eTape 16 

Ready to make your DIY projects a lot simpler?  How about this eTape 16 Digital Measuring Tape?! 

eTape16 Review -

This measuring tape is a smart device and can help you with all your measuring needs.  The eTape 16 displays your measurements in digital form on the top of the tape. 

eTape 16 review -

It even has 3 memories, so while you are measuring, you just need to press and hold for it to remember the measurement.  Need another measurement?  Go ahead and measure your next measurement and press and hold #2 to remember that one as well. 

eTape 16 review -

Even get a third measurement on your screen and press hold.  It will keep track of all 3 measurements! It also has a button for “center line calculation” as well, so you can easily find the center.  It also features a US to Metric conversion.  

eTape 16 review -

Get yours HERE.