Lottie Dolls

Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

We found an awesome line of dolls from Lottie.com. Every Lottie Doll, is a unique themed doll, and most are based on real girls. These dolls are a bit smaller than your typical doll, measuring 18 cm. And Lottie dolls are age appropriate, as she does not wear any makeup, high heels, or jewelry. She also has a child-like body and is "based on the realistic proportions of a 9-year old girl". We love that! Lottie dolls come in all different characters.

We received the Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie, the Pony Flag Race Lottie, and the Snow Queen Lottie.

Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie

Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

The Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie Includes:

-Special ballet costume comprising a 3-layer tutu

-Sequin leotard

-A pair of ballet slippers

-A drawstring shoe bag

Pony Flag Race Lottie

Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

The Pony Flag Race Lottie Includes:

-Riding jodphurs

-Polo shirt with removable pony themed velcro patch


-Puffer gilet vest

-Riding helmet

Snow Queen Lottie

Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

The Snow Queen Lottie Includes:

-A magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown

-A furry wrap

-A pair of blue ballet flats

-An evening bag

-A silver sparkly mask

Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

These dolls are perfect for your little girls and we love how realistic and diverse each one is.

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Lottie Doll Review - whatthegirlssay.com

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