Double Date Ideas: Best Double Date Night Games For Couples

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Staying at home for another date night and want more date ideas? Make it more exciting and invite your couple friends over for these Double Date Games To Play together for a stay at home date night!

double date games to play

Once you get into a relationship, you might notice that you want to spend more time with your friends who are also in relationships. It’s understandable—sometimes it’s just more fun when there aren’t any third-wheels! Double dates are an awesome way to hang out with other couples and always be an even number. This is especially important in games where you need to have teams! And couples game night is one of our favorite date ideas to do. Sure you could play more 2-player games for couples, but it could be more fun to have some other couple friends join in.

If you have been wondering what to do during your next meetup, here are our top double date games to play!

Charades! On Your Phone

Charades! is such a fun app that will have you dancing, singing, and acting out clues depending on which category you choose. This app is free (at the time of publishing this article) and has over 100 categories for you to play. Split up into teams, couples vs. couples, or men vs. women and see who comes out on top.

Choose from categories like;
-Songs of the 80’s : where you have to hum or sing the lyrics without singing the title of the song.
-Act It Out : which is your traditional Charades game
-Blockbuster Flicks : Explain the movie plot without saying any characters or the title.
-Dance Moves : Get your team to guess the name of the dance by dancing.


Charades probably needs no introduction, but this game is all about miming. You draw a word and have to act it out in a way that your partner can correctly identify what that word was. You have to do all this without making any sounds or giving hints. This is another great double date game that will make you cry with laughter. Try and get creative in your actions so you get as many words possible in a round. This is a fun way to test whether a couple has any skills in telepathy, too! Some people can quickly identify the word just because of how well they know their partner.

double date couples playing a card game

If the Shoe Fits

This is a cheeky game to test how well you actually know each other as partners. You remove your shoes and hand one to your partner and vice versa, so that you have physical representations of each person. Next, you sit back-to-back so you can’t see each other or your answers. Someone else will begin asking you questions like, “Who is more likely to win Jeopardy?”. You then hold up the shoe of the person you think the description or question fits. This game can create a lot of laughter, especially when the couple disagree and try to explain themselves. It is a simple game but still provides great entertainment. 

Lip-Sync Battle

It started as a T.V. show a few years ago where celebrities take to the stage and perform songs all while lip-syncing them. It can be incredibly entertaining, especially when they are doing such a good job that you can’t even tell they aren’t singing! Try it out during your double date to see who can perform the best. You can hold tournaments or team battles and perform multiple songs throughout the night. Just make sure that you only select songs that you know by heart, otherwise you might slip up and lose the round. This can be so entertaining, especially when someone puts on a show and dances around while they sing. 

If you don’t want to lip-sync you can always just sing karaoke too! Belting out together to your favorite songs can be so cathartic and fun, especially if everyone is terrible at singing!

couples singing karaoke on a couch

Funny/Risqué Games

Pair game night and drinking night together, and you’ll have the formula for an interesting and hilarious double date.

We recommend trying these games for your double date game night:

-Telestrations After Dark: This game is better with a few friends. It’s a game of telephone, but with drawings. The first person draws the clue and passes it to their neighbor. The second player writes down their guess of what the drawing is, and passes it to the next neighbor. The third person draws what the second person guessed.

When the drawing pad gets back to you, flip through to show the group what the actual clue evolved into. Lots of laughs in this game.

-Cards Against Humanity: This is more of an adult version of Apples to Apples. One player draws a card and reads the clue, while each of the other players choose a card from their hand that is the best match for the clue. The first player reads all the cards aloud and decides which clue they like the best.


Why not test your knowledge and see who knows the most random information? You can create themed trivia games too, like celebrity or history ones, so everyone has the chance to feel like a genius. Either team up with your partner or fight against them on a separate team! You might find that you enjoy it so much that it becomes a regular activity—you can even create a team and attend trivia nights! It is a great double date game to play that requires little effort. There are so many different apps or websites that you can visit to find questions already prepared.

Nintendo Games

You can’t go wrong with playing a round of video games! The Nintendo Switch is probably the most popular console today, but you can also use the Wii if you still have one. Nintendo games are always great to play with friends and family, so they are perfect for your double date. You can either go solo and play every man for himself, or pair up into teams to try and beat the others. Mario Kart is the most classic and popular game; you’ll always have fun when you play it. Why not try out Super Smash Bros. as well? It can take a moment until you get the hang of it and know what the controls do, but battles are always super fun to play. 

You could even play Wii sports competitions! Although it is a little older it still can be a fun activity. Competition is a great way to get the mood amped up and make people relax, even more so when there is physical activity involved. 


Scattergories is the game of creativity and quick thinking! Roll the die to get your letter and then start the timer. You only have a limited time to write down as many words as you can that begin with that specific letter. You can split up into teams, play solo, or just do it as one big group for fun. People can get really imaginative and remember the weirdest words when they are stressed about time! It is also fun to see who can come up with the longest word. This game is a great brain teaser and doesn’t even need any supplies. You have a timer on your phone so you could just randomly call out letters to start playing.


The classic double date game, Pictionary has been known to cause a lot of laughter! You are split into teams and aim to earn the most points in order to win the game. You pull a card and then have to draw that thing on a whiteboard so that your partner can correctly guess it. Some people are really terrible artists, which makes the game even more fun! Frustration can be high when you are losing and are struggling to get points. It is a fun and easy double date game to play—all you need is pen and paper to successfully play this game.

There is no shortage of games to play when you are on a double date, so you should never be sitting there bored and wondering what to do! Try any of these activities to get your competition on and cry your eyes out from laughter. 

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