Wedding Song Checklist

Wedding Songs List : Checklist of Wedding Songs Needed

Music can make your special day even more memorable. Choosing the right wedding songs list will set the tone for the whole wedding. You and your partner should take your time picking the right music for you.

Wedding Song Checklist

Selecting your wedding playlist can be one of the more fun and romantic parts of wedding planning. Make an evening of it, and have a little dance together!

YouTube wedding playlist and Spotify playlists can be a great source of inspiration. Don’t make any rushed decisions. These are the songs that will always take you back to your amazing day!

Choosing Your Music

When choosing your wedding music, you will need to choose between:

  • A Band 
  • Music System
  • A DJ

Your decision will need to take into account your personal tastes and budget. You may wish to ‘mix and match’, for example, having a music system in place for the ceremony and then having a DJ for the reception.

You’ll also want to consider which genres you would like. Keep in mind that some bands only play a selection of genres they feel are suited to their sound. DJ’s tend to be more flexible.

Order Your Playlist

Cohesively order the playlist. A DJ should be able to help you here. You want the songs to seamlessly blend into each other. Avoid any sudden changes in tempo, which will seem out of place. Have a few test runs before confirming your playlist with your band or DJ. 

Consider which moments (if any) are being filmed. This could have a huge impact on your final wedding video. The appropriate music for each moment of your wedding will really help your video come to life. 

When compiling your wedding playlist, be sure to choose a combination of classics and more recent chart-toppers. For the ceremony, only pick tunes that you have been fond of for a long time.

Avoid any last-minute choices which you may regret in years to come! Include a good variety and select from several genres so there’s something everyone will like. If you are struggling to choose songs, ask the advice of your wedding planner or DJ. 

Wedding Ceremony Songs:

Pre-Ceremony Music (while guests are arriving, taking their seats)

The choice here will set the tone for the whole day so consider your options carefully! Go for something that will create a romantic atmosphere.

You will need to find about 30 minutes of background music for guests entering, greeting each other and admiring the venue.

Choose something with a slow and calming pace and avoid anything too loud. This should help settle any last minute nerves! 

Parents/Grandparents Walking Down Aisle

Ask your loved ones for their input here. A song that they love and makes them feel confident will ensure they are all smiles walking down the aisle!

Older relatives may prefer classical or sentimental songs, which will add a nice mix to your chosen music.

Bridal Party Entrance Song/Processional

You may wish to have a separate song when your bridal party walks down the aisle. Joyful, more upbeat songs work well here.

For the processional songs, keep in mind the pace. It should match the pace of the walk down the aisle.

Girl dancing at wedding

Bride Entrance Song/Processional

The Song To Walk Down The Aisle, also known as the Processional is probably your most important music choice of all! You will want to pick something which has a build-up, so your grand entrance really makes an impact. Have several rehearsals to ensure your timing is perfect. 

Wedding Songs List For The Ceremony:

Unity Ceremony/Registry Signing/Communion/etc.

You may wish to choose music to play quietly throughout the ceremony, including the vows. Make sure you don’t pick anything that will distract from the main event; you just need a light ambience here. 

Recessional Song/Ceremony Exit Song

An exit song also known as the wedding recessional song tends to be a little more light-hearted and upbeat. Pick something triumphant and celebratory. 

Cocktail Hour:

Cocktail Hour Music

Definitely don’t forget to have music playing at your cocktail hour. Sometimes this part of the day is such a drag, and you want to make sure your guests have a good time while you’re off doing photos.

Having a nice playlist going in the background is a little extra touch your guests will appreciate.


Bridal Party Entrance to Reception

A happy song here will reflect the mood of the party! This is typically the song that starts the party and helps set the mood that we are here to dance. Have your party walk out to an upbeat or funny song, and everyone can walk out dancing.

First Dance Song

Your first dance song is something you will remember forever, so make sure you both love your choice. This can be a personal song to your and your partner.

It doesn’t have to be a slow song, but traditionally, this is the romantic song of the night as your first dance as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom Dancing To Their First Dance Song

Bridal Party Dance Song/Special Dances

If you’re opting for a bridal party dance, you’ll probably want to make this a little more upbeat. You don’t really need 2 slower songs together, so something to start the party off and get everyone dancing.

Think of doing a really fun and creative dance with your bridal party for a memorable moment!

Father/Daughter Dance Song

This moment is often a tear-jerker! The Father Daughter Dance Song can be pretty emotional, but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose something slow and sentimental, which celebrates the bond between bride and father, or opt for something a little more fast paced and happy.

Mother/Son Dance Song

Like the father-daughter dance, the dance between mother and son is another touching moment. Some couples choose to combine these two dances and choose one song. Ballads are a popular choice here. 

Or choose a Mother Son Dance Song that is truly meaningful to you guys, as this is a big deal for the Mother of the Groom.

Man and woman feet on a dance floor

Cake Cutting Song

Many couples choose to have music playing while they cut the cake. Choose something fun here and not too serious. Work with your band or DJ to select a number of songs for this section.

We love when couples choose funny cake cutting songs to keep the energy up.

Bouquet Toss Song

Some brides choose to toss the bouquet to all the single female guests attending their wedding. Songs about female unity tend to be popular here. Go for something upbeat that will have your guests itching to get on the dancefloor afterwards. 

Anything by Beyonce will work perfectly here, but we have an awesome list of the best bouquet toss songs you can check out.

Garter Toss Song

Some brides choose to have a garter toss at their wedding. This involves the groom removing the bride’s garter (often with his teeth!) and tossing it towards his single male friends. A common theme for garter toss music is something a little cheeky, silly or risqué! 

Last Dance Song/Exit Song

Don’t choose anything too meaningful here, as not all your guests will still be at the event.

Songs NOT To Play

Lots of couples have songs they definitely do NOT want played at their wedding…hello, “chicken dance” anyone?

If you have a set of songs you’d prefer your DJ or band to skip, make sure you give them a Songs NOT To Play list.

There are also certain songs which you should avoid for your wedding. These include:

  • Songs with explicit lyrics- you may have older people or children at your wedding who may take offence!
  • Anything with themes of violence or drugs
  • Songs about cheating or breaks-ups- Good vibes only!
  • If you had a special song with an ex-partner, make sure it doesn’t find its way to the playlist
  • Overly suggestive music- The only time a risqué song is appropriate is the garter/bouquet toss.

You don’t have to pick every single song that will play at your wedding, but you should try to choose a song of your own for the important parts. Don’t stress over this…grab your fiancé, pour a glass of wine and make it a fun date night choosing your wedding music.

Check out our wedding song lists and listen to the ones you might want to use to start narrowing down your choices.

Your wedding songs list doesn’t all have to be done in one day!