Collection features Basketball hoop items including the Dirty Dunk (for laundry), The Document Dunk (for trash cans), and the Scrub-A-Dunk (for baths), and it’s hard to decide which one is our favorite.

The Dirty Dunk

The Dirty Dunk is perfect for the kids (or teenagers) who need a little extra help or incentive to keep their rooms clean and the sports lovers who want a little extra fun and decoration in their rooms.

The Dirty Dunk is a laundry basket/hamper that you hang from the door and features a backboard, a hoop, and a long net to keep all the clothes in. When it is time to wash the clothes, simply open the net from the bottom, and let the clothes dump into the basket, or take the net from the hoop, and dump straight into the wash machine. We are banking on our little boy loving this so much that he’ll actually keep his dirty clothes in one place. (The hard part is going to be him actually leaving them in the basket instead of taking them out to shoot over and over again.)

It’s really hard to put an age on this gift, since we know a 36 year old who would enjoy it just as much as the 6 year old. Definitely great for the kids and teens, but also college dorm rooms that don’t have much space, or for those students who just love cool things.

The Document Dunk

For those “Grown Up Men” who pretend to be too old for such a product, they have an awesome Document Dunk. Who doesn’t pretend to be shooting a basket when throwing trash away?!

This Document Dunk is made for that, and you no longer have to pretend, you get to shoot you trash directly in the hoop. All you have to do is set it up in the office, add a min trash can, and they’ll have the coolest office accessory! (Caution: this may cause everyone else from the office to come in and throw their trash away too!)

Both of these products are very well made, and heavy too. None of this flimsy plastic that’ll break after the first few times. It looks great and the materials make it a really nicely made product as well.

Think outside the box for your gift list this year, and check out The Dunk Collection HERE.

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