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Our youngest baby of the family is teething now, and will grab anything she can to chew on. Especially necklaces! So when we were introduced to Tiny Teethers, we knew we had found gold. Tiny Teethers has an awesome line of teething necklaces, pacifier clips, and teething pendants.

Teething Necklace

We received a Teething Necklace
from the Dahlia collection in Navy, Mint, and Peach. This necklace is actually really stylish and we could wear this even when the baby is not using it, and no one would think twice about what we are wearing. Our baby absolutely loved this necklace. The moment we put it on, she grabbed straight for it, and never let go. No more yanking on our silver and gold necklaces, she loves this colorful, and chewable beaded necklace. And we love it too. It’s long enough for her to grab it and chew comfortably without her having to pull down on our necks to reach it like she would a normal necklace.

Pacifier Clip

We also got to try out the Tiny Teethers Pacifier Clip
in the Grey, Mint, and Ivory combo. This pacifier clip is great. You just clip it to the baby’s clothes, and tie the pacifier on the other side. No more worrying about dropped and dirty pacifiers, this clip will keep it off the ground, AND it is lined with chewable teething beads as well. Our baby doesn’t really use pacifiers, so right now, we are actually just using this as her own little teether, and she loves it.

Teething Pendants

Another great item from Tiny Teethers are their
Teething Pendants
. These particular teething pendants come in 4 different colors, and were actually designed by Tiny Teethers themselves! We are loving our Turquoise teething pendant. It’s easy for our little baby to hold, and teeth on at the same time. It is also attached to a necklace for you to wear while the baby gets to teeth away.

We are HUGE fans of Tiny Teethers, and are so thankful we ran into these products, as our little baby would say the same if she could.

Check out these and all of their other products HERE

AND Tiny Teethers is giving our What the Girls Say readers 20% of your purchase until 12/31! Use code whatthegirlssay20 at checkout! 🙂

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