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How about a couple of games for the family? Games are a great gift for the kids AND adults, and can pretty much be a gift for anyone. We got to check out some games from Winning Moves, and loved all the different ones they have available.

Rubik's Jr.Bear

This Bear is a different take on the classic Rubik's cube. Recommended for ages 4 and up, this Rubik's Junior Bear is perfect for the kids. Our little boys love playing with our classic Rubik's cube, but it is way too hard for them. This Jr Bear is a perfect fit for their hands, and they will be entertained with every twist and turn.

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Brynk is another game that is great for the kids. This game is recommended for children 7 and up. In this game, you are challenged to place your pieces on the teeter-tottering base and get it to stay. A game of balance and caution, this one is sure to be a fun one for the whole family.

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This BrainSpin card game is a perfect stocking stuffer. It is a fun game that gets your creative brain going. Look at each card and write down as many things as you "see" on the card. Crazy answers or not, if you can convince the other players of what you see, it counts! This game is recommended for ages 7 and up and can be 2-10 players.

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Pass The Pigs Big Pigs

This is a fun dice-type game, but the pigs are the dice. Roll the pigs to get points depending on how they land. Add up your points, and first to 100 wins. Also recommended for ages 7 and up, however, we play these kind of games with the younger ones and just help them with the scores.

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This Game Is Bonkers!™

Based on the 1978 classic version, This Game Is Bonkers lets you "build" a new track with each game so it's never the same game twice." Be the first player to score 12 points and you win.

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