"The Best Bridal Subscription Boxes And Are They Worth It?"

Best Bridal Subscription Box: Are Bridal Boxes Worth It?

Looking for the Best Bridal Subscription Boxes out there? It’s time for some fun goodies to arrive in your mailbox after your new engagement. New bride, fiancé, soon-to-be Mrs…if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to celebrate your new title! Here are some of my favorite wedding subscription boxes.

Bridal Shower Themes She Will Love

Bridal Shower Themes: Ideas She Will Love in 2020

Bridal Showers can be tough to plan, but if you start with your Bridal Shower Themes, it can be a lot easier! Wedding showers are about more than just gift giving. They’re filled with food, games, and fun for everyone who’s invited. If you’ve been tasked with planning this party, you likely want to make it memorable for the guests and bride-to-be. A themed bridal shower leaves a lasting impression on guests, and it also makes planning easier. Some themes already have food or games associated with them, so you won’t have to come up with much on your own. 

These bridal shower theme ideas are based on pop culture, sports, and hobbies that the bride-to-be might be interested in. Before planning a themed wedding shower, discuss the theme with the guest of honor to make sure she approves. Remember to base the party off of her interests, not your own!

Why You Should NOT Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

We are going to take a very unpopular stance on why you should NOT have an Unplugged Ceremony. We’ll share with you our biggest reasons why we think you should rethink having an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony below. 
Photographers, please don’t hate us!

Having an “Unplugged Wedding” has become the thing to do lately. Keeping your family and friends out of the way so they don’t ruin your professional photographers perfect shot is a great reason to do so. However, there are many reasons we believe you should think twice before having an unplugged ceremony.

36 Ways To Slash Your Wedding Budget And Save Tons Of Money

Weddings are freaking expensive! The average wedding for this year was over $35,000! That’s a huge down payment on a house, a really nice brand new car, or a crazy all around the world vacation.

There is so much you can do with the amount of money people spend on weddings.  And a lot of people don’t even have that option to spend that much. If you’re anything like us, we wanted to stay faaaaar away from that number and stick to something MUCH MUCH cheaper. 

101 Best Bouquet Toss Songs for Your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll get lots of questions about all the little details. But sometimes all the little details can become the fun details…like choosing your First Dance Song, your Father Daughter Song, and your Bouquet Toss Song!

The bouquet toss is a fun tradition where the bride throws her bouquet over her head and all the single (unmarried) ladies try to catch it. The old theory was, the woman who catches the bouquet would be the next to get married.

We all know now that’s not entirely true, but it’s still a fun tradition where lots of girls get excited about the chance to catch the bouquet and take home some beautiful flowers. It’s definitely an old tradition, and many brides are opting out of it, but there are lots more brides who want to honor the tradition and toss the bridal bouquet. (Well, a toss bouquet, not your actual wedding bouquet).

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas, Activities, & Unique Things To Do

The wedding reception is the largest part of your wedding day. Yes, getting married at the ceremony is the most important and is the reason why everyone is there, but the reception is the fun part that everyone looks forward to. You’re probably looking for unique things to do at a wedding reception, or fun wedding reception ideas, so we’re here to show some fun wedding reception ideas, activities and unique ways to celebrate your special day. It’s so much fun to plan the moment after your wedding where family and friends gather around to enjoy the celebration of your love. We have some great tips on how to make your wedding reception the best you can, so that you can make this special day complete with a fabulous party.

Memorable and Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

The Unity Ceremony in a wedding is part of the traditional line up of a wedding. The most common are the Candle Lighting Ceremonies where each of you has your own candle, and you light the middle candle together, and extinguish your own…signifying that two are becoming one.

This is an old tradition, and many brides are opting for new ideas to signify their union with some memorable and unique Unity Ceremony Ideas.

This is an old tradition, and many brides are opting for new ideas to signify their union. The Sand Ceremony became very popular, where you pour each of your colors of sand and mix them into one vase creating a piece of art you can display in your house. 

We love the different ways to do a unity ceremony these days, and have rounded up some of our favorite below. 

You don’t have to stick to tradition in every sense. Many of these are great to show off your own personalities!

Save Money With Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Wedding Cakes

I am so in love with the fact that we saved so much money with Sam’s Club Wedding. These premade flower collections and bulk flowers, as well as cupcakes and wedding cake, are a fabulous option when you’re looking to save money on your special day. You can even get a 3 tiered wedding cake for just $70, can you believe it?! Today I’m going to share a little information about Sam’s Club Wedding so that you can easily save money on your special day of going from a happy couple to a happily married couple.