Games For Couples: Best 2-Player Games For Date Night

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Everyone loves game night. It usually consists of a group of friends getting together and playing an array of the usual board game favorites over some snacks and drinks. But what if you and your spouse want to play together as a way to have quality bonding time for your date idea that week? You’ll have to find great games for couples to play together.

Fun Games For Couples To Play Together. Perfect At Home Date!

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Introducing the following 2-player game night ideas specifically for couples. These ideas are will offer creative alternatives to the usual board games in the majority of homes to create greater intimacy and connection between the two of you. Perfect date night for two!

Games For Couples That Just Need The Two Of You…

Staring Contest 

You probably played this one growing up, but you can turn this into a sexy game with your spouse. Spend this time staring into each other’s eyes, and first to look away loses.

The Quiet Game

Another great game parents love…play the quiet game together. Except this one has a twist…you’re not allowed to talk or make any sounds, but you can definitely do some physical things to each other to make the other person talk or make noise first. Use your imagination with this one!

20 Questions: Couples Style

In this game, you’ll take turns asking your partner 20 personal questions. These can be things about their childhood, your relationship, their dreams, whatever questions you can come up with.

This game is great for learning new things about your significant other.

Scrabble pieces spell "I (heart) U" for games for couples

Two Truths & A Lie

In this game, each of you will take turns telling each other 2 things that are true, and one thing that is a lie. Your partner has to guess which one is the lie.

This is another great game to get to know someone a bit better, but can be perfect for all couples, no matter how long you’ve been together.


Get back to the basics of game night and play a game of charades together. You can both come up with a theme or topic and go from there. Act out the clues without talking or sounds and have your partner guess.

Pitch Perfect Couples Game

If you’ve seen the movie “Pitch Perfect” then you’ll know this game. One partner starts off by singing a song, and the next partner has to come up with a song that starts with the last word partner 1 sang.

Partner 2 will interrupt Partner 1’s song with a new song starting with the last word…

Partner 1: “Billie Jean, is not my lover…she’s just a girl who claims that I am the ONE…”

Partner 2: “ONE way or another, I’m gonna find you…”

How Well Do You Know Me?

In this game, you will ask random questions and answer them about one another.
You can use “would you rather” questions, trivia questions or the 20 questions to play this game.

See which partner knows the other better.

Games for Couples To Play Together

Playing games together as a couple is a great cheap date idea and it’s lots of fun staying home and enjoying each others company while being a little competitive.
Here’s our list of great games for couples to play together:

Escape Room In A Box

Escape room in a box games have caught on like wildfire in recent times. Traditionally you get locked in a room and then have a time limit in which to escape by solving puzzles (both physical and mental in nature).

With various varieties of escape room in a box games available for purchase online, you can easily take this fun concept into your home and play it with your partner. You can even check out Alexa’s Free escape room game here.

Here are some of our favorite Escape Room Games for couples to play at home:

The Spouse Scattergories Game – Games For Couples

The Spouse Scattergories game asks each partner to answer various questions, the trick being that those answers must begin with a certain letter. The traditional game calls for creative answers and now in this couples edition, you will need to up your game and make those clever answers relate to your spouse!  

Again, this printable game can easily be sourced from Pinterest and blogs which you can print and prepare at home. 

Romantic Games For Couples

Sometime playing games can get a bit competitive…but have you tried playing games for some extra sexy time? These romantic games are great for building intimacy and enjoying some real quality time together.

Couple’s Truth or Dare Couples Edition

Truth or dare couples edition is as simple as downloading free games cards which can be sourced easily online or from Pinterest and then printed and cut out at home. 

This couples edition is no different from the standard Truth and Dare game except that it offers truths and dares that are couple-appropriate. With this said, you are encouraged to read through all the cards prior to playing to make sure that there isn’t anything potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable for either partner.

After all, the objective of these games is to build connection and intimacy, not to embarrass anyone in the bedroom! 

If you’d rather play a game that already has the Truth or Dare questions, try these different versions of Truth or Dare for Couples:

The Intimate Recipe Book

The intimate recipe book sounds exactly like what it is…a bedroom recipe book of sexy ideas for couples. 

You can either create your own or you can download a free printable online.

Create an intimate recipes book with activities that you can both enjoy to mix things up in the bedroom. Each recipe provides a list of ingredients and directions to work up a good appetite (if you know what I mean?!).

Talk Flirt Dare

Talk, Flirt, Dare is a fun game that can be played with just the two of you, or even at a party. There are 3 decks of cards included, and each one is used for different reasons.

The Talk cards are great for conversation and connection, trying to see how well you really know each other.

The Flirt Cards encourages flirting and closeness by revealing some of your secrets, mainly about each other.

The Dare Cards have fun and flirty dares for each other.

It’s 3 games in 1 and you can mix up the cards or play just one deck at a time.

Strip Poker…Or Strip Any Game

Strip Poker is always the first strip game that comes to mind, but you can make any game a stripping game with your spouse. Loser has to take off a piece of clothing until the game is over.

Fun Games For Couples

If you’re looking for a great stay at home date night, try one of these fun games to play together at home!

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Play a “real life” Sherlock Holmes in this Consulting Detective game! Solve clues and riddles to solve the mystery.

There are 10 different cases for you to solve in each game. We have seen three different versions of it, and know each one is just as fun as the next! This is a great game for couples to play and solve together.

Hive- Games For Couple

Hive is a 2-player game that takes strategy to be the first to capture the other partners Queen Bee.

It’s a quick game play, so you can play while you’re bored at home, and do several rounds when you want it to go longer.

Escape: The Curse Of The Temple

Ok, we know this sounds like an Escape Room in a box, but it’s really a board game, and easily played with 2 players or more. Escape: The Curse Of The Temple looks like an Indiana Jones kind of deal, and it’s only one of many different variations of the game. There is also an Escape: Zombie City version, and Escape: Quest Expansion Cards as well.

Codenames: Duet 

Codenames is a fun game to play with the family, but they came out with a two-player game called Codenames: Duet, so you can play as a couple.

Try to get your partner to guess the card by giving one word clues.

“Never Have I Ever”

This is a famous drinking game, where one person says “never have I ever…” and says something that they have never done. If someone else has done it, they drink.

You go around in a circle taking turns to come up with “never have I ever’s”. This could be a fun couples game for those trying to get to know each other better.

Games For Married Couples 

How well do you really know your spouse? Sure, you’ve been together for 20 years, but there’s a lot you can learn with some of these fun games for married couples.


Spouse-ology is a game perfect for couples, but especially newlyweds. This version takes on similarities of the old game show “The Newlyweds” where each partner competes to see who really knows each other best.

There are “approximately 1000 questions in 4 categories (Romance, House & Home, Finances, and Past, Present & Future)”. This game would be tons of fun for an intimate date night at home, getting to compete and learn a bit about each other.

We still think it’s great for any couple, no matter how long you’ve been together!

TableTopics Game For Couples

This game is a great way to start fun conversations when you just don’t know what to talk about. Are you bored with the work and house talk? Try out this TableTopics Game for Couples to help you have more meaningful and fun conversations together.

TableTopics also has a couple different versions depending on who you want to play with. We like TableTopics To Go Road Trip, TableTopics Happiness, and TableTopics Girls Night Out too.

Click here to see all the different versions of TableTopics.

Marital Bliss 

Marital Bliss takes games for couples to a whole new level. This one is actually played all week long, and it’s a game showing you how to love your spouse better.

You’ll each get cards to do your “missions” for the week, and you have to do these in secret. Examples are “rub your partners feet”, “bring in the groceries”, and “prepare your partners toothbrush”.

If your partner calls you out on it saying “Is that your mission?” and it is…you don’t get the points.
But, if you accomplish them in secret, you’ll earn the amount of points written on the card.

Compete to see who can get the most points by the end of the week, and the winner gets to be the “king or queen for the day”. Check out Marital Bliss here.

Do You Know Your Husband? Do You Know Your Wife? 

How well do you really know your husband? Or how well do you really know your wife?

This is actually a book that can be a game, and has 100 questions for you to answer about your husband or wife.

Click Here for the “How Well Do You Know Your Husband?” book.
Click Here for the “How Well Do You Know Your Wife?” book.

Game For Engaged Couples

For the couples who aren’t married just yet, they also have a “How Well Do You Know Your Bride?” and “How Well Do You Know Your Groom?” editions that would be perfect for a bridal shower, engagement, or bachelorette party gift.

Best Games For Couples

Finding 2-player games can be difficult at times, so when you’re at home, you’ll want to have two player games ready so you can play them as a couple. Here are some of the best games that can be played with 2 players. Game Nights are always the perfect rainy day activity too!


Another word game for couples is Boggle. It comes with lettered dice and a tray with a lid.
Shake all the dice around until each shows a letter. Then you try to make as many words as you can from those letters before the time runs out. 


Bananagrams is a perfect travel game you can take anywhere, and is also perfect for two players.
Similar to Scrabble, you have lettered tiles and try to rearrange your words in a crossword formation. The difference is, you build on your own, and not together. It’s a fun fast paced game that would be a great addition to your list. 


The game all about balance and patience, Jenga is a great game for couples. Stack your Jenga tower as high as you can, by pulling out a piece from the tower. 

Each piece you pull, the tower gets more wobbly until it eventually falls. The person who touches the block last before it falls loses. 


A good ol’ classic game of dominoes would also be a great game for couples. Try to find different rules to play dominoes and get creative with special types of rules you can use together. 

You can also play Mexican Dominoes or do stacking dominoes to make them all fall over in a really cool train.

Best Board Games For Couples: The Classics

Of course you always have the classic games that couples can play together. Here are some of the popular favorites: 


Monopoly might sound a bit tedious, as you probably remember how long each game would take when you played in the past.

But, thanks to some new Monopoly versions, there are so many great games you can play that have the same idea, but are totally different.

We have several favorites like Monopoly Ultimate Banking, Monopoly Cheaters Edition, and Monopoly F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Edition.

There are also so many different versions of monopoly you can check out depending on your favorite show, movies, sports teams, countries, etc.
See all the different versions you can play here.


Scrabble is a great 2-player game you can play as a couple. This game is great up to 4 players, but we actually really enjoy it with two. 

There are also versions of this game that are similar to original scrabble that you might want to check out as well. 



Twister Scrabble


Battleship was a very popular game when we were growing up, and it’s still fun today.

A great game of strategy and guessing. Check out Talking Battleship for an even more interactive experience.


Chess is probably one of the most iconic games for two players that you think of immediately. 

It’s always fun to go back to the basics and play the games you learned and loved when you were younger. 


If you’re not really a chess fan, you can always try Checkers. It’s similar, but a lot easier, as the pieces move one way and there aren’t very many rules.


Mancala is a fun game that takes a bit of strategy, but once you get it, it’s a piece of cake. 

This game is easy to set up and play, and you can play several rounds in one sitting.

Check out the Mancala game rules to learn how to play.  


If you’re looking for a fun dice game, Yahtzee is it!
You can play with 2 players and work to get the highest score before the game ends.


Rummikub is a game that is played with tiles. You try to get all your numbers in a sequence or group and be the first to lay all your tiles out.
It’s a great game that can be played with 2-players.


Blokus is for up to 4 players, which we actually think works best, so if you’re up for hosting a Couples Game Night, this would be the double date game to play. 

However, it is possible to play with 2 players, and if you create your own rules, by playing 2 different colors, it can be that much more competitive. 
Or, check out the new 2-player version of Blokus here!

The premise is simple: Try to lay out all your pieces on the board before the room runs out…while your partner will try to “block” you throughout the game. 

Ticket to Ride

There are many different versions of the game “Ticket To Ride”, and we have heard nothing but great things about this game.

Recommended to us from our couple friends, Ticket To Ride is a strategy game working on building your own train routes throughout the game. You can play the game featured in several different countries. See all the Ticket To Ride Games available here.


For a fun word game and thinking quickly on your feel, Scattegories is the game for you. Roll the dice to see what letter you play for each round.

You’ll be given a card with topics, and you have to come up with an answer for each topic beginning with the chosen letter. Finish them all before the time runs out!

Card Games For Couples

If you have a deck of cards, you have hundreds of different games to play. But we also like card games that have some more fun to them as well. Here are some fun games for couples played with cards.

Playing games at home is also a great date for teens!

Would You Rather? Card Game

This silly game is for older teens and adults. Each player gets asked a question about what they would rather do.

The cards can have random pairings, evil options, and can be provocative as well. Play the game with the cards provided, or make up your own game, and play your own version.  See “Would You Rather” Card Game here!

Exploding Kittens 

Exploding Kittens is a super strange game that was actually the highest funded game ever in Kickstarter. It’s a card game of strategy and a lot of luck.

If you’re looking for a new odd and quirky game, you might want to check this one out.

Dare Duel

Dare Duel is another version of Truth or Dare, but it helps you come up with the best dares for each other. This game can be anything you make it…cute and flirty, or sexy and naughty.

Each card gives you words to help you come up with the dare for your partner. It’s a great way to help you be creative and watch each other do each dare before the time runs out.


Rack-O is a fun strategy game played with cards and a “rack”. It’s great for two players and can be a ton of fun. 

It’s also another game that’s fairly fast paced and can be played several times in one sitting. Definitely a fun one to check out.

Games For Couples Online

It’s not always easy to have all these games stored at your house, and if you’re apart and looking for activities to do in a Long Distance Relationship, you might want to find games that are online that you can play together. Here are some examples for you to check out…

Dual Player Video Games

Playing video games is something which has even caught on with women these days. With a large amount of dual player video games readily available, the options are plenty and it offers a unique spin of the traditional game night for couples. 

Add some snacks and drinks to the mix and you have a winning combination. 

Games For Couples App

Playing games on your phone is an easy way to find some connection when you are apart as well. There are lots of great apps that have fun games for couples to play together wherever they are. Some you can even play together at home. And it would be a perfect free date idea too!

Heads Up!

“Heads Up!” is one of my favorite games on this list, and its a perfect game to play with 2 players. 

Since it’s a game that can be played on your phone, we also like to take it with us on the go, or while traveling as well. Any time you’re bored and waiting in line, bring out the game “Head’s Up!” to make the waiting less boring.  

In this game, you’ll be given a clue on your phone, but you won’t be able to see it. Put your phone on your forehead facing your partner, and your partner has to give you clues to make you guess the correct answer. 

You can choose which category you want your clues to be from, so you can have answers that fit your preferences.

Click here for the App on Google Play

Click here for the App in Apple iTunes

More Options For Games For Couples

Madlibs- Games For Couples

Another fun game to play on the go, or at home is Madlibs. To play this game, you need a story to fill out.

You will fill out all the blanks with verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc. depending on what the blank is asking you for.

After you filled out all the blanks, you can read the story together and hear what a hilarious story it has become thanks to your silly fill-in-the blanks. 

Crossword Puzzles

Working together on the daily crossword is a fun way to play games for couples as well. Try to put your heads together to guess all the clues and finish the puzzle. 

Playing games for couples together is the perfect date night for when you want to lay low, stay home, and enjoy the evening together. There’s always some friendly competition, and you can even find games where you can both work together.


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