Vivitar Home Automation Starter Kit

*Vivitar was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

How about the gift of security this holiday season? Of piece of mind? Of being able to see and watch your property in real time, or your baby sleeping. Technology is so awesome, and Vivitar makes it so easy and affordable to do just that.

The Vivitar Home Automation Starter Kit comes with a motion sensor, night vision, two-way talk camera, an automatic light bulb, and a smart switch. This kit makes it so easy to start automating your home. You can set timers for your lights to go on and off, or anything you have plugged in to the Automated Light Bulb as well.

First, The Camera…

This camera is a Wi-Fi camera that can be linked to the app, where you can control everything. It has a motion sensor, so it can start recording as soon as it senses that something is happening. It is also equipped with night vision technology, so you can see outside your house at night, or see your baby while they are sleeping. It also has a 2 way talk feature where you can talk through your app, and whatever/whoever is on the other side of the camera will hear you. The quality is great, with HD video, and has multiple camera viewing angles.

Wi-Fi Electric Outlet

Then the Vivitar Home Automation Starter Kit also comes with a Wi-Fi electric outlet with 2 USB ports. This Electric Outlet can be controlled from your app, on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can turn off and on whatever is plugged into it. Your lights, thermostat, or whatever else you want to automate to help make your life easier. It also comes with 2 USB ports for easy charging as well, that will not take up your extra outlet.

Wi-Fi  LED  Light Bulb

The third thing this kit comes with is a Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb. Again, kind of the same idea, but you can control this light through the app on your phone. Add a timer to it, to turn it on and off on your schedule, and keep your electricity bill down. We think this kit is so awesome, and is a great started to get your home automated. It’s worth it just for the camera alone!

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