What to Put in an Easter Basket

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We LOVE Easter Baskets!  Growing up, we would wake up on Easter Morning, and have a scavenger hunt to find each of our baskets.  Inside, was always some awesome treats and presents.  We're passing the Easter traditions on to our kids, and having a blast finding things to put in their baskets.  Here are some ideas...

First, you'll need a Basket:

Or at least something that can act as the basket... 

How to Make an Easter Basket - whatthegirlssay.com

Get as creative as you would like.  You can use a Personalized Basket, their Favorite Character Pail, a New Lunchbox, a Beach Pail, etc.

Something to Open (Surprise Easter Eggs)-

Our parents loved to surprise us with Easter Eggs that had lots of stuff inside...Sometimes money, candy, or other fun trinkets.  Here are some ideas...

How to Create The Perfect Easter Basket
How to Make the Perfect Easter Basket - whatthegirlssay.com

Something to read

What to Put In an Easter Basket - East Basket Ideas

Something to Eat

You can put all sorts of things in an Easter Basket, but the favorites always seem to be the candy.  We did Fruit Snacks for the smaller kids, but definitely the go-tos were the:

What to put in an easter basket

Something to Snuggle With or Wear 

This was always a fun one, as we use to get something we could wear with our Easter outfit (think gloves, hats, purses) or a snuggly stuffed animal.  

What to put in an easter basket



Something to Fill the Basket

They sell lots of Easter Grass to fill up your basket, but what a mess!  Our mom would fill our basket with something special (that she would've bought anyway) like our new bathing suit for the season, a new dress, or t-shirt.  You can get creative with this one for sure! 

Pre-Made Easter Baskets

Don't have time to shop and fill baskets, or would you just like to skip the stores and grab a pre-made one?  Check out these fun options...

Tweens and Teens

Now we can't leave the Tweens and Teens out.  Yes, they try to act grown up, but we all know that grown up doesn't mean no more Easter Baskets of course.  So here are some fun ideas to add to their baskets that won't be "totally lame!" 


What to put in a teen easter basket - whatthegirlssay.com

There's so many things you can put in an Easter Basket, and it's a great way to start traditions.  Tell us, what do you put in your Easter Baskets?