Rainy Day Date Ideas-Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults

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Ready for some Rainy Day Date Ideas and some fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults? It’s been a very rainy week here in the Chicago area, and it got me thinking…rainy days always get me down.  I’m a girl from sunny Southern California…we don’t get much water falling from the sky, and I really don’t mind.  (Bedsides the drought part, we really need to figure that out.) Anyway, I’ve been spending time in Chicago recently and it’s been super rainy.  “Where’s the sunshine?!” But I always have to remind myself, “we’re not in Kansas (CA) anymore!

Fun & Romantic Rainy Day Date Ideas For Couples. These date ideas will make you happy that its raining. The at home date ideas will help you stay nice and cozy and away from the rain. Want to get out, but still don't want to get wet? Try our indoor date ideas for things to do on a rainy day for adults. And if you're brave and want to weather the weather, have some fun in the rain with our rain activity date ideas. #rainydaydates #rainyday #dateideas #rainydaydateideas

So, what do you do when a rainy day is getting you down?

You pick one of these fun and creative Rainy Day Dates!!

Grab your husband, boyfriend, your best friend, or even your kids and lets have a rainy day adventure!

Couple laughing with heads together

Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults At Home

While the rain is pouring from the sky, you may feel like you’re trapped at home. But with some of these fun things to do at home on a rainy day, you’ll be happy to cozy up indoors and enjoy the day with your partner. 

1. Camping In The Livingroom

You’re probably not going camping outside in the rain, so why not bring a camping date inside? You can decide to actually set up a tent, or make your own fort complete with a blow up mattress. 

You could even make some s’mores by using your fireplace, canned fire, or even your stove top. Pick out your favorite “camp food” like roasting hot dogs on the fire, or cooking beans in the can, and pretend you’re outdoors. 

Sing fun “camp songs” and play some “camp games” together, and keep the phones and technology out of this date. 

2. Baking Day

Nothing is better on a cold rainy day than some warm fresh baked goods right out of the oven. Have some fun baking together and coming up with new recipes for some warm delicious desserts you get to enjoy. 

Gooey brownies, warm chocolate chip cookies, or a homemade apple pie would be perfect for this date. Find a new recipe on Pinterest and spend the day baking some of your new favorite goodies. 

3. Make Soup On A Rainy Day

If you’d rather cook a warm and savory meal together, try your hand in cooking some homemade soups. Try a good chicken noodle, clam chowder, tomato bisque, or broccoli and cheese. We love trying new soup recipes in our crockpot, and you’ll get to enjoy the smells while it cooks before you dive in to the warm hearty soups. 

4. At Home Couples Game Night

I think Couples Game Nights are totally underrated.  Whether it’s just you two, or a group of friends, or your entire family, claim this a no-electronic night (day), and head to the living room (or open space).  Dust off the ol’ board games or start a game of Dictionary or Charades.  Game night usually ends up more fun than you thought it would be.  Especially those teenagers rolling their eyes at the idea of  “family time”.  It’s fun to be had for all.  Date with your spouse, kids, or friends, it’s hard to go wrong with game night.  Up the stakes a bit and place a little bet*, “loser does the dishes” or “cooks dinner tomorrow night”, etc.

If its just the two of you, try some of these 2-player games for couples.

*If your partner or family is super competitive, you may want to steer clear of placing bets!

Need ideas of new games, here are our personal recommendations that have been a HUGE hit!!

Pictionary Man Game

Pictionary Man – this is a different take on the original Pictionary, where you get to draw on your man, to get your team to guess the answer.

Apples to Apples Game

Apples to Apples– this game you have a card with a description, and everyone grabs a card from their hand taht they think is the best to fit that description. The judge then picks their favorite. This one is a hoot!

Heads Up Game

Heads Up – this is a free APP to download on your phone. The “guesser” holds the phone at their forehead, and the players try to get them to guess the word on their head, without saying it.

Having an adult Game night?

Cards Against Humanity Game

Cards Against Humanity – this can be described as the adult version of Apples to Apples. This game can be hilarious, just know it can also be offensive.

5. Movie Marathon & Snacks 

Rainy days almost make you feel lazy. Turn a rainy day into a lazy day and enjoy a movie marathon snuggled up on the couch together. 

You can each take turns choosing a movie, pick one movie from each genre, or pick a movie based on a certain theme. Find a good movie on TV, scroll through the Netflix selections, or find some classics on Hulu. 

Or have a Disney Movie Marathon with all your favorites from your childhood. 

Grab your favorite snacks and hunker down for a cuddle sesh and some of your favorite movies.


Build a fort to watch your movie in!  Kids or not, forts are always a blast.  Too hard to get your big screen under the blankets?  Grab your laptop!  Make it an adventure.  Use pillows, sheets, blankets, cushions, anything that will be comfy.  Get creative.  Go make your snacks/desserts together, climb into your newly built fort and enjoy your movie together!

6. Video Game Day 

Rainy Days are the perfect days to relax and home and do something you probably don’t do every day. So how about busting out those old video game consoles and challenging each other to a few rounds? 

Try mixing up the games by doing a thinking game, an action game, and a physical game where you have to get up and get moving (like the WII Games). 

You can also take turns picking your favorite games to challenge each other. 

7. Play Truth or Dare For A Rainy Day Date Idea

Playing truth or dare together for a rainy day date idea can be really fun and silly and sexy as well. Take turns coming up with ideas for fun “dares” for each other, and ask interesting questions when they choose “truth”. 

You can be very creative with this game, and it’s a great way to connect during a rainy day while you’re indoors.

8. Stay In Bed All Day 

This is a date I think all married couples should do at least once. It’s the perfect day to unwind, not worry about anything, and just enjoy the full day together in bed. One of the best date ideas at home

For this one, we like to grab as many pillows as we can, and make the bed like a cozy hotel bed. We bring in the laptop with a charger for when we decide it’s movie time, and only get out of bed to grab more snacks. 

Lounging in bed all day having conversations, watching movies, and enjoying some quality time together is a perfect rainy day date idea that you will want to adopt at least once a year!

Couple laying in bed facing each other

9. Learn Something Together

Instead of flipping on the TV again and watching hours of shows, how about take this time to learn something together. 

The internet is such an awesome place to learn things for free. You can find a YouTube video or website on pretty much any subject, and they can teach you a new skill, trick, or new techniques to whatever you want to learn. This is also one of our favorite Free Date Ideas too!

You can learn a new language together, learn how to build a website, learn a side hustle, learn how to do house projects, or create some kind of art together. The world is completely open to you even when you’re stuck inside at home on a rainy day. 

10. Write A Short Story/Movie/Script Together

Get creative together and have fun coming up with the premise of a movie, write a short story, or a set of poems together. Writing can help you connect and use your creativity together. And if you both love it, it can become the perfect couples hobby for you to continue!

Are you the type who can always figure out the end of the movie way before it even finishes? Write up different endings on how you think the movie should end with a good plot twist. Write each other romantic poems, or come up with a fun children’s book you can gift your kids now or in the future. 

Writing can be one of the best things to do on a rainy day for adults at home.

11. Binge A Podcast or Audio Book Together 

If you feel like lounging around the house without doing too much, but you really don’t want to just binge watch tv, then try out a podcast or an audio book you both would enjoy. 

Pick a book that you’d both love to read, and buy the audio book version. Then you can both snuggle up together and listen to your new book. You can also do this with a podcast that you might find interesting. 

Things To Do On A Rainy Day With Your Boyfriend or Husband – Outside The Home 

Sometimes being at home on a rainy day can make you feel all cooped up and make you stir crazy. Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to stay home. 

If you’re hoping to not get wet, but you also want to get out of the house together, here are some fun rainy day date ideas you can do indoors.

Couple kissing in the rain for rainy day date ideas

12. Thrift Store Rainy Day Date

This could be a brilliant date idea.  First off, set a budget for this date.  Wanna spend just $10 together?  $10 each?  Make some rules.  Each of you will have a certain amount to spend on each “task”.

Here are some ideas for the game…

Pick out an outfit for your partner, and they pick one out for you.  You can go “most ridiculous” outfit… “best decade (50’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.)” outfit, “best grandpa/grandma” outfit, or even “best fit for their personality” (pick an outfit that you like/they would actually wear)…a date AND a new outfit?!  Sweet!

Be creative, make your own rules, have fun with this! Then you can add extras to this date.  Each person gets $5 to chose the best entertainment for date night.  $5 to pick out the best D.I.Y. project/refurbished, etc.  Come up with some fun ones, and when you’re done shopping there, head home ad do your project, or start the entertainment you picked up at the store.   All while wearing your new clothes! (Feel free to throw them in the wash first if that makes you more comfortable, of course.)

13. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are all the rage right now, and this is actually my favorite and one of the best Date Ideas for any day, rain or shine.  But it’s a good excuse to get out of the house on a rainy day.  Check out Groupon.com, LivingSocial.com, or Google to find an Escape Room near you.  Groupon usually has great local deals for these, so it’s a great place to start, so you can save money.  Check out LivingSocial, or Google discount codes too.  

After you’ve found a deal, grab some friends and make it a double or triple date.  The more the merrier, and maybe the easier. 😉
Escape Rooms are essentially puzzle games, and every room has a different story.  You’re usually “locked” in a room together told the story, and you have 60 minutes to escape that room.  Find clues and keys to unlock locks, open doors, and find even more clues.  Can you escape in 60 minutes?!  Be sure to look at the Escape Room’s website…some you need to book in advance, some have age limits, and some have a minimum and maximum number of players.  Check it out before you head over.

text reads "Can You Escape"

14. Bookstore Rainy Day Date Idea

This one is a blast! And it doesn’t cost any money.   Head to your local bookstore (or Library) and spend some time perusing the aisles together.  Take a stroll to the humor section and grab a good joke book, taking turns reading the best ones to each other.  Find a history or trivia book, and test your partner.  Wanna get romantic?  Check out the Love & Romance department and find the best lovey-dovey poem to read to your lover.  If you happen to head to a chain store, say Barnes & Noble, or Waldenbooks, etc, some of them may have a coffee shop inside too.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea (hot chocolate for me!), and sit down to discuss your findings, or grab a conversation topic from a book to go off of.  (Obviously this part of the date will cost you a little.)

Or you can check out some of these fun books, and do this as a Stay-At-Home date!

Jokelopedia Book
The Biggest Trivia Book Ever
100 Best Loved Poems Book




15. Go To A Spa

Rainy Days can be so gloomy and can put you in a funky mood. Take these days to go enjoy some self care together with a couples massage!

Get a day pass to a co-ed spa and spend the day hanging out in the steam rooms, jacuzzis, enjoying some refreshments and booking some services for you both. You can do a couples manicure and/or pedicure, do a facial or a couples massage. 

This is a great date to relax and be pampered together while the whether pours outdoors. 

16. Museum Date Idea

Take this day to go check out a fun museum. Staying out of the elements by heading to a museum can help you enjoy the day despite the rain. Find a museum you’ve been wanting to see, or research a local museum you don’t know much about and head out for the day. 

Walk around holding hands and discuss each exhibit you come across. Afterwards, you can check out the gift shop or any classes or presentations they may holding that day as well. This would be a great First Date Idea if it rains too!

17. Go Bowling 

Spend your day with a fun activity indoors like bowling…if you want a fun rainy day date idea at night, you can do cosmic bowling. Challenge your partner to a “best of three” bowling tournament, and loser buys drinks after. 

Lots of bowling alleys have food and drinks too, so you can have lunch in between bowling sessions. 

18. Play Pool For Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults

Go have yourselves a little pool tournament at a local spot. You can invite friends with you to tag along, or head out with just the two of you. 

Spend a few hours hanging out, listening to music, and play a few rounds together while enjoying a day outside of the house. 

Couple kissing on a pool table for things to do on a rainy day for adults

19. Enjoy Taste Testing At A Brewery

Head to your local brewery and do a “flight testing”. You can take a tour of the brewery, see the process and how they make all their beer. These tours are always fascinating to learn the whole process.

When you’re done with your tour, you can have a “flight testing”. This is where you get to choose several different types which gives you a way to find your favorites.  

20. Go To An Arcade For A Rainy Day Date Idea

Rainy days are a perfect excuse to go be a kid again. Take your partner to an arcade and get lots of quarters so you can walk around and play your favorite games. 

If you have an adult arcade place like Dave & Buster’s, you can head here at night without kids all around. You can have dinner, play lots of games, and pick out some silly prizes when “cashing in” your tickets. 

21. Paint & Sip

Head out to a “Paint and Sip” class together and get some of your creative energy going. Plus, you get to drink wine while you paint! 

The Paint & Sip Class is such a great idea for a rainy day date for couples. You get to get out of the house, try something new, and head home with your very own painting. 

This would also be a fun idea to do at home together too, if you’d rather not go out, but want a creative date idea at home. 

22. Play A Sport At An Indoor Gym

Instead of feeling restless not being able to do anything active outside, why not take your outdoor activities indoors and try a sport. You can head to your local gym to play racketball, basketball, or tennis inside. 

You’ll be able to get some cardio in, be active, and still stay out of the rain. Perfect one for Rainy Day Date Ideas!

23. Go To A Cafe And Watch The Rain

Get out of the house and head to a cafe. Here you can find a seat at the window and enjoy watching the rain while sipping on a hot beverage or eating some delicious pastries. 

This will help you get out of the house and out from the rain, but you can also still enjoy the beauty of the rain as well. 

Couple Standing under umbrella with flowers

24. Visit An Old Folks Home On A Rainy Day

Rainy Days can be depressing days, so we think visiting some people at an old folks home would be a great rainy day date idea. 

Even if you don’t know anyone living in these assisted living facilities, we’re sure there are lots of people who live there and could use a friend. Lots of these facilities have common quarters where people can come out and sit, do a puzzle, watch tv and mingle with others. 

Head to one of these and go visit some people together. You’ll bring smiles to their faces and make their whole day. 

25. Drive In Movies

A fun way to enjoy a rainy evening is to go to a drive-in movie and watch the movie while it rains. Of course you may have to have your windshield wipers on for some of it, and they most likely won’t be playing films if it’s pouring…but watching a movie with a little drizzle coming down is actually a very romantic rainy day date idea. 

26. Enjoy The Aquarium

With all this water falling from the sky, go check out the creatures who live in the water. Visiting an aquarium would be a great rainy day date together. 

Aquariums are always a fascinating place to see some creatures you may never have known existed. We always find some interesting animals whenever we head to an aquarium. It’s a fun date to walk around, read all about each animal in the exhibits, and enjoy learning about a whole different world. 

27. Go To An Indoor Shooting Range

Another fun rainy day activity for adults would be to go to an indoor shooting range. You can rent the guns and buy some ammo and rent a lane where you can shoot at targets. 

Challenge each other to the closest bullseye and loser has to cook dinner. 

28. Join Trivia Night/Open Mic Night 

Enjoy your evening at a local pub, social night, cafe, etc. that is hosting trivia night, open mic night, or poetry reading. For this one, you can be in the audience and just enjoy the show, or get up there and share your talents as well.

Join a team or invite friends to join for a trivia night and win the prize for the evening. 

29. Have a Mall Date 

A Rainy Day is a perfect day to have an old school mall date. Remember back when you were younger, in high school or so, and the mall was the place to go? Head on out with your love to your local mall and walk around, eat at the food court, take photos in the photo booth, and play games in the arcade. 

Couple riding carousel in mall

30. Take A Cooking Lesson

Cooking and rainy days are just a perfect fit. Why not take a cooking class together? Find a class that will teach you to make a dish you both love. 

Take a sushi making class, or a cake decorating class, etc. You’ll have fun learning a new skill, tasting your creation, and spending time together.

31. Go Kart Racing 

Find Indoor Go Karts. We absolutely love racing around the indoor go kart tracks. It’s definitely an adrenaline pumping date, and you’ll just want to keep doing more and more rounds trying to get your time faster and faster. 

32. Go To A Driving Range 

Sure you’re hitting golf balls outside, but the driving range is typically covered so you won’t be getting wet. Order some snacks and some drinks and see how far you can hit each ball. Get competitive for some of these rainy day date ideas.

33. Take A Train Ride

If you want a romantic rainy day date idea, hop on the train and head out of town. We’re talking the old school trains with the engine not just the metro trains. 

Taking a train ride just for the sake of a train ride can be a great date. Make sure you get window seats on the side with the best views and take a ride as far as you want. 
This is also a perfect romantic winter date idea when you’re trying to stay warm and cozy.

34. Go Rock Climbing 

A fun active rainy day date would be to go to an indoor rock climbing gym. Just because it’s wet outside and you can’t go rock climbing, doesn’t mean you can’t do it indoors. 

This is also a great work out and helps you get out of the house and do something a bit different. 

Rainy Day Dates-In The Rain 

When the rain hits, you don’t always have to hide from it. Sometimes some of the best rainy day dates are hanging out IN THE RAIN! Here are some fun things to do on a rainy day for adults that are actually out in the rain. 

35. Dance In The Rain 

If you’re looking to be super fun and romantic, dancing in the rain is the perfect rainy day activity. Run outside and dance together while the rain falls on you. You’ll most likely get soaked but it will be a wonderful memory to cherish. 

It’s also a perfect Spring Date Idea!

36. Splash In Puddles

If you’re really up for playing in the rain, get your rain boots on and go puddle jumping! Splashing around in the puddles while running around town together like children is such a fun and silly rainy day date. 

Feet splashing in rain puddles with rain boots

37. Go For A Walk In The Rain 

B and I once got stuck in the pouring rain during our honeymoon, but we couldn’t wait it out because we had somewhere to be, and our car was half a mile away. We embraced the rain and walked/ran the half mile to our car, and it ended up being one of my favorite highlights of our honeymoon. 

We were belly laughing like little kids, running around the puddles and getting completely soaked. It was actually very romantic and so much fun!

38. Kiss In The Rain

Of course kissing in the rain tends to become some of the most iconic scenes from these romantic movies, and for good reason. It’s sooo romantic! 

Not caring how wet you are because of the rain and just enjoying each other is a couple’s bucket list item that you’ll remember for a long time. 

39. Soak In A Jacuzzi 

Have you ever hung out in a jacuzzi or hot tub while it was raining? This is one of our favorite rainy day date activities. Staying warm in a hot tub while the rain comes down is a romantic way to enjoy the rain outdoors. 
One of the most romantic rainy day date ideas!

40. Go Watch The Lightning Show 

Lightening storms are so fun to watch. Take the car and drive out a ways outside of the storm and watch from afar. We’ve enjoyed watching the lightening outside when the storm has been far away.

Of course we don’t recommend being out anywhere in the middle of the lightening storm, as you don’t want to be in any danger, but if you stay far away from the storm, it’s fun to watch from afar. 

Couple sitting under umbrella looking over a lake

The Most Important Part:

Be sure to take pictures of all of your dates!  These will be moments to remember forever.

Don’t let another rainy day get you down again. With these fun rainy day date ideas, you’ll be turning that gloomy day around in no time! Get creative and get going!

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