Open When Letters: Ideas To Add In Your Open When Letter Gifts

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Have you seen the cute open when letters floating around Pinterest? We absolutely love this idea that can be used for so many different ideas. So we wanted to share a list of awesome open when letter ideas you can add to your beautiful gift. 

I did this years ago when my sister moved away to college, and she enjoyed every single one. 

Open When Letters He Will Love

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Open When Letters can be used for a gift for your significant other, for a military member who is being deployed, for a newly engaged bride, or soon-to-be mom. These letters can be gifted to almost anyone. 

They are perfect for any long distance relationship or for someone you won’t see for a while. 

The Open When gift is a perfect way to stay connected and make the distance not seem so far away. It’s also a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving. 

What Are Open When Letters?

Open When letters are letters you write to someone and you tell them exactly when they should open each letter. 

This gift is typically a series of letters that have instructions on the outside of when the recipient should open each letter from you.

Open when letters are personalized to the recipient and should be specific and generic letters mixed together. Such as “open when you’re happy” or “open when you get the promotion”, etc.

Try personalizing the letters to your special someone according to what is coming up in their lives.

Pink envelopes for open when letters

What Do You Write In The Open When Letters?

The fun part about this Open When gift, is that you can make it anything you want it to be. If you want the gift to be sweet letters, you can write a letter for every envelope you put in the box.

Or, you can go one step above, and add small gifts, gift cards, and fun treasures for them to enjoy that are themed to each envelope.

You can even purchase these Open When envelopes below!

How Do You Put An Open When Package together? 

Every Open When gift is different. We suggest adding between 10-20 Open When letters in each package depending on how long they will be gone. 

And you can add gifts, boxes, envelopes, whatever you want, and package them together in a box to give them as their gift. 

Do Open When Letters have to be in the same envelopes?

Not at all! That’s the fun part about this gift, you get to make it entirely your own creation! So get creative and find fun personal ways to make this gift extra special. 

colorful envelopes open when letter ideas

Open When Letter Ideas

Open When…NOW

This will be your first letter that has all the instructions of how to navigate through each letter. In this letter, you’ll add your “Open When Rules”.

Come up with your own rules about how many they are allowed to open each day or week, and what they have to do when they open it…(FaceTime you, send a picture, etc.)

Open When You’re Happy 

Yay, they are happy, and that makes you happy. Write a sweet note about how them being happy makes you happy and put some happy photos in to make them even more happy.

Open When You Need A Reminder of How Awesome You Are

If they’re opening this envelope, they’re probably feeling down. Write a letter about all the things you think are awesome about them.

Open When You Can’t Sleep

This is a great chance to add some small gifts inside like a face mask, lavender oil, or a small book they can read to entertain themselves until they get tired enough to fall asleep.

Open When You Are Celebrating 

Whatever they may be celebrating, you can be celebrating with them. Add a picture of you celebrating, a balloon, confetti, etc.

Open When You Need To Laugh

In this letter, you can tell them a funny inside story you have that will make them remember a funny memory you have together.

Add lots of bad “dad jokes” or a small joke book for them to enjoy and laugh when they need it.

Open When You’re Feeling Sad 

This is the perfect time to help make them happy. Try to think of things that make them happy.

You can include pictures of puppies, a mixed CD of their favorite music, a hug from you, etc.

envelopes with stamps that say love

Open When You’re Hungover

Make them a recovery kit. Add a couple aspirin, some sunglasses, or a Emergen-C packet.

Open When You Need Help Making A Big Decision 

Write a letter about how they are capable of making decisions and how they can be confident in choosing what to do. Add a piece of paper with your phone number if they want to discuss it with them.

And for good measure, add a coin in case they decide to flip for it!

Open When You’re Feeling Lonely 

Write a beautiful letter about how you are always there when they need you.

Include photos of you together, and some photos of them with their loved ones as well, so they can see the big group of people who are there by their side when needed.

Open When You Need A Hug

Send them a big ol’ hug! Cut out two large arms to make a pop out card with you face in the middle, or send Hersey’s “hugs” in the envelope.

You can even send a photo of you trying to hug the camera.

Open When We Are Fighting 

Long distance can be really tough on relationships, so if you ever end up in a fight, this is the letter you want them to open.

Write a letter of all the reasons why you still love them when you’re mad, and write some memories you have of each other that will make you realize your fight is not worth it.

Open When You’re Worried

Help ease their worries with a letter about taking a breath and realizing they have nothing to be worried about. You can add pick me up quotes or scriptures that remind them not to worry.

Open When You Need A Pick Me Up 

Sometimes we all just need a little pick me up in our day. This is a great one to add a gift card to their favorite coffee place, ice cream, or smoothie joint.

It can be a small amount, enough to get them a quick treat for their day.

Open When It’s A Rainy Day 

Rainy days tend to make us stuck inside and bored. Add a list of fun things they can do on a rainy day, or all the rainy day date ideas you want to do with them when you are together again.

Open When You’re Getting Sick 

In this card, you’ll want to include all the things they might need when they are first feeling sick. Add cough drops, vitamin C packets, and tissues.

Write a note about how you hope they feel better fast, and include a Redbox code for them to use while they’re stuck in bed for the day.

Open When You Need A Massage

If you’re really looking to gift them something awesome, give them a gift card to a local massage place so they can fully relax.

Or, you can send some icy hot or lotion in this one. You can also add a head massager like this one, and some stretching instructions for them.

Open When You’re Feeling Jealous

Sometimes they can get jealous of all the people who don’t have to be away from each other, or jealous of the people who get to spend time with you when they can’t.

Write a letter telling them how much they mean to you and how you’ll both get to be together soon.

envelopes and letters with coffee mug and string for open when gift ideas

Open When You’re Missing Me 

This one can probably be opened every day that they are gone from you.

Add your phone number to a piece of paper, so they can call or FaceTime you right away!

Put a few photos of you and photos of the two of you together, with a note about what they should do to not miss you.

Open When You Feel Romantic

Fill this letter with all the lovey dovey hearts, candies, and cheesy love gifts.

Write a love letter to them so they can read, and send a blank piece of paper for them to send you one back!

Open When You Need A Date Night

Sometimes date nights are hard when you’re apart. But, you can still have date nights!

Write down what the date night idea is, and be sure you can both do it together on the same day. It could be as simple as watching the same movie that day, cooking a meal together on FaceTime, or playing a couples game together on your phones.

Open When You Accomplish A Goal

Send all your celebration gifts in here! Send a balloon to inflate, a ribbon that says congratulations, or some confetti to toss.

Open When I Did Something Stupid

There’s a chance you can both be upset or annoyed at each other while you’re apart. If they are upset, make sure they have a letter to read of you showing how sorry you are for hurting them.

Open When You’re Angry or Upset

We all have those off days, so when they have a bad day and they are angry or upset, they can open this letter to find a sweet note of a reminder that it isn’t so bad and nothing is forever.

You can also add your number for them to call so they can vent to you about what they are so upset about.

Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You

This is the perfect “open when letter” to add an actual love letter to your partner. Send photos of yourself, and compare how much you love them to something else you love so much…

“I love you more than chocolate” or “I love you more than tacos!”

Open When Your {Sports} Team Wins 

On the other hand, it’s always fun to celebrate your team winning! You can add stickers of their team, some pom-poms of their teams colors, or something that they can represent team spirit.

Open When Your {Sports} Team Loses

Having our sports team lose is never fun. But when they open this letter, it should be something to cheer them up after a tough loss.

Add some motivational sayings like “we’ll get ’em next time”.

Open When It’s Monday 

Monday’s tend to be the gloomiest days, so surprise them with a random gift! It could be a gift card to their favorite place, a date night you set up for them, or a random pizza you order and send to their house after you know they opened the letter.

Add a note that says “just wait…” and when they show you they opened the letter, order them some delivery!

pen sitting on handwritten open when letter

Open When You Need A Work/Study Break

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Send them a gift card to go get some coffee or ice cream to take a break from their work.

Open When You Are Having Doubts

This could be anything and will depend on your partners current situation. They may be having doubts that what they are working on isn’t worth it, or doubts that long distance is going to work.

Write a letter ensuring them they are doing the right thing, and it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Open When You’re Stressed

Fill this envelope with de-stressors and things that will take their mind off of what is stressing them out.

Add a stress ball or silly putty, a candle, or a CD with some calming music.

Open When It’s Our Anniversary 

If you don’t get to be together on your anniversary, be sure to send them an envelope they can use to celebrate it. Try to do something nice on this day.

Have them go out to get sushi, burgers, or pizza, and you do the same on that day.
Then you can plan a FaceTime date together where you eat together, talk, and do a good long distance date.

Open When You Need A Reminder Why I Love You

Sure you showed them how much you love them, but sometimes we all just need a little reminder.

This is a good letter to write all the reasons why you love them. And be sure to send lots of pictures of the two of you together.

Open When You Want To Reminisce 

Ah, memories. Help them take a walk down memory lane with a cute photobook you made. It can be made of just paper and photos with some special words you write about your favorite days together.

Open When You’re Planning Your Future

Being away can really make you think. If they’re planning for their futures, be sure to add all the stuff you want them to remember to add to the plan…like you…puppies…babies…a trip…etc.

Open When It’s Your Birthday 

Celebrating your birthday separate from your loved ones is tough! Make sure you plan a memorable day for them.

Send deliveries to their house, add a gift card to the letter, or send a gift.

But this birthday letter should be a sweet note about their birthday, and you can add cute, small birthday gifts to make their birthday exciting.

Open When I Just Left After Visiting 

Right after you leave is always a hard one. It’s back to reality without you.

In this note, you can write about how you can’t wait to see them the next time, and even start making plans for that. Include photos of your time together, and a countdown to when you get to see them again.

envelope with hearts coming out

Open When You’re Broke

Send some cash! If payday doesn’t come for a bit, and they are all out of money, this is the envelope they’ll want to open.

Open When You Need To Smile 

Fill this letter with whatever makes them smile. Maybe it’s a picture of their dog, their family, kids, or you. Write down special memories that will make them smile too.

Open When You Need A Vacation

Set up an “at home vacation” in this letter. You can send some tropical tunes, a small drink umbrella with some margarita mix, and sounds of the ocean.

Open When You Feel Like Coming Home

This is the letter to remind them why they are away. If it’s to finish school, to get promoted, or to fulfill a dream, write down why it’s all going to be worth it when they are done.

And show them what they’ll get when they accomplish their goal.

Open When You’re Hungry 

Add a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant so they can go get something to eat. Or, you can add a subscription to a home delivery food subscription box too.

Open When You Need A Dessert

Everyone needs dessert once in a while. Send them some of their favorite chocolates or candies…a gift card to their favorite frozen yogurt place…or a bag of popcorn to enjoy.

Open When You Need To Talk

Send a photo of you holding your phone, so they know to call you!

Open When You Need A Little Spice

In this letter, you can include some spices for them to spice some food up, or some sexy or hilarious spicy jokes.

Open When You Need Motivation

Fill this letter with motivational quotes, stickers, and thumbs up emojis.

Open When You Have A Rough Day 

Send them some words of encouragement in this open when letter.

Open When You Can’t Stay Focused

Give them something to take a break. Maybe it’s a letter they get to read, a coffee break, or give them instructions to go on a walk to get their focus back.

Open When You Doubt Yourself

Share all the reasons why they can do this, and why they are so amazing in this letter.

Open When It’s My Birthday 

It’s hard enough being away for your own birthday, but when you don’t get to celebrate their birthday either, that’s even more tough.

Let them in on the celebration and create a mini celebration between the two of you.

envelope full of flowers

Open When You’re Frustrated

This is a good one to remind them that they can call you to vent, and talk out their frustrations with you. You’re the perfect listening ear.

Open When You’re Disappointed

If things aren’t going their way, they can open this letter and get some encouragement from you.

Open When We Just Said Goodbye

This can be the second letter then open after the “open now” letter. Write about how you’ll miss them, but you can’t wait to see each other again. Give them some encouragement for being away from you, and let them know it won’t be forever.

Open When It’s Been A Week Apart

Be silly with this one and print out a certificate saying “congratulations, you’ve made it one week without me!”

Open When It’s Been A Month Apart

After a month has gone by, they get to open this letter. Write a letter about how the month is just another month closer to seeing each other again.

Open When You’re On Your Way Home

Yay, they made it, and are coming home! Write a quick letter telling them how excited you are to see them, and how proud you are that they made it all the way through the long distance.

Open When You’re Homesick

This is a great letter to make them feel like they’re back home again. Send them anything that can remind them of home.

Photos of their pet, something memorable you have at home like a stuffed animal, mug, piece of decor, etc.

Open When You Could Use A Pep Talk

Send them all the words of encouragement in this one.

We love sending cheesy “you can do it!” stickers too.

Open When You Want Me! 

For the couples who are in a long distance relationship, being physically apart for a long time is hard. Write a sexy letter and talk about the plans you have for them when they return.

Open When It’s Valentine’s Day

Make this the ultimate cheesy valentines day with super silly decor, candy, and cards.

envelope with "LOVE" and "XOXOX"

Open When It’s Christmas Eve

If they have to be gone for Christmas, try to make it like they’re not missing too much. Add a Christmas book you read every year for your Family Christmas Traditions, or a movie you’ll be watching on Christmas Eve too.

Open When It’s Christmas Day

This letter should include their Christmas present, a time to talk or FaceTime, and a treat they love for Christmas Day.

Open When It’s New Years Eve

You will be missing your New Years kiss, so send them lots of kisses to have on New Year’s Eve. Put on some lipstick and kiss the letter, or send Hershey’s kisses for them to eat all day.

Open When You’re Ready For An Adventure

Plan a photo scavenger hunt for them to go out and do. You can write a whole list of things they have to do and what they have to take photos of, and have them get out on the town to explore a little.

Open When You Just Got Good News

You’ll want to celebrate with them for some good news they have. Send balloons and streamers or other celebratory items.

Open When You’re Excited

Send a note to call you ASAP so they can share their excitement with you.

Open When You Need Some Cheer

Send some silly smiley stickers, some funny quotes, and jokes.

Open When You Feel Overwhelmed

If they are feeling overwhelmed and like everything is just too much, this is the letter they’ll want to open.

Inside, you can write some words about how proud you are and how awesome they are doing.

Open When You’re Having Bad Luck

Sometimes we have days that just aren’t going our way. Send them all the signs of good luck in this one. A lucky penny…horseshoe…or rabbits foot.

Or send them some lucky charms!

Open When You’re Having An Off Day

Give them permission to check out and just veg on a bad day. Add a movie code, some popcorn, and cozy socks to kick their feet up and just relax the day off until a better one comes tomorrow.

stack of open when letters tied in a ribbon

Open When You’re Feeling Lazy 

This can either be a motivation letter where you kick their booty into gear, or help them be lazy and add some tea, junk food, and other lazy day gifts they might like.

Open When You’re Feeling Lost 

Send them a compass, or a map drawing that leads them straight to you!

Open When We’re Miles Apart 

Share with them all the ways you can still connect together even though you’re far away…

Ex: Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Calling, FaceTime, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Open When You’re Bored

Gift them some silly toys in this one. You can find cool mini games, silly putty, mazes, puzzles, etc. Find some good gifts that can keep them entertained for a while when they are bored and don’t know what to do!

Open When You’re Going On A Trip

Time to get packing! Add a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, some sunscreen, and a luggage tag for them to use on their trip.

Open When You Can Decide What To Eat

Be creative with this one. You can add a bunch of different restaurants to pieces of paper, so when they open the envelope, lots fall out and they can just grab the first one they see.

Make a spinning arrow of choices for them to decide. Make it a fun game, so it’s like you’re there with them trying to help them make the decision.

Open When You Need To Relax

For this envelope, you can add some soothing sounds on a CD, add some bubble bath, lavender lotions, etc. Think of some things they like to do when they are relaxing and add some small things in this one to help them relax a bit.

Open When You Feel Like Crying

This is another one where you can add your phone number, but you can also add a hug, tissues, motivational quotes, etc.

Open When You Need To Let Off Steam

Add a link to a good tough workout, so they can let off steam by doing something physical. You can also add a mini desk punching bag, or something similar as a joke too.

Open When You Need A Night Out

Put some movie tickets in this one. Or ice cream gift card, a map where they live with circled places they can go, $10 bucks for a drink at the bar, etc.

envelopes with flower on top

Open When I’m On My Way To See You

You’re on your way, so you’re going to need a few things…in this one, we added a travel toothbrush, sunscreen and a list of things we wanted to do while I visited.

You can add a pump up CD mix, funny memes, and things to show your excitement that you’ll be there soon.

Open When You’re On Your Way To See Me

This can be similar to the one where you are heading to see them… have a list of ideas of what you want to do while you’re together, something to celebrate with, etc.

Open When You Need A Kiss

Send them lots of kisses! Put on different shades of lipstick and make lip prints on several pieces of paper. So when they open the envelope, lots of different kisses from you drop out. Or, send them Hershey’s kisses so they can enjoy one each time they need a “kiss”.

Open When You Fall In Love

This is a good one for your best friend, or for someone you are dating and you haven’t quite said “I love you” just yet.

If it’s your friend, add some cheesy quotes about love, give them a piece of paper to write down all the details, or have them call you asap.

If it’s someone you are dating and they are away and just realized they’ve fallen in love with you, add a sweet note talking about all the things you love about them to reassure them they aren’t the only one falling.

Open When You Want To Apologize

Add silly “I’m sorry” photos with pictures of sad animals or sad faces.

Open When It’s Finals Week

Finals week is a big one, so make sure they are fully prepared with some pep talk stickers, a coffee gift card to keep them going, and a note about how proud you are.

Open When You Need An All-Nighter

Send a 5-hour energy bottle, a few bucks for them to buy an energy drink or coffee.

Open When You’re Having A Really Good Day

Nothing is better than a really good day…except when you make it even better! Send them some more good cheer to make their really good day a really great day!

Open When You’re Feeling Silly

This is a fun one where you can send silly putty, gooey goop, funny jokes, or madlibs.

Open When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

Add lots of pictures of the two of you together and write down some of your favorite memories you have with them. They’ll be able to reminisce and remember all the good times.

Open When You’re Tired

Add a sleep mask, or energy boost tea. Depending on if they need to sleep or need to stay up, will determine what you should put in here.

Open When …Ever You Want

A freebie envelope is always a great idea! Sometimes none of the envelopes apply but they still would love a fun little surprise.

This one is all freebie for you…make it a letter, add random stuff, include silly things, serious notes, or all of the above.

sign says "open"

Open When You’re Ready To Give Up

Another great one for motivational quotes, a letter to share how proud you are, and anything encouraging to make them want to keep going.

Open When You Need Ideas For A Good Show Or Movie

Send them a full list of awesome movies or tv shows you enjoy. Add where they can find it; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.

Send them a free month or two of Amazon Prime Movies so they have lots to watch while they’re away.

Open When It’s The Coldest Day 

They’ll probably love that you included mittens, hot chocolate, and ear warmers in this one!

Open When It’s The Hottest Day 

You can’t exactly send a popsicle, but you can send money and the photos of the popsicles you want them to buy!

Open When You Want To Know What I’m Doing

While you’re away from each other, it’s hard to connect not knowing what the other is doing…

In this envelope add a note saying “Thinking About YOU!!” with photos of the two of you.

More Open When Letter Ideas:

These are just some ideas that can be great to add to almost any Open When Letter gift.

But we have more for specific Open When Letters too….

Open When Letters For Long Distance Couples 

Open When You Need To See Me

Open When I Haven’t Answered My Phone

Open When You Need A Little Sexy Time

Open When You Want To Know What I Really Think

Open When You’re Not Sure This Is Going To Work

Open When You Are Having Doubts 

Open When You Feel Neglected

Open When You Need Attention

Open when envelopes with "love" stamp

Open When Letters For Military Deployments 

Open When You’re Shipping Off

Open When You’ve Been Gone For A Week

Open When You’ve Been Gone For A Month

Open When You’ve Been Gone For 3 Months

Open When You’ve Been Gone For 6 Months

Open When You Need A Break

Open When You Miss Me

Open When You Miss Our Animals

Open When You Want To Give Up

Open When You Miss Home

Open When You’re Fighting With A Friend

Open When You Are Super Bored

Open When Letters For Engaged Couples

Open When Letters For Engaged Couples

Open When Wedding Planning Is Making Your Crazy

Open When You Just Want To Elope

Open When You Need A Day Off

Open When You Are Going On Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Open When It’s One Year Till Our Wedding

Open When It’s One Month Till Our Wedding

Open When It’s One Week Till Our Wedding

Open When We Are Getting Married Tomorrow

Open When You Just Put On Your Suit On Our Wedding Day 

Open When You Want A Date Night Out

Open When We Picked Our Venue

Open When We Set Our Date

box sitting on table with open when letters inside

Open When Letters For A Bride

Open When You Picked Out Your Wedding Dress

Open When You’re Heading To Your Bridal Shower

Open When You Need A Girls Day

Open When You Need A Break From Wedding Planning

Open When You Want To Elope

Open When Things Aren’t Going Your Way 

Open When You Need Help With Decisions

Open When You Need A Night With Your Fiancé

Open When Letters For A New Mom Or Dad

Open When You Announce Your Pregnancy 

Open When You’re Heading To The Hospital

Open When You’ve Had The Worst Night 

Open When You’re Baby Won’t Sleep

Open When You Feel Like A Failure

Open When You Need To Get Out Of The House

Open When You Don’t Want To Cook

Open When You Need A Friend

Open When You Need A Break

Open When You’re Baby Says Their First Words

Open When You’re Baby Takes Their First Steps

Open When You’re At Their First Dr’s Appointment

Open When Your Baby Is Sick

envelope and notepad for letter for open when ideas

Open When Letters For Best Friend

Open When You Need To Vent

Open When You Met A Guy

Open When You Feel Alone

Open When You Want To Play A Game

Want to do the Open When Gift but aren’t ready to make your own envelopes? Check these out on Etsy!

There is so much you can do with these Open When Letters…and so many people you can gift them to. The best part about this gift is that you can personalize it to your friend, family member or significant other. They will for sure appreciate this extra special gift.

Creative Open When Letter Ideas
Open When Letter Gift Ideas They'll Absolutely Love
Open When Letter Ideas With Examples

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