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Heat Factory

Heat Factory is here to save your fingers and your toes this winter, with their disposable Heat Packs. You're sure to have warmth and feeling wherever you place these.

Heat Factory Review -

They come in an individually wrapped package, and you just open them up and shake. You'll start to feel them warm up soon. Be sure to keep shaking and they'll warm up lots.

Heat Factory Review -

Sometimes they even get too hot for us so we have to pit them down so our hands won't get too sweaty. Best thing to do is throw them in your pockets and they'll warm up your hands. Then put some in your snow boots to keep your toes warm in the snow.

Heat Factory Review -

They'll give you up to 10 hours of warmth too. Take them wherever you go, for toasty fingers and toes at all times. You can get them HERE.

Smart Toilet

Smart Toilet Gifts Gifts