He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game

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Looking for some fun and easy bridal shower games to play at the wedding shower? The He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game is perfect for the occasion!

He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game, with couple laughing at wedding shower playing a game.

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Throwing a bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be and have some lighthearted fun. First come up with a unique bridal shower theme, and then you can add fun games and activities.

Playing games and holding competitions are essential for any proper bridal shower. Even simple games can bring a lot of laughter and joy to a room!

A fun bridal shower game to play is “He Said, She Said”. Read below for the rules and requirements for this fun game!

How to Play The “He Said She Said” Game

A cute, interactive bridal shower game to play, this guessing game is all about figuring out who said what.

The guests will be supplied with a list of questions, phrases, or even characteristics and must decide whether it belongs to the bride or groom.

It is a fun way for your guests to get to know the bride and groom as individuals and as a couple. This game has now evolved to include many different types of questions, not just quotes from the couple. 

You can even take these Wedding Shoe Game Questions and add them in to your own!

Set up

You will need to print out the list of questions on cardstock to hand out to all of your guests.

You can create and design it yourself or purchase pre-made gorgeous cards here from Amazon, or from shops like Etsy and Zazzle.

If you want to include more personal or funny questions then it is best to create it yourself.

On average there are usually 10 to 15 questions. Use free software like Canva to create aesthetic designs and then get them printed at your nearest print shop. Don’t forget to supply everyone with pens so they can mark their decisions. 

Additionally, you have to get a prize! It is a competition after all. The person who gets the most correct can win a small prize. It is always a good idea to buy extra prizes in case there are multiple winners. 


There are various ways to play this game. You could have everyone gather around and go over each answer like bingo; collect the filled out cards to tally up separately; or even make a slideshow presentation where the guests can call out answers. You don’t need to print out cards if you don’t want to.  

Guests will either read or hear the different statements and decide which individual it applies to.

They can circle the symbol that represents the individual or call out their answer to the group. Regardless of which method you use to play, your guests will have a fun time trying to win the prize.

He Said, She Said Questions to use

The most popular questions are ones such as:

  • Who proposed? 
  • Who said I love you first? 
  • Who met the in-laws first? 
  • Who will cry at the wedding?

Try to think of some funny or clever ones as well:

  • Who is more likely to get a traffic ticket?
  • Who has the craziest family?
  • Who spends all the money?
  • Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?

Keep the game moving with funny questions, questions about the relationship, and questions about the wedding. It’s fun to find out some things many people might not know about the couple.

When everyone is done guessing, read the questions out-loud, and have the bride answer the question herself in front of everyone.

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