Toast Laptop Cover

Toast has an awesome line of wooden laptop, cell phone, and tablet covers.  We were able to try out their MacBook cover in the (MEDIUM) wood.  

Now, these covers are not hard wood covers like you would first think…rather, they are more like wooden skins to cover your laptop.  The cool thing about Toast, is you can have your cover customized, where they can etch in, or cut out,  almost any picture or words you want.  

You can check out some Toast inspiration HERE.

The process to put the Toast covers on was a little more than just snap and go.  You first prep the laptop, peel the back of the Toast cover, and make sure your cover lies straight before sticking it to your device.  

We got the cover with the top, bottom, and side, so it looks like a wrap around cover.  You can also choose to have the Apple logo cut out, if you have an Apple device, an “I love ______” saying, or a custom design that fits your personality.  

See all Toast has to offer HERE.

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