Save Time with TYME Hair Iron!

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**Tyme was gracious enough to send us these products for free for our review.  As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think these will be great gifts to give your loved ones.

With a family of 6 girls, we love all things beauty. Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe…we’re all over it. And we love sharing with each other the latest and greatest finds in the beauty department.
This time, we’re talking hair tools, as TYME graciously sent us their awesome All-in-One Tool.

We have a drawer full of hair tool…a small curling iron, a straightener, a big curling iron, a beach waver, a medium curling iron, a styling wand….you get the idea…all to achieve different looks. Sometimes we use multiple hair tools to get the look we want.

Well, TYME has come up with a tool that can straighten AND curl hair with just one tool! Their TYME Iron looks like a hair straightener when opened, but when you close it, it looks more like a curling iron, and you can create both looks with just this one tool. After you’ve mastered how to use the TYME Iron, you can even learn how to get looser curls or tighter curls.

I will say, the TYME Iron takes a little practice before you can do it flawlessly. But that’s the awesome thing about TYME…
they have multiple videos to teach you how to use the iron, as well as how to create certain looks with it. Even better?! They will set you up with a live one-on-one call with one of their stylists who will walk you through how to use it. You can set these up on Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts and can take 30 minutes or less. It’s like your own personal stylist.

As soon as you get the hang of it, you can create a beautiful head of curls or a super sleep straight look. No more worrying about multiple tools, this one is an all-in-one!

What we think of the TYME Iron

  • This tool is great for those who may have a hard time working a curling iron, or have arthritis, or any other hand, wrist,or arm related pain. 
  • The TYME Iron looks beautiful too!  It comes in this rich gold and really give it a luxurious feel.  It’s packaged nicely too.  And it comes with its own TYME Traveler sleeve, so you can take it with you on-the-go.
  • We would like to note that the TYME Iron only has one heat setting and is pretty hot…it’s a 400 degree heat.  TYME assures users that if used properly, this high heat should not damage your hair.  Just be sure to not squeeze it closed too tight, as you can straighten or curl your hair without any added strength.  And actually, too tight, will not give you the curls you want.
  • They also have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so if you don’t love it, you can return it! 

Check them out HERE!

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