Tips for Hosting a Backyard Wedding

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Sponsored Guest Post by Alek Sabin

So many brides dream of having the perfect backyard wedding. The summer months and early fall are a great time to take advantage of nature’s beauty while you exchange your vows. With a few simple tricks you can make sure that your backyard wedding is everything that you’ve always dreamed about. Here are some tips to host the perfect backdoor wedding…

Consider Getting a Wedding Planner

The first thing to realize is that planning a backyard wedding often requires more work that you expect. This does not mean that it is impossible, but having real expectations can help decrease your overall level of stress when you realize that most homes are not perfectly equipped to handle a wedding ceremony, numerous wedding guests, and all of their vehicles.

While you are probably trying to be somewhat affordable, you should consider whether you should still bring in the expertise of a professional wedding planner (this is especially advised if you’ve never really planned or put on a wedding before). A wedding planner will have a much better idea of the logistics of planning a space, renting tables and chairs, working with caterers, as well as tricks of the trade in order to make the spectacular happen.

Build around the Ceremony

When a bride and groom look back on their wedding day, they are going to think about the exact moment when the magic happened. Because of this, as you walk through your home and property, the first thing to choose will be the spot for the ceremony and/or the main area of the reception. Ensure that there is plenty of room for any planned activities as well as all your guests. While it’s never fun to imagine everything going wrong, it is always wise to have a “bad-weather” plan, just in case rain or other elements push you indoors.

Utilize a Cleaning Crew (and Get a Landscaper

It’s important that the home and yard that is going to host the wedding be impeccable when the day comes. Although you can worry about this on your own, you’ll have plenty of other things to worry about. In the days leading up to the wedding, having a professional cleaning crew come through your house in order to make it sparkle will drastically reduce your stress level.

Aside from your house cleaning crew, hire a landscaper to make sure that every aspect of your yard is in top shape. If you want to create a beautiful landscape design for your wedding, talk to a designer early to know what plants to put in and when (you’ll need time to know if you’ll need more plants, or if your fence is going to be rustic enough). If you want to have no worries throughout the wedding, have the same cleaning crew return after the wedding to help put your house back in order.

Find a Local Rental Company

There are plenty of local companies that will rent you the necessary equipment to put on a wedding. The basics, such as chairs, tables, and linens, are an absolute necessity, but can be hard to get in bulk without going through a specific event company. Depending on the style of your wedding, you may also consider renting a dance floor or a tent (and don’t forget you need a good PA system). Talk to the company early to make sure that everything is in stock and that you can get the appropriate number of everything on your list. Let them know if there are any uneven levels in your yard so that everything can be stabilized. Check with your rental company to see if you will need any extra equipment, such as a generator. Some rental companies will even help provide swag to those who attend.

Get the Right Officiator

One final detail that is often overlooked if you are having the actual ceremony at your house is to talk to your officiator and make sure that he or she is legally able to perform the ceremony at your chosen site. Many officials are unable to perform a ceremony outside of their place of worship, so it is good to have that information as early as possible.

While there are a million little details that need to be taken care of in order to put together a stunning backyard wedding, the above suggestions will get you on the right path and help reduce some of your biggest anxieties.

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