Bridal Shower Emoji Game | Bridal Emoji Pictionary

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Let’s try your hand at the Bridal Shower Emoji Game!

When it comes to your bridal shower – it’s all about the games. And while there are tons of fun bridal shower games out there, one of our favorites is Bridal Emoji Pictionary (we know, that’s a lot to say out loud).

text reads "Bridal Emoji Pictionary" and shows little emoji faces.

But if you think your guests like to solve puzzles (who doesn’t), this is a fun game that can get everyone’s thinking caps on! Plus – it’ll make everyone laugh. So let’s talk more about Bridal Emoji Pictionary.

What is Pictionary?

If you’ve ever played a game of Charades, Pictionary is very similar except instead of acting out words or phrases, you have to draw them. For example, let’s say someone pulled a card and got the term “bridal shower”.

The goal would be to draw a picture of a bridal shower as best you can. Other guests on your team then have to try to guess what you’re drawing in a certain period of time.

If they get it right, they get a point. If they get it wrong, no point is taken and it’s the next team’s turn. 

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What are Emojis?

For most of you, we feel like emojis don’t need an explanation. Anyone that texts or uses social media is probably well aware of what an emoji is. But just in case, let us explain. After all, you can’t play a game of Emoji Pictionary if you don’t know what an emoji is! 

An emoji is defined by the dictionary as a, “small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc.” People use emojis to express how they are feeling instead of using written words. For example, someone might write, “I can’t wait to see you today”, followed by a smile emoji. It would look like this:

I can’t wait to see you today 😀.

This would represent that someone is happy because they are going to see you today. Emojis can be used to represent a variety of emotions. They can also be used to represent objects. For example, someone might write, “I’m going to get 🥑 today” to say, “I’m going to get avocados today”.

Bridal Shower Emoji Game

Emoji Pictionary then, is similar to the game of Pictionary, except instead of drawing a picture, you use Emojis. The emojis are used like a code or puzzle, and it’s the goal of the players to figure it out. For example,  👰🌧️, would equate to “Bridal Shower”. Here are some more examples:

💋👰 = “kiss the bride”

🍯🌛= “honeymoon”

🍭♥️ = “sweetheart”

🥶🐾 = “cold feet”

💍🐻 = “ring bearer”

👰💐💃 = “bouquet toss” 

🍞👰 = “toast the bride”

🔪🎂 = “cut the cake”

😊👰 = “blushing bride”

🍁👩‍❤️‍👨 = “falling in love”

👰🚿 = “bridal shower”

🥇💃 🕺= “First Dance”

👰✌️🐝 = “Bride To Be”

🌸👧 = “Flower Girl”

☠️🤵💔👰 = “Till Death Do Us Part”

What do you need to play Bridal Emoji Pictionary?

One of the great things about Bridal Emoji Pictionary is that you don’t need a whole lot to play. All you need is a pre-made sheet with your emoji phrases on it, and some pens. (And some players of course!)

You will make up your Emoji Pictionary game before the party and print it off. Be sure to print off enough sheets for all of your guests. 

This would also be a great virtual wedding shower game.

How do you play Bridal Shower Emoji Pictionary?

Playing is simple. Hand all of your guests one of the pre-printed Pictionary sheets. Hand the sheet to them upside down so that no one gets a head start. Then, set a timer.

When it’s time to play, have everyone flip over their paper and start solving puzzles. When the timer goes off, everyone has to set down their pens. The player with the most correct answers is the winner!

An alternative way to play Bridal Emoji Pictionary is to have your guests do the drawings. This game would be more similar to regular Pictionary. Divide into two teams.

The first player draws a card with a wedding phrase on it. They have to draw that phrase. Except instead of using regular drawings like in Pictionary, they can only draw emojis!

Other players on their team have to guess the phrase. If they get it right, they get a point. If they get it wrong, no point is allotted. It’s the next teams turn. 

What does the Winner Get?

Before the party, it’s a good idea to have prizes for all of your games. There’s so many prizes that you can choose from. You can make your prizes practical, funny, or just simple – it’s completely up to you! 

The best practical prizes are gift cards. (Anyone can use a gift card). We love gift cards for grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and especially coffee shops! 

Some funny prizes you could give would be novelty glasses, funny mugs, adult toys, or crazy socks.

If you wanted to keep things cheap and simple, you could give prizes like chocolate bars, cookies/donuts, adult coloring books, soaps, candles, or other things you can find at almost any dollar store. 

Tips for Playing The Bridal Shower Emoji Game:

This game of Pictionary is fun and easy to play, but anytime you play a game it’s important to be prepared for everything. So here are some tips before you play:

  • If you are tallying up the results yourself, make sure you have each guest write their name at the top of the paper so that you know what results belong to who. If you’re letting people tally their own results, you don’t need to worry about this. You could also have everyone pass their paper to the left, tallying the results for the player beside them. 
  • Be sure to set the rules beforehand. Some people might get the answers partially correct. In this case, you need to establish whether they will get half a point, or no point at all. 
  • Prepare for multiple winners. This type of game can be easier for some people than others, and usually results in multiple winners. Be sure to have several prizes prepared just in case! To limit the number of winners, make the time allotted shorter. 

So, there you have it! The bridal shower scene keeps evolving, embracing what’s fresh and fun for every group. From old-school games like the toilet paper wedding dress game, to new-gen stuff like this Bridal Emoji Pictionary, or the what’s on your phone game… the name of the game is celebrating love and enjoying your time together.

Whether you’re into tradition or down for some trendy twists, remember that it’s all about the good times we make together. So, go classic or get creative – the goal’s the same: giving that bride an awesome send-off into the next chapter!

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