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This page holds all of our posts for date ideas for you to try. If you’ve been in a relationship, you know the importance of dates. But sometimes, we run out of date ideas and ideas of things to do together….

Spending quality time with your significant other can help grow your relationship and create a closer bond together.

When you go out on a date together, you’re saying they are a priority in your life, that you want to spend your time with.

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That’s where we come in! We have hundreds of date ideas for you to try every season. The best part about date nights is being able to spend time together, but it’s also fun to try new things.

Date Ideas For Couples

101 Date Night Ideas – This post is a large one full of great activities you can do together.

Best First Date Ideas – Make your first and second dates one to remember with a fun activity you both will enjoy!

Free Date Ideas – Sure budget friendly dates are fun, but what about free date ideas! We have a whole list full of great things you can do together for F.R.E.E!

At Home Date Night Ideas – Sometimes it’s hard to get out of the house for date night. You might be trying to save money and don’t want to spend extra on a night out, or maybe you can’t get a baby sitter. But date nights at home can still be just as fun!

Backyard Date Ideas – Don’t really want to go out, but don’t want to stay in? Try these unique backyard date ideas without having to go too far.

Date Ideas To Do In Your Car – If you don’t really feel like going out, but you really don’t want to stay home…try these Car Dates! Take a scenic drive to a nearby town, visit a drive-in movie theater, or indulge in a gourmet picnic in the park. With the freedom of the open road and the comfort of your own car, the world is your oyster.

Truck Bed Date Ideas– Or take your truck out and have a romantic date in your truck bed! If you’re nature lover or a thrill-seeker, truck bed dates offer a unique and exciting way to explore the great outdoors.

Pack a picnic and head to a scenic lookout, go stargazing under the stars, or plan a camping trip in the wilderness. With the freedom of the open road and the comfort of your own truck bed, the possibilities are endless.

Creative Movie Dates– Turn your boring movie dates into a fun creative date with these ideas.

Cheap Date Ideas – If you’re anything like us, we like to do date night once a week…but that can get costly. These Affordable Date Ideas are tons of fun and you don’t have to spend a whole lot on these awesome activities together.

Couples Game Night – One of our favorite date ideas, especially for a double date is Couples Game Night! Invite your close couple friends over and have a whole night full of fun games, snacks, and friendly competition.

Double Dates – Have a couple friends you want to share spend some time with? Here are some fun ideas you can do together! From adventurous outdoor activities to cozy nights in, there’s something for every couple to enjoy.

Take a scenic hike or go horseback riding, have a wine tasting and food tour, or cozy up for a movie night with your favorite snacks. With so many options to choose from, double dates are a great way for couples to bond, create new memories, and have a blast together.

Double Date Game Night– Double the fun, double the laughter, with double date game night! Gather your favorite couples and challenge each other to friendly competition with classic board games, card games, and video games

Group Date Ideas– Get your group of friends together for a wild and memorable time with these group date ideas! From exciting outdoor activities to fun-filled culinary experiences, there’s something for everyone.

Bond over a thrilling game of laser tag, hit up a local escape room, or whip up some tasty creations in a group cooking class. With so many options to choose from, group dates are a great way to create lasting memories with your closest friends.

Online Games For Couples – Don’t want to buy games for your game night? These online games are perfect for couples, and can be played anywhere!

At Home Spa Date – You don’t even have to leave home for this romantic spa date in. Grab your partner, set the mood, and enjoy a relaxing date at home.

Outdoor Date Ideas– Try these outdoor date ideas to get some fresh air and mix things up!

Long Distance Relationship Games – These long distance relationship dates can help you stay connected from miles apart.

Fun Hobbies For Couples – Tired of always resorting to just watching TV together? Find a fun hobby for couples that you can do together!

Date Ideas For Teens – If you’re a teen looking for some ideas, this list has affordable and fun dates you can do as a teenager.

Dates For Introverts– The best type of dates are the ones where everyone is comfortable, try these date ideas if you are with an introvert.

Date Ideas By Type

Late Night Date Ideas – Ready to go on a date, but now it’s late at night? These date ideas will help you get creative with something fun despite the time.

Morning Date Ideas– Who says dates have to only take place at night. Try these fun date ideas during the early or late morning.

Lunch Dates– Lunch dates can be a fun and casual way to spend time with your significant other in the middle of a busy workday. How about trying a new restaurant, packing a romantic picnic, or grabbing a quick bite at a food truck? So why not break up your workday with a little mid-day romance and enjoy some quality time with your loved one?

Relaxing Date Ideas– If you don’t feel like planning a whole date that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time together in a relaxing environment.

Whether it’s a yoga class together, a scenic hike, a picnic in the park, or a lazy day spent lounging on the beach, the options are endless. The focus of a relaxing date should be on spending quality time with your partner and letting go of any stress or worries.

Sexy Date Night Ideas– Date nights are a great way to spice up your romantic life and keep the spark alive. If you’re looking for something a little more sensual and intimate, there are many sexy date ideas to choose from.

Whether it’s a romantic candlelit dinner at home, a couples’ massage, a steamy hot tub soak under the stars, or a seductive dance class, there are plenty of options to help you and your partner connect on a deeper level.

Late Night Date Ideas– Add a touch of romance and intimacy to your evening with a late night date. Some of these include a quiet night at home or a night on the town, cook a romantic dinner together, take a nighttime walk under the stars, or enjoy a movie or show together.

Last Minute Dates– Last minute dates can be just as fun and memorable as planned ones, it’s just a matter of being creative and spontaneous. With a little bit of planning and consideration, you can come up with unique date ideas that are perfect for impromptu occasions.

Spontaneous Date Ideas– Spontaneous date ideas can add excitement and adventure to your relationship. They involve stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new and unexpected. Try a last-minute road trip, an impromptu dance party in the living room, or a surprise concert or event, the possibilities are endless. The beauty of spontaneous dates is that they allow you to let go of routine and embrace the unexpected.

Romantic Date Night Ideas– Have a romantic date where you can connect and rekindle your love for each other. Whether it’s exploring a new city, watching a sunset, or simply cooking a meal together, a romantic date is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people and make lasting memories.

Hotel Dates– Hotel dates are a perfect way to add a touch of luxury and romance to your relationship. With a range of amenities, scenic views, and comfortable rooms, hotels offer a variety of opportunities for couples to enjoy each other’s company and create special memories.

From relaxing spa treatments, to gourmet dining experiences, to poolside lounging, there are many hotel date ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, or just want to escape the routine of everyday life, a hotel date can be the perfect opportunity to unwind and rekindle your relationship.

101 Awesome Date Night Ideas

Date Ideas By Season

Spring Date Ideas– Finally some time in the sun after being cooped up all winter. These Spring Dates are perfect for getting out and enjoying some time together.

Summer Bucket List For Couples– This is such a fun bucket list for all couples to work on checking off each item throughout the summer.

Fall Bucket List For Couples – Fall can be such a romantic time, and these dates will make you enjoy every minute of it!

Winter Date Ideas – The cold weather shouldn’t keep you locked up inside. These winter dates are for both staying cozy together inside, and embracing the weather outside!

Winter Bucket List – This bucket list for couples is great to start checking off fun date activities all season long!

Rainy Day Date Ideas -Rainy days shouldn’t put a damper on your date night. These Rainy Day Date Ideas will have you enjoying the weather inside and out!

Beach Date Ideas– Lucky enough to live by a beach, or any body of water? Try some of these fun dates.

Date Activities

2-Player Games For Couples – If you’re up for a game night but just want it to be the two of you, check out all these awesome 2-player games for couples you can play together!

DIY Painting Date Night– Get your creativity flowing and try this fun couples painting idea. Save your money and do your own “Paint & Sip” at home. We have all the step-by-step instructions for you to make a really great couples painting to hang in your house when you’re done!

We also have a full post of Couples Painting Ideas here.

Drive-In Movie Date – Take it back to an old school date and find an awesome drive-in movie theater near you.

Ice Cream Date Ideas – One of our favorite date ideas is an ice cream date. After all, who doesn’t love ice cream? From unique flavors to creative toppings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Picnic Date Ideas – Mix up a traditional picnic date with some of these unique picnic dates.

Arcade Date – Be kids again with these fun arcade date ideas. Put your skills to the test with classic games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, or test your aim at skee-ball and basketball hoops. With flashing lights, upbeat music, and the excitement of competition, arcades are a perfect destination for a fun and energetic date.

Roller Skating Date – Another fun old school date is to go roller skating! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this classic activity is the perfect way to have fun and stay active. With the sounds of funky music, neon lights, and the excitement of gliding on wheels, roller skating rinks offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

Thrift Store Date– Get ready for a budget-friendly adventure with thrift store date ideas! From quirky finds to vintage treasures, thrift stores are a treasure trove of unique and one-of-a-kind items waiting to be discovered. Not only is shopping at thrift stores a fun and creative way to spend time with your significant other, but it also supports local communities and the environment.

Target Couples Challenge– Do you follow social media trends? This one is super fun to do together on a date night. Whether you’re shopping for essentials, finding hidden items, or competing in fun games, the Target Couples Challenge is a guaranteed good time.

Sports for Couples – Playing sports together can be a fun and engaging activity for couples, providing an opportunity to bond and enjoy each other’s company while staying active. From hiking, to tennis, to biking, there are many sports to choose from that can cater to different interests, fitness levels, and weather conditions.

Dates To Give As A Gift

Coming up with date ideas can be difficult, so why not make it easy on each other. Give the gift of quality time with these special date gift ideas…

12 Months of Dates – Give the gift of date nights! In this 12 Months of Date Ideas, you’ll plan out 12 dates… one for each month…and give them a whole year of prepared dates!

Alphabet Date Ideas for Alphabet Dating- Having a hard time deciding what to do every date night? Try these A-Z date ideas! Pick a letter each week, and choose a date from our list!

Open When Letters – When you’re apart and can’t go on physical dates, these open when letter ideas can help you stay connected.

DIY Date Night Jar – Tired of always trying to figure out what you want to do for date night?! Let the jar decide! Make your very own date jar and have a fun experience without the worry of what to do.

Reasons Why I Love You Jar – Make a beautiful jar of all the “Reasons Why I Love You“.

Print out your very own to make yours here!

52 Date Ideas – What better gift to give than a date night every single week of the year?! These 52 date ideas will help start you on the path to regular date night with your love.

Alphabet Date Ideas List of A-Z Dates