101 Date Night Ideas To Try In 2024 (That Aren’t Dinner & A Movie)

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These Date Night Ideas will have your creative juices flowing. Check off each date idea below and create the Ultimate Date Night Idea List to conquer. Break out of the monotony of the dinner and movie date. Try out something new and creative from this list. We have more than 100 cute and fun date night ideas.

 101 Date Night Ideas for couples.

Fun Date Night Ideas- 101 Fun Things To Do On A Date

Grab your partner and try out one of these fun and cute date night ideas! Dates don’t have to be at night, and they don’t have to be dressy or romantic. Forget all of that! The best thing about a date is spending time with the person you love and discovering new things about each other.

Take this list and make it your own. Put your own spin on it! There are enough date ideas on this list to last you 2 years if you do one date night a week. (52 date nights a year!) So put it on the calendar and have some fun!

1.) Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is so much fun, even for adults! Some are indoors and some are outdoors. If you have one that is outside, keep an eye on the weather before agreeing to it.
Make this activity together even more exciting by placing bets on who will get the lower score!

girl playing mini golf in front of waterfall.

2.) Shop for Each Other

Go to a store like Target or Kohl’s. Have a budget and a short list. Then, split up and buy each other 5 gifts. Come back and laugh at what you each got!

This can be so fun! You can either buy funny gag gifts or really try to think of something they would like – or both.

Some examples of gifts to buy:

  • Something to wear
  • Something pink
  • Something to make them laugh
  • Their favorite music
  • Something with the number 5

3.) Watch a Scary Movie At Home

Yes, this is still technically a movie. But take the movie to the next level.  Set the ambiance. Turn down the lights. Get a blanket, and snuggle up close together.

You could even agree to introduce each other to the movies that scared you the most when you were a kid!

Add this to your Halloween Date Ideas!

4.) Race Go-Karts

Racing go-karts is one of the most fun things to do on a date! You have speed and competition which is always good for a laugh.

If there isn’t a track near you, it’s worth the drive to find one. This is a really fun experience!

5.) Do A DIY Food Kit

Go online and buy a DIY food kit and try to make it together. You can make your own hot sauce, pretzels, or sushi.

You’ll discover more about each other this way too. Who likes things spicier? Who likes things sweeter?

6.) Play a New Board Game

Another inexpensive romantic date idea is to buy a new board game and play it together. There are so many creative and new board games out there right now. Before you buy the game, make sure it is a 2-player game.

Check out our favorite Couples Game Night Ideas.

If you want to save even more money, see if there is a game store nearby where you can play games for free.

date night ideas game night date night.

7.) Go to the Zoo

One of the most popular fun date activities is to spend time at the zoo together. Take your cameras and capture some shots of the animals.

Don’t just go for the animals, though. Take the time to walk hand in hand, talking about the future and anything that has been weighing you down. The zoo is a really fantastic place to focus on each other.

8.) Rent Your Dream Car

What is the one car you have always dreamed of owning? Rent it for one day and drive it around together. If you have different dream cars then split this idea up into 2 dates and take turns.

There are lots of car rental agencies near you. But if you can’t find your dream cart at one of them, try out one of the peer to peer car rental apps like TURO.

Check out our awesome Xtreme Xperience here.

awesome date ideas rent your dream car.

9.) Play Truth or Dare

A really exciting and funny way to get to know each other is to play a throw-back game of truth or dare! And don’t hold back. Ask the really tough and intimate questions. Dare each other to do embarrassing and silly things.

Try these fun Truth or Drink Questions For Couples
Or Couples Do or Drink Game

10.) Take a Hike

Next, plan to spend some time outside on a hike. Pack a picnic lunch or snack and when you get to the top of the hill, spend some time taking it all in. This is a wonderful time to take some breathtaking pictures too.

11.) Redecorate A Room Together

Few things will help you get to know your partner like redecorating a room together. You’ll discover their spending style and how creative (or not) they are. It’s also a lot of fun to learn how to compromise and make your style preferences mesh together.

12.) Go to a Concert

Take turns picking the band! Introduce each other to your favorite artists. You could also choose to spend some time at a local concert.

13.) Go Berry Picking

During the fall and summer months, spend some time at a local farm picking berries. Then you can end the night making homemade jam or a fruit salad.

14.) Watch a Movie at a Drive-In

There is something really care-free and fun about the retro drive-ins. Find one near you and give it a try. This isn’t like your typical movie experience. You’ll be in your own car so you can watch the movie…or not.

couple at the drive in movies.

15.) Take A Cooking Class

Another really fun weeknight date idea is to take a cooking class together. It’s fun to show up with other couples and all try to learn how to saute onion and make a bone broth.
Then you can take what you learned and use it on future meals.

16.) Buy Toys for Kids That Need Them

Pick a charity and buy toys for the kids there. There are lots of places that accept new toys, like children’s hospitals and emergency shelters. Doing something generous like this will bring you closer together.

17.) Write a Song Together

Even if you aren’t musical, this can be so fun! There are free programs like Garage Band on the mac. You don’t have to be musical or even let anyone else hear it.

18.) Create Scavenger Hunts for each other

Playing games with each other is always fun and exciting. Hide a prize somewhere in your house and create a fun scavenger hunt date for each other to hunt for it.

There are also apps that have scavenger hunts you can play if you don’t have time to create one.

19.) Take A Roadtrip Somewhere New

Be a free spirit and see where the road takes you! Start taking turns and see where you end up. With GPS you are never lost.

Don’t want to go far? Check out our fun Car Dates or Truck Bed Date Ideas if you have a truck!

And don’t forget these fun Road Trip Questions For Couples or Couples Road Trip Games.

man in orange convertible car.

20.) Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching is a way to enjoy a romantic walk together any time of year. There are apps that can identify the birds you see.

21.) Take A Ghost Tour

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is a really fun night time activity to do together. Almost every town has its own ghost tours that you can take. And you’ll learn a little bit of history in the process.

22.) Go to a Baseball Game

This can be as pricy or as cheap as you make it. If you are trying to save money, go watch a little league game. Or you can splurge and go see the nearest major league team.

Baseball is America’s past time for a reason. The cheering, the food, and the cheesy chants. It’s always a ton of fun.
It’s a great sport date for couples.

23.) Do An Escape Room Together

Escape the Room is a great double date idea. And boy will you get to know your partner better. Nothing brings out the “real you” like the stress of solving a puzzle within a certain time.

This is an awesome idea for an indoor date too!

couple posing after an Escape Room Date Night.

24.) Build a Kite and Fly it in the Park

Combine your favorite things with your partner’s and see the artwork come together beautifully.  Then take it all to the park and let it fly! This is a perfect time for a picnic too. A fun park date!

25.) Take a Pottery Class or Paint Pottery Together

Even if neither of you is artistic, a pottery class gives you a chance to try something completely different. Laugh at yourself and don’t take it too seriously. Then at the end of the night, you’ll have something to take home.

A fun artistic date!

26.) Build a Piece of Furniture Together

Something else that will teach you a lot of yourself and each other is building something together. You can either DIY it completely or get a kit from IKEA.

You can also find another project around the house as well, like creating a wine cork backsplash, or dry brushing a piece of furniture like this one.

man putting drawer in desk for date ideas for couples build furniture together.

27.) Decorate Your Own Cupcakes

Bake some cupcakes and buy a bunch of decorating supplies to use. Learn some new techniques from YouTube and try them out. Either take it seriously and challenge yourself to do something difficult or just create something completely free-spirited.

28.) Attend Live Theater

An anniversary date idea that you’ll both love is attending a live theater production. You will have lots to talk about afterward.

29.) Go Camping

Camping is one of those things you either love or you hate, there really isn’t much in between. Talk it about before going and decide that if one of you doesn’t like it at any point, you’ll pack it up and get a hotel.

See these camping ideas for couples.

30.) Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Share this list with each other and make it a point to try something completely random and different together. Open up to your partner about why you’ve never tried it. Face your fears together and trust them to help you through it.

Our fun “out-of-the-box” date idea was climbing a glacier in Iceland!

couple wearing helmets hiking a glacier.

31.) Make a Scrapbook

Print some photos from a trip you took together and remember it in a scrapbook. You could also pre-make one for a future trip you are planning.

32.) Visit a New Coffee Shop

Sure, coffee dates are something almost everyone has done at least once. So elevate beyond the normal and go somewhere you haven’t been before. Then, let your partner order for you and you for them.

33.) Have a Game Night with Friends

Party games are really fun things for couples to do together. Try these fun double date game night ideas!

Tell everyone to bring their favorite snack or drink and you’ll have a really fun night. A great way to have a friendly competition date.

34.) Go Fishing

If neither of you has ever been fishing, this can be a ton of laughs or something you give up and make smores instead. But it’s worth a try, even once.

Couple fishing on this date ideas.

35.) Do a Paint Night

Wine and paint classes are becoming increasingly popular. Search for one near you and take your partner. If you’d rather stay in, buy some canvases and paint and follow a tutorial online.

Or try this awesome DIY Paint & Sip Date Nights at home!

36.) Go Bowling

A bowling date is one of the best things to do on a first date. There is almost no pressure, you can both feel silly in your bowling shoes, and there is plenty of horribly good snack bar food too.

37.) Ride Bikes

When the weather is amazing, take advantage of it! Ride some backs – race each other or take it easy and chat while you pedal. You can event rent some bikes if you don’t own one. Perfect outdoor date idea!

Couple riding bikes.

38.) Take a Carriage Ride Through the Park

Taking a carriage ride is a really cheesy and romantic date night idea. But it’s so delightful to be cheesy and romantic. This is even better during winter months when the streets are decorated for Christmas.

39.) Bake Cookies Together

Dance around the kitchen while you bake some cookies. Don’t just do the break and bake kind – make these cookies from scratch. At the end, you’ll have a really yummy snack too.

Such a sweet, easy date idea.

40.) Visit a Bookstore

Introduce each other to books you loved in high school or as a kid. Or set on a mission to see which of you can find the most random and funny books.

Or do this as a romantic library date.

41.) Go Wine Tasting

Go to a local vineyard or tour a brewery. Sometimes you can find a local musician performing too.

A fun daytime date idea!

2 wine glasses with vineyard behind for a wine tasting date night idea.

42.) Do a Photo Walk

Create a list before you go and try to take pics of everything on that list! You can certainly just use your phones.

But if you want a little challenge, rent a DSLR camera and try to take some professional shots around you.

This could be a fun lunch date idea if you’re short on time.

43.) Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

These only happen certain times a year, but they are so romantic and unforgettable! So take advantage of it when it’s around.

A special luxury date idea for sure!

Happen to be in Orlando? Check out these awesome hot air ballon rides!

hot air balloon getting ready for take off.

44.) Hit the Batting Cages

If one of you is more athletic, teach the other. You can also take it more low-key. Just throw around a baseball or one of you pitch for the other.

45.) Visit a Museum

Museums are educational and relaxing places to go on a date. While you won’t be able to talk very much inside the museum, you’ll have lots to talk about after.

A great Sunday date idea.

46.) Go Swimming on a Rooftop Pool

Some hotels only allow this for hotel guests, so reserve a room then have some fun on the roof! You will feel exhilarated as you swim from so high up.

We found a beautiful rooftop pool in Thulusdhoo Maldives.

47.)  Buy Outfits for Each Other

Really get to know your partner by letting the dress you! You will discover what they like and how they see you.

48.) Visit a New Donut Shop

Bakeries and donut shops are always popping up around town. Find one near you and try something adventurous.

49.) Volunteer

Doing good for others will make you feel so happy! Serve soup at a soup kitchen or stock shelves at a food pantry.

50.) Make a Music Video

Let loose and embrace your silly side together. Do a multi-location music video shoot all around town. Then have a watch party together and be prepared to laugh!

51.) Take Fun Photos Together

Let go of your insecurities and take some fun pictures together. This is a way to learn to love yourself and it will make you even more intimate with your partner too.

52.) Sing Karaoke

Singing karaoke is another way to let go of insecurities! If you are one of those lucky people with a fantastic singing voice, then share with your love on your date.

53.) Eat at a Food Truck

Yes, it is technically dinner, but it is outside and you can walk around and talk after you get your food. Stroll around and talk about your day and your upcoming plans while eating something totally greasy.

Red "Lobsta truck" food truck. Food Truck Date Night.

54.) Take a Dancing Class

Some parks and recreation offices offer them for free or almost free. No matter where you take a class, learning to dance together is also a way of discovering more about each other’s personalities. Who is more stubborn? Which of you has more insecurities about messing up?

55.) Write a Story or Play Together

Indulge in your imaginative sides and write a short story or a play. You can also act out the play at the end of the night!

56.) Exercise

When you exercise you release endorphins and feel happier! So take a class or go for a jog together. An active date is always a good idea!

57.) Go on A Picnic

Plan a picnic with your favorite foods. Eating outside in nature is a cheap and fun date idea. Look for romantic parks nearby. Ones with trees and seclusion.

Try some of these unique picnic date ideas.

58.) Learn an Instrument Together

One of the best ways to grow close to someone is to learn something together. Playing an instrument can lead to random jam sessions at night.

59.) Go to A Football Game

Football games are classic American fun times. Revisit your youth by going to a high school football game or take a road trip and watch your favorite college team play.

60.) Visit Local Historic Spots

Every single area in this country has something historic about it. Research the history of your town and go see and photograph the markers. Talk about what you think happened here and what it was like to live here.

The US Capital, Washington D.C. is a great spot to find awesome historical sites.

US capitol building.

61.) Create Your Own Mixed Drinks

This next date idea is for anyone that wants to say in! Become mixologists. Experiment with flavors, fruits, and liquors and see who can make the best tasting drink.

62.) Shoot Pool

Shooting pool is a really relaxed and casual date idea. You don’t have to get dressed up and there aren’t any expectations. You can just chill out and spend time together.

63.) Research Each Other’s Geneology

Grab a cup of coffee and a computer and begin researching each other’s genealogy. Which of you is royalty? Which one has family that came over from Ellis Island? There are so many tools online that make this research simple.

This could even work as a fun FaceTime date if you’re long distance.

64.) Indulge in Dessert at a Local Bakery

Do this instead of dinner for a little extra silliness! What is a treat you haven’t had in a while? Order it! A dessert date is one of my favorites!

plate of almond rocca on a counter.

65.) Go Dancing

It doesn’t have to be a club. You could also just go to a country bar and try line dancing!

66.) Watch TED Talks and Discuss What You Learned

Pick out something and agree to learn about what interests the other person. Then at the end, discuss what you learned, liked, or didn’t like from it. Another good long distance date idea.

67.) Make Your Own Candles

Have a fun DIY Date night. After you are finished you’ll have something with which to decorate your home. You’ll also have something to give as DIY gifts to your friends and family.

68.) Make a Bonfire

Tell scary stories around the fire. Maybe talk about what made you fall in love with them for the first time. If you can’t have a fire in your backyard, go to a local campground and build one.

Man making a fire in a fire pit, Date idea night bonfire.

69.) Plan a Surprise Trip for Your Partner

This can be as simple as a bed and breakfast at a nearby town or as involved as a flight to a new state.

Add this to your breakfast date ideas!

70.) Try a New Ethnic Restaurant

Yes, it is eating out, but when you try something you’ve never tried before, you’ll make memories that you will never forget!m

71.) Visit an Amusement Park

An amusement park date is full of adrenaline. Ride the rides, eat the food! Have a blast! Going at night will mean fewer lines, less heat, and everything lights up.

72.) Take a Scenic Train Ride

Some even offer mystery train ride experiences. You’ll see parts of the countryside you never saw before.

73.) Get a Couple’s Massage

Getting a couple’s massage will help you let go of everything that is stressing you out or worrying you. After it’s over, keep the relaxed vibes going.

Try this at home spa date night!

74.) Read a Book Together

You can read the same book together or read out loud to each other. Or, you can even read two separate books simultaneously. Sometimes just snuggling together is enough.

75.) Build FroYo for Each Other

Go to your local FroYo shop and build each other a sundae. Then you have to agree to eat whatever you are given.

Or try these fun ice cream date ideas.

ice cream flavors at an ice cream shop.

76.) Visit Local Cemeteries

These are so peaceful. Take time to read the tombstones and come up with what you think their stories were. Another fun thing to do in cemeteries is trying to find the funniest or most odd names.

77.) Go To A Comedy Club

Enjoy a night of laughter at a comedy club. You’ll learn that you either share the same sense of humor or you don’t.

78.) Write Letters to Family

Write letters to your family members, whether they live near you or far away. You can make it more amusing by writing each other letters and mailing them.

79.) Head to Medieval Times

Medieval Times is fun for all ages! You’ll eat with your hands, watch some jousting, and cheer for your knight.

80.) Float Down the River

Floating down the river on inner tubes is one of the most fun adult activities you will find. It’s so relaxing to just chill in the water and let the current pull you along.

a raft full of people on a river.

81.) Create A Playlist from Your High School Tunes

You’ll laugh at old memories together. Did you really like the Spice Girls? Admit it! Then try to mix this playlist together and see how compatible your musical tastes were back then.

82.) Recreate Your First Date

It’s fun to see who remembers what. And one of the most romantic things in the world is to revisit the places where you fell in love.

Haven’t had your first date? Try these awesome first date ideas.

83.) Create Your Own Cookies

Be bold and adventurous! Create your own cookie recipes. You can also bring in some friends and let them taste test them and pick a favorite.

84.) Do Trivia Night At A Local Bar

This can be a fun group date night idea! See who can get the higher score. Winner buys the wings.

text reads "101 awesome date ideas that aren't dinner and a movie".

85.) Listen to A Podcast Together

Turn off the television and sit and listen to a podcast together. There are lots of types out there from true-crime to radio dramas.

86.) Make Jewelry

Go to your local craft store and pick up some jewelry-making supplies. After you are done you can either donate them to a local shelter, try to sell them online, or give them away as DIY gifts.

87.) Watch the Sunset

A romantic sunset date is a perfect idea, If possible find the most scenic place you can, bring some coffee, and sit and watch the sunset. Just relax and let the beauty of the sky fill your heart with happiness.

Turn this into a romantic late night date after the sun goes down.

Sunset on a beach.

88.) Play with Animals At the Local Shelter

They need you as much as you need them! Plus, you’ll find out if you are both pet people or not.

A perfect date for dog lovers.

89.) Go to An Arcade

See if you can win something cheesy. Be competitive or help your partner win the games.

See our arcade date ideas for more.

couple at an arcade date night.

90.) Do Something “Naughty” like Skinny Dipping

It can be so fun and thrilling! Break the rules just once and live to tell the tale! Talk about a sexy date!

91.) Host a House Concert

This isn’t a private date but can be a really fun way to make memories. Find a local musician and pay them to play at your house. Invite your friends for a really fun time.

92.) Go Horseback Riding

Most national parks offer this during the day. Or you can find some stables that let you take a fun afternoon or evening ride.

93.) Take a Dinner Cruise

This experience is worth every dime. Some of them have shows or you can go on the top deck to see the sunset on the water.

94.) Make a Time Capsule

Capture this moment in time in your relationship in a time capsule. Include things about each other and what’s going in the news.

text reads "101 Super Fun Date ideas for couples that aren't dinner and a movie".

95.) Host Your Own Walking Tour of Where You Grew Up

Take them around the neighborhood and to your school and parks. Share some of your favorite memories from when you were a kid.

96.) At-Home Wine and Cheese Night

Try some fancy cheeses that you have never heard of. Buy the expensive crackers and be adventurous with the wine.

97.) Go Ice Skating

Have a romantic ice skating date. There is something romantic about falling into their arms. Try it and laugh if you don’t get the hang of it!

Or make it a roller skating date!

98.) Have a 5 Course Dinner at Different Places

Do appetizers at one restaurant, salad at another, main course at another, and dessert at another and drinks at the last one! Take turns picking them out. By the end, you will be super full and have a really fun story to tell.

99.) Go Stargazing

Use a constellation app to find some beautiful stars for a stargazing date. If you can find a telescope, use it too.

100.) Explore a Nearby City or Town

Everyone has at least one town nearby they haven’t taken time to explore. Spend time driving around the neighborhoods, walking around downtown and visiting local shops.

Or find a town for a beach date.

fountain with lights.

101.) Do a Treasure Hunt At Thrift Shops

Create a silly list and see who can find everything on it first for a date at your local thrift store.

This list can include:

  • Something with polka dots
  • Board game from the 90s
  • Orange shoes
  • Something with cows on it
  • Something from the 1970s.

More Date Ideas

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"101 ideas for date night" with 13 ideas.
"101 date night ideas".

What Makes A Date Fun?

Take these date night ideas and make them your own! Remember, all you need for a fun date is time focusing on each other. So don’t chat with people or spend time on social media while you are on your date. And let loose. Trust the person you are with. Do things you wouldn’t do with anyone else.

"101 awesome date ideas" with list of 25 dates.
"101 awesome date night ideas" with list of 25 ideas.
"101 awesome date night ideas" with list of 25 ideas.

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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