50 Fun Halloween Date Ideas: Halloween Activities For Couples

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This Halloween season, why not spend some quality time with your loved one with one of these fun halloween date ideas? And we don’t mean sitting on the couch just watching Halloween movies every day.

We’re talking about doing something fun and memorable together for your Halloween Dates! Whether you’re looking for a date to take place the month leading up to Halloween or on Halloween night itself, there are plenty of creative date ideas that can be done!

Halloween Date Ideas

Here are 40 ideas for couples who want to do something different this Halloween: 

1) Take Some Kids You Know Trick-or-Treating Together

If you’re looking for something fun to do together on the night of Halloween, how about taking some kids around the neighborhood to score some candy!

If you don’t have kids, you can give your friends or family members the night off if they don’t want to take the kids out, or find a friend who has to work Halloween night and take their kids for the night!

2) Halloween Fright Night at an Amusement Park

What better way to enjoy Halloween than spending some quality time with your loved one at a Halloween theme night at a park? If you want to make this date night even more special, plan ahead and buy the early bird tickets to try to get a discount! 

Framing Halloween as a nighttime event gives it a more creepy romantic vibe that’s perfect for couples, so be sure to visit the Halloween-themed haunted houses together or take a ride on the roller coaster of your choice, and cling to each other all night long!

3) Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party with your partner is an excellent way to spend a Halloween themed night.  If you need help with what to do, you can make it a dance party, have a costume contest, karaoke, or play some fun games like: Halloween charades, Halloween scavenger hunt, Halloween party trivia, Halloween pictionary.

In addition to games, have a designated sweets table filled with Halloween treats and drinks. The best part about hosting a party is being able to dress up in your favorite costume! If you want to take this idea a step further and do something really special for your partner this year, ask them what their favorite Halloween costume would be and find a costume that matches. You can even make your own DIY Halloween costumes together like this Minion costume DIY.

4) Go Trick-or-Treating Together

Another Halloween idea is to go Trick-or-Treating together! If you’re looking for an excuse to dress up in Halloween costumes or just want to get into the Halloween spirit, Halloween Trick-or-Treating is a great option! 

Make it even more fun and dress up in theme with your family. Check out these Halloween costume ideas for a family of 4 for some fun ideas.

5) Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for fun Halloween date idea that will be low cost but still feel like a special date night, consider hosting an at-home Halloween scavenger hunt! 

Make sure you purchase Halloween themed prizes so that your reward system is set up.  Halloween movie marathons, Halloween treats and Halloween candy are all excellent gift ideas for the winners.

The Halloween scavenger hunt can be set up in a number of different ways: 

a) Split your list into two separate lists so that you can see who is more creative or better at finding things on Halloween night.

b) Make one list and find the items together as you walk around your neighborhood or town. 

6)  Halloween Dinner and a Movie

A Halloween dinner date is an excellent Halloween activity for those who just want to spend time with their partner without having to dress up. 

Start your evening by going out on Halloween night and finding the perfect Halloween themed restaurant! Then, head home afterwards and make some of your favorite Halloween themed recipes together: Halloween cupcakes, Halloween cookies, Halloween cake or Halloween themed dinner recipes. 

7) Halloween Costume Party

Another Halloween date idea is to attend a Halloween costume party with your significant other! Halloween parties can be hosted at bars, so be sure that you choose one according to your preferred tastes. If you’re not 21, stick to local restaurants and coffee shops for your Halloween night out. 

If this isn’t an option in your town, consider hosting your own Halloween party together with some of your closest friends! Halloween games are a great option for Halloween parties. 

8)  Visit a Halloween Haunted House (if you’re into that type of thing!)

Halloween haunted house is Halloween date ideas for those who want to spend Halloween night doing something more thrilling. This Halloween activity should only be chosen if one of you isn’t scared easily, since a lot of the fun in going through a Halloween haunted house comes from scaring each other! 

9) Halloween Bake-Off

If Halloween haunted houses aren’t for you, Halloween bake-offs are an excellent alternative. Halloween baking is a great way to spend Halloween night and the best part about Halloween desserts is that there’s no limit on how many treats you can eat! If your significant other has a favorite Halloween candy or Halloween themed recipe, consider asking them what they want to make. Halloween baking is a great Halloween date idea for those who just want to spend Halloween night at home together. 

10) Halloween in a New City

Another Halloween date idea is to go Halloween exploring with your partner! Halloween is the perfect time of year for sightseeing, so hop into your car and drive around town until you find some spooky Halloween decorations. If you’re not from the area where you live, this can be an excellent way to get familiar with new Halloween activities and Halloween traditions. Halloween in a new city is an excellent Halloween date idea for those who want to get out of their hometown on Halloween night!

11) Decorating Halloween Houses

Another Halloween date idea is to decorate the outside of a Halloween house together! If you know someone who lives in your neighborhood, they may be more than happy to let you borrow their decorations so that you can put them up on their porch. 

Decorating Halloween houses has been a longstanding tradition for many families around Halloween time, so don’t be afraid to ask around your neighborhood if anyone would like help adding Halloween décor. Halloween decorating is one of the best Halloween date ideas for couples who want something more calm on Halloween night!

12)  Cemetery Tour

Another fun Halloween activity that you can do with your significant other is a cemetery tour.  Walking around a cemetery is a unique Halloween tradition and can make for an excellent Halloween date idea. If you aren’t from the area, consider going on an online search to find local cemeteries that your significant other might be interested in exploring! 

13)   Halloween Murder Mystery

If Halloween haunted houses and cemetery tours aren’t thrilling enough, Halloween murder mysteries are the perfect Halloween date night. Halloween murder mystery is an excellent Halloween activity for those who want to be scared on Halloween! 

14) Campfire Halloween Night

Halloween campfire is Halloween date ideas for those who want to spend Halloween night outside. If it’s too cold or rainy where you live, consider asking your significant other if they’d be interested in hosting a Halloween themed movie night instead! 

15) A Haunted House Tour of Your Town via Car

Another Halloween activity that would make Halloween date ideas for those who want to spend Halloween night outdoors is a haunted house tour of your town via car. If you don’t know where all the Halloween houses are in your area, consider using an online map or even asking around on social media! 

16) Join Your Local Halloween Parade

Halloween parades can be excellent Halloween date ideas for those looking to make Halloween night more unique. Halloween parades are an excellent way to spend Halloween day, so consider asking your significant other if they’d be interested in watching a Halloween parade near you!

17) Spend Halloween Night at the Zoo or Museum Together

If haunted houses aren’t really your thing and you’re not into Halloween parades, Halloween date ideas can be spending Halloween night at the zoo or museum together! Halloween is peak season for zoos and museums, so you might want to call ahead to see if they have any special Halloween activities planned. 

18) Hanging Out with Your Friend’s Family

Another Halloween activity that could make excellent Halloween date ideas for Halloween night is to hang out with your friend’s family. Halloween is an excellent opportunity for friends and families to get together, so consider asking around if you know anyone who would like the company!

19) Halloween Movie Night in Your House

Halloween movie nights can be a fun date idea that involve staying indoors on Halloween night. Halloween movie nights are an excellent Halloween activity for those who don’t want to brave the cold or rain, so consider asking your significant other if they’d be interested in hosting a Halloween night classic like scary movies together inside!

20)  Halloween-Themed Karaoke Night

Halloween karaoke nights can be Halloween date ideas for those who want to spend Halloween day indoors. If you don’t think that your voice is up to par, consider asking around if anyone in the area might like hosting a Halloween themed karaoke night! 

21) Halloween Trivia Game Night

Halloween trivia game nights can be a festive idea for those who want to stay indoors on Halloween night. Halloween trivia games are a great way of spending the day together.  You and your significant other can hosting a Halloween themed trivia night with friends, or find one at a local bar to join. 

22)  Halloween Story Time for Kids

Halloween story time can be Halloween date ideas for those who want to spend Halloween night indoors. Halloween story times are an excellent way of getting children excited about Halloween, so consider asking your significant other if they’d like the company! 

23) Make Your Own Halloween Costume Together

Making a Halloween costume together can be Halloween date ideas for Halloween night. Halloween costumes are an excellent way of getting creative together, so consider asking your significant other if they’d enjoy making their own Halloween costume instead of purchasing one! 

24) Volunteer at a Halloween Event Together

Another Halloween activity that can be fun is to volunteer at a Halloween event together. If you don’t know where Halloween events are in your area, consider looking for Halloween volunteer opportunities on social media or even searching online!

25) Halloween Bowling Night

Halloween bowling nights can be fun Halloween date ideas to spend time together. If you don’t know where any Halloween-themed bowling alleys are in your town, consider asking around if anyone knows of an Halloween-themed night at a bowling alley nearby!

26)  Halloween Carnival

Halloween carnivals can be Halloween date ideas for Halloween night. Halloween festivals are a great way of spending Halloween day together, so consider asking your significant other if they’d like to go out and enjoy the Halloween festival that is taking place in your town! 

Halloween Date Night At Home

27) Spend Halloween at Home Together

Spend a romantic night home together enjoying different Halloween activities. Start a list of movies you can watch, find some fun Halloween desserts to make, and enjoy the night at home together. You can even pass out candy to kids who come knocking!

28) Halloween- Themed Double Date Game Night at Your House

Halloween-themed double date game nights can be so fun for you and your friends who don’t know what to do on the day.  Double date game nights are great Halloween activities for those who want to spend Halloween night indoors with their significant other and a friend! 

29)  Host A Pumpkin Carving Contest

A pumpkin carving contests can be a fun way to spend some time with your friends or family. Invite your couple friends over to join you in carving pumpkins. Halloween themed pumpkin carving contests are a great way of getting creative together. Make it a contest to see who can carve the best, funniest, most creative, and scariest pumpkins!

30) Halloween Bingo Night with Friends or Family

Find a fun Halloween – Themed bingo game to do together. Or make your own Bingo cards and in each square, choose a costume. While handing out candy, mark off which costumes you see that night. First one to get Bingo wins! Or for an even more fun time…try for the Bingo Blackout! (you have to fill in every square!) 

30)  Watch Halloween-Themed YouTube Videos Together

YouTube videos can be a fun activity for spending time with your significant other. Look up fun Halloween-themed videos like prank videos,  Halloween makeup tutorials, or Halloween movie clips and enjoy watching them together!

31)  Halloween Pictionary

Halloween pictionary can be a fun idea to do together. Halloween-themed games are a great way of spending the night together, so plan a night where you each think of fun Halloween themed things to draw and play a game of Pictionary. 

32)  Halloween Charades Night

Another Halloween-themed game can be Halloween charades. Halloween games are a great way of spending the night together, so plan a Halloween themed movie or book and prepare to act it out! 

33) Watch a horror movie marathon at home

Halloween is a holiday that’s best celebrated in Halloween costumes, so start your Halloween date by going shopping! Don’t worry about finding the perfect look, because it’s so much fun to dress up and you can be a character from a movie or a favorite show.

Later on in the afternoon, head home to watch a Halloween horror movie marathon. If you have kids, don’t forget to tell them that they’re forbidden from joining in on the scary movies!

34) Hand Out Candy Together

If you don’t have kids to take Halloween night or do not prefer it, consider asking your significant other and a friend if they’d like the company as you hand out candy door-to-door!

35)  Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween themed photo scavenger hunt could be such a fun date. Come up with a list of things to take pictures of…it can be certain locations, people or objects around town, and see who gets the best photos. Have a rule that you can’t photograph the same thing!

36) Halloween Scavenger Hunt on YouTube

An alternative idea is to make a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt online that you can complete with your partner. Think funniest Halloween dog video, best Halloween makeup, etc.

37) Watch the Original The Nightmare Before Christmas Together

What is Halloween without  Halloween classics? The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great movie for those who don’t like scary Halloween movies. 

Halloween Activities For Couples

38) Go to the Pumpkin Patch Together on Halloween

Go pumpkin picking together. You could also go to a farm that has Halloween activities or hayrides, which are great alternatives to just going straight pumpkin-picking! It’s always better with your partner, right?

39) Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Your Local Mall

Don’t want to go out of town for Halloween night? Halloween scavenger hunts are fun activities you can do inside, especially in the mall. 

40)  Halloween Cardboard Halloween Costume Contest

Find a Halloween-themed cardboard box costume contest at a local mall or store. It can be so much fun to watch people compete and try their best! Or, join in on Amazons annual cardboard box challenge

41) Halloween Scavenger Hunt at the Halloween Store

Some Halloween stores have Halloween-themed scavenger hunts where you can find specific objects or take pictures of store displays. It’s a fun way to spend some time together! 

42)  Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Instead of having everyone come to your house, go door-to-door on Halloween night, and give a special treat to those handing out candy. 

43) Check out the Halloween Store

Halloween stores are a great place to go find costumes, look at decor, etc. You can take your partner out for some Halloween-themed shopping! 

44) Halloween-Themed Bar Crawl/ Tour of Town

If you’re lucky enough to find a town that has Halloween themed bar nights, consider spending some time checking them out together. You can spend Halloween night trying new foods and seeing how many different places you can go for spookier ambiance. 

45) Make Halloween Cookies Together the Week Before Halloween

You can bake together and decorate Halloween cookies if your significant other doesn’t like giving out candy on Halloween night. Halloween cookies can be a lot of fun, and they’re great to share with friends too!

46)   Halloween Party

Halloween parties are a great Halloween date idea, especially if you want to go out on Halloween night. If your significant other isn’t into Halloween or would rather stay in, consider having the Halloween party at home and invite over some friends! 

47) Make Your Own Halloween Costumes Together

Get creative and make your own Halloween costumes together. Find some cute couples costume ideas that you want to do, and go shopping at thrift stores to complete the perfect look!

48) Dress Up Halloween Costumes Together

A fun way to spend Halloween night is dressing up together and going out for dinner. Think of creative Halloween costumes beforehand, or just dress as a ghostbuster and witch! 

49) Halloween Movies at Home

What better than staying home this Halloween? You can rent horror movies that you both want to watch, or even

50) Go to the Halloween Parade Together

If you’re in a big city, there’s probably some kind of Halloween parade going on that will be fun to go watch together. Halloween themed Halloween costumes are always the best part.

Halloween offers a unique and enchanting opportunity to bond with loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Embrace the spooky spirit of the season by exploring these thrilling date ideas that go beyond the traditional trick-or-treating or costume parties.

Whether you and your partner embark on a ghostly adventure, share a cozy night in with spooky movies, or tap into your creative sides with pumpkin carving, these date ideas are sure to infuse your Halloween with magic and excitement.

Happy Halloween!

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