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We found a super cool company that just about anyone can benefit from.  We have some family members who are allergic to gluten and some who are lactose intolerant...and a couple others who know they have a reaction to some types of foods, but its so hard to actually pinpoint whats causing the reaction.  And to find out, a test can be super expensive at the doctor, it can take lots of time if trying to do it on our own, and can sometimes be very painful.  

That is until EverlyWell came along!

EverlyWell is a company that will send you an at-home health kit, where you collect the sample, send it back, and EverlyWell will send your sample to the lab, and get you your results in less than a week!

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These at home tests include;

At-Home Food Sensitivity Test

At-Home Thyroid Test

Metabolism Tests

At-Home Women's Health & Fertility Test

At-Home Sleep & Stress Test

At-Home Vitamin D & Inflammation Test

At-Home Men's Health Test

At-Home Heavy Metals Test


B Vitamins Test Kit

Folic Acid Test Kit

...and even more...click to Learn More about all their kits!

EverlyWell Review - Food Sensitivity Test - whatthegirlssay.com
EverlyWell Review - Food Sensitivity Test - whatthegirlssay.com

We tried out their Food Sensitivity Test on one of the sisters.   We knew she was sensitive to something, but weren't quite sure what exactly, so she was the perfect candidate.  We ordered our test online, and received it in the mail within a few days.  They sent a kit full of absolutely everything you need to do the test at home, including band-aids (our required some blood), and a pre-addressed envelope to mail the sample back.  

For the Food Sensitivity, we had to send 3 blood filled "dots" of her blood.    The kit came with 3 mini needle devices, and 2 larger ones in case the smaller ones did not give enough blood flow to fill the 3 dots.  Now, everyone is going to be different, of course, but we recommend using the larger one, just so you can get enough blood with one "shot".  We had to poke the poor girl 4 times to draw enough blood, because it seemed to not want to come out.  The 4th time, we used the larger one, and she was able to fill all the dots with no problem...(she was having a hard time just filling one dot with the smaller "shot")  So our advice... save yourself a few extra pokes, and just use the larger one to begin with.  

EverlyWell Review - Food Sensitivity Test - whatthegirlssay.com

EverlyWell makes it very easy to pack up your sample and send it on it's way to their labs in the mail.  We received our results within a week.  3 days to ship, 4 days for results back.  EverlyWell tested 96 common foods and their reactions, and the results were very interesting.  Foods we never would've thought to test, we were seeing reactions.  

EverlyWell Review - Food Sensitivity Test - whatthegirlssay.com

EverlyWell gives you your results in very clear terms and charts too.  There are 4 levels of reactivity and with your results, you can start an eating plan to avoid the foods in category 3 and 4, and see how you feel.  If nothing changes, and you're still having problems, they recommend you eliminate the next phase and keep going until you find what food is not great for you.  After getting our sisters results back, we all want to do our own tests, it was so in-depth.  

EverlyWell Review - Food Sensitivity Test - whatthegirlssay.com

We are HUGE, HUGE fans of EverlyWell and they are huge fans of our readers .  That's why they are giving us 12% off every kit purchased.