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Bridesmaid Group Chat Names

Ready to start your group chat and need some awesome Bridesmaid Group Chat Names ? So you’ve narrowed it down to your best bridesmaids and now the wedding planning commences! Of course, you’ll want your bridesmaids by your side through it all. Unfortunately, they probably won’t be physically by your side through it all, so …

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Wanting to play the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game at your bridal shower? There’s tons of games that you can play at your wedding shower. Bridal Bingo, What’s in your purse, the list goes on and on. And a lot of these games are great for calm entertainment. But if you’re looking for something a …

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Funny Bridal Shower Games

Ready for some Funny Bridal Shower Games to add to your event? Your Bridal shower is all about celebrating your love and of course, having fun with your closest friends and family. Good friends, good food, good banter – and of course, good games! You can’t have a shower without games! And bridal shower games …

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Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

Your bridal shower should be a day that you remember forever. There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by your friends, your family, and nothing but love all around you – except for if you have all of that AND are celebrating your upcoming wedding! So you want to make your bridal shower special. There’s …

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