Seattle Chocolates

Seattle Chocolates Review -

Us girls can be super picky about our chocolate, some are amazing, others are ok, some just don't hit the mark. When we found this chocolate company, Seattle Chocolates, we added it to our list of best chocolates around!

Seattle Chocolates Review -

Once we opened the box, there was no stopping us. They have some awesome Holiday Truffle Bars, and we got to try out 6 from their Gift Box Collection.

Seattle Chocolates Review -

-Peanut Buddy Crisp

-Hot Buttered Rum

-Nutty Nougat Chew

-Holiday Cheer Eggnog

-Candy Cane Crunch

-Toffee Sea Salt

We loved all of these flavors and are sure their whole lie of truffle bars and truffles are just as amazing. Check out Seattle Chocolates HERE.