Cabbage Patch Baby So Real

Baby So Real Review -

This new Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real Interactive Baby is so similar to a real baby.

Baby So Real Review -

It's crazy how advanced these babies are. Growing up, I loved my baby dolls, and took care of them like they were real babies. Always pretending it was time to eat, buckling them in car seats, and changing diapers. Now, the Baby So Real Interactive Baby is so advanced, that the baby actually has True Life Eyes, where the eyes will change to over 30 animated expressions.

Baby So Real Review -

She is fully interactive with over 60 baby sounds and responses! Here are some of her amazing features;

-Touch Sensor to play Peek-A-Boo

-Mouth Sensor to feed her

-Pat Sensor to burp the baby

-Tickle Sensor where she giggles when tickled

-Diaper Sensor to let you know when its time to change her diaper

-Motion Sensor so you can rock her to sleep

-LED light Fever Sensor, so you know when she is sick

This Baby So Real has everything. You can even download her APP to get more advanced play and unlock more features. You really have to see this doll to understand all she does.

Baby So Real Review -

She also comes with an extra outfit, interactive bottle and spoon. There are 3 different versions of this doll as well. And of course, in Classic Cabbage Patch Kids fashion, her very own birth certificate.

Baby So Real Review -

You really have to see to believe.

Learn all about the new Baby So Real HERE!