Creative Movie Date At Home

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These days, stay at home date ideas have become the thing to do, since it’s been a little difficult for everyone to date and have romance outside of the home. You have to get really creative and come up with ideas for activities that you can still do despite an ongoing pandemic. Have a movie date at home! Movie date nights have been a classic date option since even before the virus, but it has soared in popularity this past year.

Creative movie dates to do at home, with couple watching a movie under a blanket.

Everyone is on lockdown, so you are limited to your house. In order to help you weather through this ordeal, here are 8 creative movie date night ideas for when you are stuck at home and looking for a fun stay at home date idea! Bring the romance back into your life!

What to do on a movie date at home?

Movie dates don’t have to be boring. Get creative with ways you can do a movie date at home. Mix up your location, the theme, the food, and think of fun ways to make your movie night date more exciting! Here are some fun ways you can enjoy a movie on your date at home.

Go Glamping

Instead of just building a fort out of pillows and blankets, why not go the extra step and set up an entire tent in your living room? It is a great way to feel cozy and hidden away, especially if you decorate it with some twinkly lights and fluffy blankets. You will feel like you are transported away on a vacation to the woods, without actually having to camp in the dirt! You can glamp right in the middle of your own home. This is especially a great idea for movies that revolve around camping, such as Wild, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Parent Trap.

Have a Picnic in Your Backyard

You aren’t confined to only the indoor space when you have a movie night. Gather some blankets, pillows, and snacks and set up a picnic in your backyard or on your patio. Pack a basket of snacks or even a full meal–make it a garden party while you’re at it! Make the space comfortable and inviting, and then just bring out your laptop to watch your favorite movie. You will be able to enjoy the film while you gaze up at the stars. This is also a really fun outdoor date idea.

Car Camping

Maybe you don’t have any free space in the house to set up a tent, or have a lot of family members and kids who don’t give you any privacy. If that is the case, just go to your car! It gives you some privacy without having to leave the property. It works best if you have a bigger car, though. If you have an SUV or truck you can set up a makeshift bed in the back to snuggle up together and watch a movie from your laptop or tablet. Remember to bring all your snacks and drinks with! It is a great way to steal some uninterrupted alone time for your movie date. 

couple sitting in back of car on a date

Use Your Pool

If you happen to have a pool in your backyard, go and purchase an inflatable kiddie pool. FIll it with air and now you have an inflatable pool mattress! You can float on the water with your technology, food, and fabrics and it will keep you protected from falling into the water! Toss some pillows and blankets in to make it warm and cozy, and don’t forget the snacks. There is something so relaxing about floating on water–be careful that you don’t fall asleep during the movie! Make sure you have everything you need before you get in, because you are probably going to have a hard time getting back out.  Perfect for a free date idea!

Have a Cook-Off

No movie night is complete without some sort of cooking or baking. Try and recreate a meal from your favorite movie or one that you plan on watching. For example, try making the chocolate cake from matilda, macarons from Marie Antoinette, or beignets from The Princess and the Frog. Choose something that you have always dreamed of tasting just because of how delicious it looks in the movie. You could even buy the treats if you are unable to make them. Haven’t you ever wanted to try a Turkish Delight or eat some ratatouille?

You can go a step further and make an entire themed dinner instead of just one course. Have the appetizer, entree, dessert, and drinks all adhere to the movie’s theme. Make a feast worthy of Hogwarts or hold a dinner party from Pride and Prejudice. You can even dress up if you have clothes to match!  

couple in robes with a food plate smiling at each other

Travel Abroad

You can’t travel abroad right now, so transport yourself to a different country during your movie date. Create decorations that resemble the country of choice, such as an eiffel tower for France or a kangaroo for Australia. You can decorate the entire room to look like you have entered a different land. You can even try and cook some of their cuisine to really make you feel like you are there. Then choose a movie that is based in that specific location, like Tangled in Germany or Casino Royale in Italy.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards feel like the ultimate level of sophistication. Why not pamper yourself and have a luxurious movie night? Buy a bunch of different cheeses, salami, and crackers and lay them out beautifully on a wooden board. Add in some fruit, vegetables, nuts, and jam. Pair it with a delicious wine to really feel elegant. Then light some candles and enjoy your fancy finger food as you watch your movie. 

flatlay of a charcuterie board with hands placing a flower on the corner

Get a Popcorn Machine

Obviously popcorn was not going to be left off of this list! You can buy mini popcorn machines just like the ones they have at the movie theaters. You will never need to go visit a theater ever again. Throw some butter and salt on your freshly popped popcorn and gather all your favorite movie theater candy. Make it a real movie night by bringing the entire movie theater into your bedroom!

You can’t leave your house, so put in some effort to make it feel like you have been transported away. You don’t have to just sit on the couch when you watch movies–you can go anywhere in your house and declare it a movie spot! Pillows and blankets; popcorn and candy; and your laptop or tablet are all you need to get started. Add in a few extra details like some themed desserts or star gazing and it becomes an entirely different night full of lavishness. Use these 8 movie night date ideas as inspiration for your next date at home!

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