Mother's Day Gift Guide -
*These products were gifted to us to check out and add to our gift guide, but as always, all opinions are our own.  
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Ninja Coffee Bar System

Coffee in mom’s house is always a treat.  The girls like to come over and make a cup before jetting off to work, while visiting with the kids, or just as a social treat.  But, with 6 girls, everyone has a different taste, and no one seems to like the same type of cup, so coffee makers never really made sense in our family.  Once we heard about the Ninja Coffee Bar System, we knew it had to be in moms house.  It’s always where the social gatherings happen, and where all the sisters end up when we’re all in town.  This Ninja Coffee System allows you to make a single serving of your favorite cup, or you can make a full carafe as well…which is great, because we always have parties at her house too.  One of the girls favorite things about this coffee system, is it has a Ninja Over Ice Carafe, that allows you to brew your coffee into it to make iced coffee.  You don’t need pods for this system either.  And, to top it all off, it has a built in frother!  Helllooo, perfect hot chocolate…and all those other coffee drinks the sisters love.  The Ninja Coffee Bar System is perfect for one cup, a travel mug, or a full 50 oz pot.  It’s great for mom in the mornings, the sisters get togethers throughout the week, or our parties on the weekend…all in one system. 

Check it out here HERE.

Eyewear Insight

Ordering glasses from a store will be a thing of the past, once you see how easy it is to get your glasses from Eyewear Insight.  Not only is it affordable and super easy to order exactly what you want, but it’s also a chance to break out of your ordinary style and get a pair that you will fall in love with.  Our mom got her first online pair from Eyewear Insight last year, and ended up wearing them more than her contacts, because she loved them so much.  She typically only wore glasses when she was going to bed, but Eyewear Insight allowed her to get all the specifics she needed from her prescription, and she could actually see better with these new glasses than with her contacts.  A year later, we're getting her another pair for Mother's Day.  (If you're reading this, mom, act surprised! ;) )  Everyone compliments mom on her glasses, wherever she is.  They are fun and colorful, and different than the typical plain frames you see around.  They do also have your favorite styles available as well, in case you don't want to venture out too far. I’d say this gift for her was a success!

Find your favorite pair HERE.

Modern Fertility Test

We've tried a few awesome "at-home" or "order online"  health tests, and this one is another great one to add to the list.  Modern Fertility is a "female-founded women's health company focused on getting modern women access to fertility testing, so they can plan their lives and careers on their own terms."  You can get a fertility test through Modern Fertility, for a small cost, instead of paying tons of money for the same test at a fertility clinic. 

And it's not just for women who are trying to conceive.  I would try to explain, but when it comes to medical, it's better to let them say it properly.  They say "our hormones are fertility data points that we can track over time to check for red flags, understand menopause onset, and even how we’ll react to egg freezing and IVF."

This is a great way to track your health, fertility, and other options for getting pregnant.  They can help you understand what's going on in your body, and you can track this useful information throughout the years, and learn about your body through menopause as well.  Help gain insight to your own body, and save money with this simple test offered by Modern Fertility. 

Learn all about the Modern Fertility Test HERE.

Slimsation Pants

Here’s a great gift idea for mom.  Slimsation is a company that was created “to create comfortable, stylish jeans for the everyday woman.”  Each pair of pants has a tummy control material that will help to give you a more slim look while wearing the pants.  Instead of having to wear tummy control shorts and pants, Slimsation makes them so you just have to wear one.  The Slimsation pants are very comfortable, and you don’t even feel like you are wearing anything constricting.  They have multiple styles, from jeans to leggings, capris, shorts, and even skirts.  Choose from your favorite colors and style, and you’re sure to find one that you love. 

You can check them out HERE.

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