You Don’t Need a New Year for New Goals

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This is a Sponsored Guest Post By Aurora McCausland

January has come and gone. Many new year goals have petered out by February, which is often expected by most people as they set their new years goal at the end of December. Just because January has ended, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue working on yourself and continuing to improve yourself and your life.

Save money

There are a few goals that are relatively important to continue working on throughout the year, and that you definitely shouldn’t give up on. One of those goals, is any goal that will help you become more financially stable and free. Financial freedom although seemingly illusive, is much more attainable than most people initially think. The key is to set reasonable and attainable goals, while also setting finite goals. You can’t just say that you want to save “more”. What does “more” even look like? It could be anywhere from the majority of your paycheck to one dollar, which is why it’s a hard goal to maintain. The easiest way to save “more”, is to set a percentage that you’re going to put into your savings account every single month, or every time you receive a paycheck. A pretty simple, and usually easily attainable, goal is 10% of your monthly income should go into your savings account. And once that money goes into your savings account, don’t touch it unless you absolutely have to. Part of saving is learning how to do more with less.

This link has some suggestions for making money-saving more practical.

Focus on your health

How many people set a goal at the new year to get a handle on their fitness and physical health? Too many to count. Your physical health is so important, and often neglected, so setting a new years goal to get in control of your health and body, is one of the best goals you can set for yourself! But if you find yourself going to the gym less frequently as the month wears on, don’t get discouraged and give up completely. Setbacks are normal, and it’s also normal for your fitness progress to plateau. Don’t let a seeming lack of process keep you from continuing with your goals. If you find yourself falling off the horse, take a day and reset your goals. Failure isn’t definite, it’s momentary. So if you don’t go to the gym on a Monday, don’t let that stop you or discourage you from going to the gym on Tuesday, or any other day of the week. If you only make it to the gym one day a week, that’s still progress and you’re still working towards your goals and you should feel good about those accomplishments.

Focus on mental health, too

An often overlooked area of your overall health, is your mental health. Many people make a lot of goals to improve themselves physically, on the outside. Those goals are good, and they contribute significantly to your overall health, not just your physical health. But for the remainder of this year, try making conscious goals to focus on and improve your mental health, too. Learn healthy coping mechanisms to help you when you’re feeling particularly anxious or discouraged. Go out and get those self help books you’ve been thinking of reading, to help you improve yourself and learn more about the way that your mind and mental health do and should work. Maybe take a yoga class and learn how to meditate, to clear your mind and focus on your mental and spiritual health. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so don’t let yourself neglect your mental wellbeing this year. Focus on it, take care of yourself, and love yourself.

You don’t have to wait until the year is over and for 2019 to start for you to take control of your life and set goals to better yourself and your life. New Years goals aren’t the only goals out there, so take control and set new goals, mid-spring, to implement over the rest of the year. There’s less pressure than with new years goals, and therefore, they are easier to stick with.

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