Long Distance Relationship Games to Keep Things Interesting

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Long-distance Relationships can be quite trying at times. It’s never easy to be apart physically from your loved one for weeks or months on end. So we’re sure you’re looking for some great activities and long distance relationship games to keep the relationship fun!

Long Distance Relationship Games To Play To Keep Things Interesting!

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Although technological advances have helped us to have live face-time with those around the globe at a click of a button, the same technology can’t always add the fun-factor which is particularly important to have during those periods in your relationship where you feel less connected due to geographical distance. 

So with that said, here are some fun long-distance relationship games that you can play with your partner to help keep that connection between the two strong and healthy. 

Long-Distance Relationship Games to Play Together

1. 20 Questions

There are 2 different versions of “20 Questions” you can play.

With this first game, you must try to figure out what your partner is thinking with only 20 questions available to you to use. It can be initiated by either partner challenging the other to figure out what s/he is thinking. 

Set your own rules, rewards and punishments!
This is also a great Free Date Idea for you to enjoy together.

Another version of “20 Questions” is a game where you ask each other 20 random personal questions. This would be a great way to learn more about each other.

Try to think of some funny and light-hearted questions mixed in with some more serious and personal questions as well. This game should be fun, not feeling like you’re being interrogated.

Take turns asking each other questions.

2. Play Charades Together 

This is a fun and fairly easy game you can play with your long distance relationship. You can both sit down and come up with 5 different categories you want to do. Next, each of you should write out 10 topics for each, without sharing with one another. 

Then, you’ll take turns acting out each clue for your partner to guess. You’ll get to act silly with each other and have a good laugh together. This can be a great new Couple’s Hobby when you’re apart.

3. Send ‘Open When’ Letters

‘Open When’ letters can be given to your partner prior to them departing or you can send them in the mail. It can include written letters and little trinkets or anything that your partner would enjoy.

You set a date on the letters specific to an event which then allows your partner to open the letter and feel loved and cared for.  
Another idea would be to do a 12-Months of Dates Gift for them!

4. Do An Escape Room Together- The Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games

Yes, it’s possible! Alexa has a whole app just full of online escape rooms you can do at home. Or you can even get an Escape Room Box or Game and try to do that together, although you’d have to get really creative trying to hold your phone so the other person can see everything that’s going on.

Try an online escape room together. If you both have an Alexa device, have her read each of you the clues and you can figure out the mystery together.

Woman sitting on bed playing long distance relationship games

5. Setting Common Challenges

Working towards a common goal is so important to couples, especially those who are in long-distance relationships. These challenges could include a fitness goal i.e. the first to get abs within 3 months, or the first to lose a certain amount of weight.

It could even turn into daily challenges such as who drank the most water that day. 

Or you can work on a challenge together. Try a reading challenge of one book a month, or 10,000 steps a day challenge.

By doing challenges together, you feel a little closer working on the same thing, and you get to check in on each other to see how the other is doing in the challenge as well.

6. Play A Game Of “Would You Rather?”

“Would You Rather” is a fun and crazy game to play together, and it’s part of the perfect Long-Distance Relationship games, since all you need is the two of you.

You can take turns asking each other silly and outrageous questions of “would you rather?” The point of the game is to ask some difficult questions that the other has to answer.

These questions can be funny, crazy, serious, and outright insane.

You can make up your own questions or google “Would You Rather?” questions you can read from and answer together.

Examples of “Would You Rather?” Questions:

1. Would You Rather…have to fight a bear or a shark?
2. Would You Rather…be hot forever or cold forever?
3. Would You Rather…always be thirsty, or always be hungry?
4. Would You Rather…marry your ex or marry the stranger next to you?
5. Would You Rather…have a lot of money and never be in love, or marry the love of your life but live in a shack?

Come up with random scenarios that each of you can decide which you would choose.
This is a great way to learn a little more about each other as well. But most of these would be wacky.

7. Find Me If You Can

Describe your current location to your partner without giving too much away. Your partner must then guess your location as you start by providing them with general information and then work towards more specific clues. 

You may want to set a limit to your partner’s attempts so that it doesn’t become a frustration. 

Man holding phone taking a photo

8. Watch Movies and TV at The Same Time

Watching a Netflix series at an agreed time of the day or a movie (if possible depending on your location) is a great way to engage in live commentary over a shared interest at that exact point in time. 

Just imagine the lively banter and debate that can arise.  

9. Send Care Packages

Sending care packages to each other is a great way of showing love towards your partner. It’s also a creative way of sending treats and products that are specific to your location which your partner may not be familiar with and enjoy experiencing. 

This can be a fun “game” when you try to surprise them with it. Try to one-up them on who sends the silliest things, the cheesiest love note, or the best chocolate surprise.

10. Play 2-Player Video Games

Video games are enjoyed these days by both men and women alike. This provides a great opportunity to play with each other in dual-player video games.

There are plenty on the market and with blue-tooth headsets available, you will be able to communicate directly with your partner while playing live. 

If you don’t have video game consoles, you can find great games online to play together as well.

hand showing a game controller and the tv

11. Trivia Competitions

We love Trivia! And finding great trivia questions online is simple. Decide on a category you want to play, and pull up lots of different trivia questions.

You can then take turns asking each other each trivia question. 

Want to play trivia together? There are several websites where you can find trivia games and you can team up together to play against other teams as well. 

12. Play MadLibs

MadLibs is a fun game where you have to fill in the blanks of a story, when you don’t even know what the story is. You can find thousands of templates online to play this game. We suggest checking out the MadLibs Website for free apps and downloads.

One partner will ask the other for the word.

Partner #1 will ask questions like “Give me a verb”, “Pick An Adjective”, etc.

Then as Partner #2 is choosing these words, Partner #1 will write them down in the blanks of the story. When you are all done, read the story aloud and laugh together at the ridiculousness of it all.

You could do these all night, and it’s a great cheap date night together!

13. MadGab Is The Perfect Long Distance Relationship Game!

Mad Gab was one of my favorite games when it first came out, and it’s a perfect game to play with your long distance love.

“It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Hear”. One partner grabs a card, and has to say the words out loud. BUT, the words aren’t really words at all.

It ends up being a jumbled mess, and the other partner has to guess what they are saying.

We found some free Mad Gab Cards Online here and Online here. Or you can purchase the game on Amazon here.

14. Sing Karaoke Together 

If you were together in the same place, you’d probably be singing in the car when your favorite songs came on, so why not act like you’re physically together. Have a karaoke night together in the privacy of your own homes.

It might be a little strange taking a FaceTime date to a karaoke bar, so this one is best done as an At-Home date.

Take turns sharing your picks for the perfect karaoke songs and sing together!

15. Play Classic Board Games Online 

I don’t know where we would be without the internet, but having internet really helps you connect these days. You can do so many things together now even when you’re far apart.
Find some classic games you can play together online. Try games like, Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Battleship, etc. 

16. Play “Head’s Up!”

Head’s Up is one of my favorite games to play during couple’s game night, and it is definitely one of our favorite Long Distance Relationship games. For this one, you’re going to need your phone, or a bunch of blank paper.

The object of this game is to get your partner to guess the clue that is on their head. You take your phone with the word showing, and one partner puts the phone on their forehead where they can’t see it.

The next partner then gives them clues so they can guess what the word is. There’s an app version of this game here, which will make this game very easy to play when you’re long distance or you can purchase the game here so you can play without an app too.

17. Guess The Picture Game

Did you ever play that game, where you would see a picture of something up close and you had to guess what it was? It could have been a really close up photo of a pencil, and you could only see yellow with some ridges.

Make up your own game like that. Take turns taking close-up photos of objects around you and have your partner guess what it is. You can even throw in parts of your body for fun!

Woman laying on bed smiling at phone

18. Name That Tune? 

This even became a funny game show game on tv. Name that tune is a game you can play, where you hum or whistle a song, and the other person has to guess what song you are singing.

You can take turns coming up with songs and having the other guess what songs you are humming.

19. Play Hangman 

Take it back to the old school days and play hangman together. Ok, this one might be one to save until you are both REALLY bored, but it’s still a decent game to play while you’re long distance.

20. Bob Ross Paint Night

You might think this isn’t exactly a game, but I would disagree. Find a great Bob Ross painting tutorial that you want to do together, and paint the whole thing. You can share with one another during the process, or keep it as a surprise when its all finished.

Being creative together is always a fun date idea, and it doesn’t just have to be a date you do while you’re in the same place.

21. Compete Against Each Other Online

There are several different online site where you can compete against each other on different quizzes, games, and trivia. You really can find so many different site that help you connect, it just takes a little bit of researching what you love.

Man eating dinner while looking at his phone

Being in a long distance relationship can be very tough. But the more you work on “connecting” with each other, the easier it will be. By playing these Long-Distance Relationship Games, you can both feel a bit more close and feeling like there isn’t as much of a distance while hanging out together.

Games To Play In Your Long Distance Relationship To Keep Things Fun
21 Long Distance Relationship Games To Play
21 Games To Play In Your Long Distance Relationship

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