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Virtual Reality is taking over…between video games, movies, roller coasters, and theme park rides, technology is getting so advanced with all of it. Now you can experience 360 degree virtual reality from your own home with this 360 degree virtual reality headset.

This headset is great, as it gives you the capability of watching any 360 degree video from your phone. All you do is put your phone inside the holder, which is adjustable to most phones, push play, and close the headset.

And you can experience the full effects of the virtual reality video. This headset is great quality, at a great price. It comes with adjustable eye ports, you can plug your headphones in to get the best experience, and it comes with a comfortable headstrap to keep it on your head and comfortable.

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This company also has so many more fun and unique products. We liked the nylon light signs like these, that are great for decor in any room.

You can see those

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