Virtual Bridal Shower Games

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The pandemic has affected us all over the passing year, particularly in the wedding industry. With restrictions still in place for many countries, you may want to hold a Virtual Bridal Shower rather than have an in person gathering. But just because you aren’t together in person, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Plan some fun virtual bridal shower games for your guests to play.

There are many platforms for hosting virtual events now available. The best option for you will depend on how many attendees you are expecting. Zoom, Teams and Skype work well for larger groups. Whataspp and Facebook Chat are ideal for groups of 6 or less.

Virtual Bridal Showers can still be just as fun, and there are still plenty of games you can play. Pick a fun Theme for the Bridal Shower, and pick a couple games for your guests to play.

Virtual Bridal Shower Game Ideas:

Guess the Memory

Everyone in the group texts their favorite memory with the Bride to the shower host, who will then read them out. The Bride then has to figure out who each text is from. This is a lovely game to encourage sharing sentiments with the Bride. It also helps the group to get to know each other more deeply, and each person’s connection to the Bride.

Truth or Dare

Take it in turns to choose, or use a random online generator. 

Some ideas for virtual truth or dare include:

-When was the last time you lied?
-Name something you only do when you are alone.
-Have you ever broken the law?

-Show the group the most embarrassing photo on your phone. -Dance without music for 1 minute.
-Remove two items of clothing.

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Play a game of bridal shower jeopardy. See who knows the bride, groom, and couple the best! Each round, guests can bank points, and win the prize.

Bridal Bingo

You can purchase printables online, or find free printables in this article (link to free printables post). 

Mr + Mrs Quiz

The Mr + Mrs Game is a classic for a reason! Find out how well the Bride and Groom really know each other! Prepare at least ten questions where the answer is the Bride or Groom. Give these to the Groom in advance of the party, and ask him to write down his answers. Ask the Bride the same questions. The Bride has to do a forfeit for each answer that doesn’t match her Groom’s. If the Bride answers correctly, she gets to choose which member of her party completes the forfeit!

The Mr + Mrs Game is also known as the paddle game. Paddles are labelled ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ and are held up to indicate their answer. These are available to purchase online.

– Who is better at dancing?

– Who is the better kisser?

– Who is more likely to be arrested?

Some ideas for Mr + Mrs Quiz Questions:

  • How well do you know the Bride- Give everyone a short quiz about your Bride, with prizes and forfeits so the most and least correct. You could do this on a shareable word document rather than traditional pen and paper. This game can be played individually or in pairs or teams. 
  • Ideas for questions you could include:
  • – What is the Bride’s favourite movie?
  • – What is her biggest phobia?
  • – How long has she been dating the Groom?

He Said, She Said Game

Or mix up the game and have the guests see who can get the most answers right with the He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game. You can print out game cards and send them to your guests before, or have the questions right on the screens.

Check out our other fun Bridal Shower Games & Activities and adapt them to make you’re own virtual bridal shower games.

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