5 Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas

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It’s been a very rainy week here in the Chicago area, and it got me thinking…rainy days always get me down.  I’m a girl from sunny Southern California…we don’t get much water falling from the sky, and I really don’t mind.  (Bedsides the drought part, we really need to figure that out.)
Anyway, I’ve been spending time in Chicago recently and it’s been super rainy.  “Where’s the sunshine?!” But I always have to remind myself, “we’re not in Kansas (CA) anymore!”

So, what do you do when a rainy day is getting you down?

 You go on a fun and creative Rainy Day Date!!

Grab your husband, boyfriend, your best friend, or even your kids and lets have a rainy day adventure!

1.  Bookstore date

This one is a blast! And it doesn’t cost any money.   Head to your local bookstore (or Library) and spend some time perusing the aisles together.  Take a stroll to the humor section and grab a good joke book, taking turns reading the best ones to each other.  Find a history or trivia book, and test your partner.  Wanna get romantic?  Check out the Love & Romance department and find the best lovey-dovey poem to read to your lover.  If you happen to head to a chain store, say Barnes & Noble, or Waldenbooks, etc, some of them may have a coffee shop inside too.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea (hot chocolate for me!), and sit down to discuss your findings, or grab a conversation topic from a book to go off of.  (Obviously this part of the date will cost you a little.)

Or you can check out some of these fun books, and do this as a Stay-At-Home date!




2. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are all the rage right now, and this is actually one of my favorite dates any day, rain or shine.  But it’s a good excuse to get out of the house on a rainy day.  Check out Groupon.com, LivingSocial.com, or Google to find an Escape Room near you.  Groupon usually has great local deals for these, so it’s a great place to start, so you can save money.  Check out LivingSocial, or Google discount codes too.  After you’ve found a deal, grab some friends and make it a double or triple date.  The more the merrier, and maybe the easier. 😉
Escape Rooms are essentially puzzle games, and every room has a different story.  You’re usually “locked” in a room together told the story, and you have 60 minutes to escape that room.  Find clues and keys to unlock locks, open doors, and find even more clues.  Can you escape in 60 minutes?!  Be sure to look at the Escape Room’s website…some you need to book in advance, some have age limits, and some have a minimum and maximum number of players.  Check it out before you head over.

3.  Game Night

I think game nights are totally underrated.  Whether it’s just you two, or a group of friends, or your entire family, claim this a no-electronic night (day), and head to the living room (or open space).  Dust off the ol’ board games or start a game of Dictionary or Charades.  Game night usually ends up more fun than you thought it would be.  Especially those teenagers rolling their eyes at the idea of  “family time”.  It’s fun to be had for all.  Date with your spouse, kids, or friends, it’s hard to go wrong with game night.  Up the stakes a bit and place a little bet*, “loser does the dishes” or “cooks dinner tomorrow night”, etc.

*If your partner or family is super competitive, you may want to steer clear of this one!

Need ideas of new games, here are our personal recommendations that have been a HUGE hit!!

Pictionary Man – this is a different take on the original Pictionary, where you get to draw on your man, to get your team to guess the answer.

Apples to Apples– this game you have a card with a description, and everyone grabs a card from their hand taht they think is the best to fit that description. The judge then picks their favorite. This one is a hoot!

Heads Up – this is a free APP to download on your phone. The “guesser” holds the phone at their forehead, and the players try to get them to guess the word on their head, without saying it.

Having an adult Game night?

Cards Against Humanity – this can be described as the adult version of Apples to Apples. This game can be hilarious, just know it can also be offensive.

4.  Movie Night and Snacks

Movie dates cost a lot these days, but thanks to Redbox, they don’t have to anymore.  Head to your local Redbox and rent a movie for the night for less than $2! (We have ways for FREE Movie Nights HERE…don’t forget to check that out first!)  Then, check our Pinterest for a brand new snack recipe.  Something Sweet?  Something Salty? Or both! ( You can check out our snacks on our Pinterest Board HERE).

Build a fort to watch your movie in!  Kids or not, forts are always a blast.  Too hard to get your big screen under the blankets?  Grab your laptop!  Make it an adventure.  Use pillows, sheets, blankets, cushions, anything that will be comfy.  Get creative.  Go make your snacks/desserts together, climb into your newly built fort and enjoy your movie together!

Doing this date in October?
Check out our Top 5 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies!

5. Thrift Store Date

This could be a brilliant date idea.  First off, set a budget for this date.  Wanna spend just $10 together?  $10 each?  Make some rules.  Each of you will have a certain amount to spend on each “task”.

Here are some ideas for the game…

Pick out an outfit for your partner, and they pick one out for you.  You can go “most ridiculous” outfit… “best decade (50’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.)” outfit, “best grandpa/grandma” outfit, or even “best fit for their personality” (pick an outfit that you like/they would actually wear)…a date AND a new outfit?!  Sweet!

Be creative, make your own rules, have fun with this! Then you can add extras to this date.  Each person gets $5 to chose the best entertainment for date night.  $5 to pick out the best D.I.Y. project/refurbished, etc.  Come up with some fun ones, and when you’re done shopping there, head home ad do your project, or start the entertainment you picked up at the store.   All while wearing your new clothes! (Feel free to throw them in the wash first if that makes you more comfortable, of course.)

The Most Important Part

Be sure to take pictures of all of your dates!  These will be moments to remember forever.
Don’t let another rainy day get you down again.  Get creative and get going!

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