Bridal Shower Cake Sayings: What to Write On A Wedding Shower Cake

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Are you looking for a great list of Bridal Shower Cake Sayings? Desserts have become a major focus for bridal showers and are often treated as a centerpiece. It’s becoming more and more popular to have a quote displayed on the cake (or even cupcakes). This can be done by a skilled cakemaker or for a fuss-free DIY option, choose a cake topper. 

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The saying you choose for your cake will depend on the tone of the event and your relationship with the bride. You might want to go for something jokey to get a laugh out of the crowd or go in a different direction with something sentimental. Pick something which goes well with the theme and will look great in the photos!

Here are some ideas for bridal shower cake sayings:

Dessert Themed

A dessert-themed cake is a safe option if you aren’t that close with the bride. A pun or something tongue-in-cheek can also be a humorous touch. 

‘Love is Sweet’

Dessert themed and sentimental- this cake topper from Amazon is a great addition to your cake. 

“Do-Nut Let Him Get Away”

This could be a fun saying added to a donut themed cake.

“Their Love Is A Piece Of Cake”

What a fun pun for a cake!

‘There’s Always Room For Cake’

I don’t think anyone would argue this one!

“Eat, Drink & Be Married”

This would look great on top of a stack of cupcakes (and you can even get matching cupcake wrappers).

Risqué/ Funny Bridal Cake Sayings

One for the brave! If the bride has a naughty sense of humor, a cheeky cake topper is a fun way to add a bit of personality to your chosen dessert. Check the guest list in advance; a hilarious but risqué quote may not go down well with the bride’s grandmother!

You may also want to consider saving these for the bachelorette cake wording at the bachelorette party.

‘Same Pen*s Forever’

This one is sure to crack up the bride! Available from Etsy in several different colors.

“ish Just Got Real’

– This down-to-earth topper from Amazon will get a chuckle out of your fellow guests.

“F***ing Finally”

Has she been dating her partner for ages and ages? This one is sure to bring some laughs.

“Here Comes the Bride…Again!”

A fun and unique way to say “here comes the bride” when this may be her 2nd+ wedding.

“She’s Finally Getting Hitched!”

A great way to celebrate a long engagement.

“Thanks For Not Being A Bridezilla!”

For the bride who is calm, cool, and collected.


A sentimental cake topper could make for a really touching moment if you are close to the bride. 


‘Always & Forever’

This rose gold cake topper, available from Amazon, is perfect for a romantic vibe.

‘The Adventure Begins’

Remind the bride of the exciting times ahead with this gorgeous cake saying from Amazon.

‘Better Together’

Keep it simple with this sweet saying from Amazon.

“Their Love Is Like A Fairy Tale”

Perfect for any Disney bridal shower.

“Happily Ever After”

So sweet and simple!

“We Love The Bride”

Perfect for a bridal shower cake with multiple guests of honor.

‘All You Need is Love’

A sweet and simple saying for a wedding shower cake.


A personalized cake topper will make the bride feel extra special and is a lovely keepsake to keep after the event.


‘….’s Bridal Shower’

Have the bride’s name added to your cake in your choice color of glitter. Available from Etsy.

The Bride & Grooms initials

Available from Etsy in a sparkly finish.

Themed Bridal Shower Cake Wording

If you’re having an awesome bridal shower theme, then this one should make it a bit easier. Decorate the cake and use a saying that fits perfectly with the theme. We have a whole list of awesome bridal shower themes for you to figure out the perfect one, but here are some examples you can use…

She Found Her Main Squeeze

Perfect for the lemon themed shower. A great Spring or Summer wedding shower theme.

Once Upon A Time (Disney)

Having a storybook or fairytale themed party? Try this one.

Bride To Bee

Super cute for a bee theme or yellow them wedding party.

Hooked For Life

Hello, fishing lovers! This is perfect for the couple who loves the outdoors and fishing.

Fall In Love

Having a bridal shower in the fall? Try this fun pun! Add in some leave around the cake and you’ve got yourself a cute cake saying that’s very fitting.

She Found Her Keeper

Is she a huge Harry Potter fan? She will absolutely love this themed cake topper.

Love Is Brewing

Coffee and Cake?! Can you think of a better combo?

Final Fiesta

Celebrate her final single fiesta at this bridal shower.


Add a modern-day take on an otherwise traditional event, with a cake topper that gives the nod to pop culture or uses slang. This is best suited to less formal bridal showers.



A must-have for Beyonce fans!

‘The I-Do Crew’

Bring the group together with a cake topper that references everyone on the “I Do Crew”.

Eat, Drink & Be Married!

Funny Bridal Shower Cake Sayings

If the bride is known for her witty sense of humor or has a favorite quote, include it on the cake. It will serve as both a funny and personalized gift that she can save forever.

Engaged AF

“She Said Yaaas!”

Co-Ed Wedding Shower Cake Sayings

If you happen to be having a co-ed wedding shower, you might want to opt for a more “couple” type saying. Make it more about the relationship rather than just the bride. Here are some ideas…

-We’re Engaged!

-Better Together

-It Was Always You

-Our Adventure Continues

-And So The Adventure Begins

More Wedding Shower Cake Sayings

-Bride To Be

-Miss To Mrs. 

-Future Mrs. 


-Almost Mrs. 

-Almost Married 

-Happily Ever After

-She Said Yes

-Always and Forever

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