Couples Game Night-Fun Games for Couples to Play at Home

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Couples Game Night always makes the best Date Night, and it helps save money too! When you’re strapped for cash and don’t have the money to go out for date night, staying in and having a fun and competitive game night, with couple games to play at home, is always a good idea. 

B and I have just started to get back into Game Nights, and I forgot how much fun we always have. So, if you’re looking for a fun date at home, here are some of our favorite games for couples.

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There are several different ways you can do your couples game night:

  • Make it a Double Date and invite all your couple friends over.
  • Make it a family date night and involve the kids.
  • Make it an At Home Date Night with just the two of you.

1. Make It A Couples Game Night with a Double Date

(Or Triple, Quadruple…)

Call up some of your closest friends and make it a fun double date couples game night. They don’t have to be coupled up, and you can invite as many as you want.  Depending on your games of choice, invite over friends and family, and make it a fun night full of fun competition.

Pick a night that works for your friends, and ask each couple to bring their favorite game, along with their favorite snack and drinks.

This will give you a variety of games to choose from, and you’ll all be able to snack all night long.

 bet on your couples game night

2. Have a Couples Date Night But Add The Kids

This is a date night that can be great with the kids as well.  Invite all your couple friends over, with their kids, and set up both board games for couples, and a game night for the kids in the other room.

We know how hard it can be to get a sitter sometimes, so your couple friends will be happy to be able to bring their kids and still have time for a couples game night as well.

Or, make it a family game night with just the two of you and your children. Find a good family friendly game that is age appropriate so your kids are having fun, and have a full night with just the family on your date.

3. Enjoy Game Night With Just The Two Of You

You can find some great 2-player games for couples that can help make your night tons of fun. Playing games together for date night is always a fun idea.

Each of you should choose your favorite game to play, and you can play both of them all night long.

Remember, couples game nights are not just board games…you can add video games, games on an app, and even games with Alexa.

Bet On Your Date Night Games

What’s the fun of competition if there’s no award for the winner? B and I tend to get super competitive with each other, so it’s always fun to add a wager to the game night. 

“Whoever has the least points at the end of the night has to do the dishes for the whole week”, or “every time you lose a game, you have to take a shot” etc.

Using the stakes a little gives your game night a little more excitement.

Best Games For Couples Game Night

Depending on who you invite to play, we have a great list of all the fun games you can play together for couples game night!

Classic Board Games For Couples

Ok, we aren’t saying you have to play Monopoly…unless you have 7 hours, ha! But when is the last time you’ve played a board game like Clue, Sorry!, or The Game of Life?  Bring it back to your childhood days and whip out some of your old time favs!

  • Clue
  • Sorry!
  • Monopoly
  • Yahtzee
  • Scrabble
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Scattergories
  • Battleship
  • Risk
  • Operation
  • Chutes And Ladders
  • Life
  • Trouble
  • Candy Land
 classic games for date night

Classics Remix – Date Night Games For Couples:

Nowadays, there are new versions of your favorite classic games that are loads of fun.  One of our favorite Monopoly games is Monopoly Empire.  It’s a fast paced game that you’ll want to play again and again. We’re also excited to check out Monopoly Cheaters Edition!

Our favorite Classic Remix Games are:

  • Monopoly
  • Uno
  • Clue

These games have so many different versions, and each one is fun to try. It’s especially fun if you have a favorite tv show or movie that is turned into the board game!

Try these New Monopoly Versions

Or Try A New Version Of Uno

Try Out New Date Night Games For Couples

We love finding new games we haven’t ever played.  Sometimes they’re duds and we never play again, but sometimes you find your new favorite game!

Invite each couple to bring a new game to check out with the group. We’ve found some really awesome games that we love telling all our friends about. And it’s a great free date idea!

  • Telestrations – Telestrations is a hilarious game that mixes pictionary and telephone in one. Each person picks a word to draw from the cards, draws it on their dry erase card, and passes it on to the next person.

    Player 2 tries to guess what they drew, and writes the word on page 2 and passes it to player 3. Player 3 then draws the word that Player 2 wrote down.

    At the end, you get to share your cards and see how close or usually how far off the drawings got. This is a great game to play with several people.

  • Telestrations After Dark – This game has the same concept of Telestrations, but this is the “After Dark” version, which means the clues can be pretty inappropriate, but also very hilarious.
  • MacGyver Escape Room Game – In this Escape Room Game, you get to play MacGyver and solve clues before the time runs out.

    This game features 5 different levels that build on one another, so it’s a great game to play each week.
  • Exploding Kittens – This is a wacky card game that is similar to a game of Russian roulette. Use strategy to stay safe in the game, and not have an exploding kitten card.
  • Codenames Duet – This is a word association game that can be played with 2 players.

    Work together to try to get the other partner to guess the clue. You’ll give your partner one word clues for them to identify the agent.
  • Ticket To Ride – Ticket To Ride is a fun game for the whole family. It’s a board game that uses cards to see what train parts you get.

    Try to build the best train route across North America. There are several different versions of Ticket To Ride like Europe, Japan, India, and so many more.

Active Games for Double Date Night

Get up and get active.  Game Night isn’t just for board games.  Get your friends together split up into teams, (can be couples or Girls vs. Guys) and play some of these fun games:

Trivia Games

Get your brains working and have a Trivia Challenge.  There are several themed trivia games, like Game of Thrones Scene It, F.R.I.E.N.D.S Scene it, etc. Or go for the more generic trivia games where there are all sorts of categories to play. Here are a few of our favorites:

Or try out these Scene It Games

(Check out Scene It Squabble for

Also available in: Seinfeld, 80’s, Music, TV, Disney Channel, & Sports Editions of Scene It!

Active Video Games For Couples Game Night

It’s time to dust off your old video game console and get some fun active games out.  No, we’re not talking Call of Duty or anything like that. Grab an active game where the whole crew can get involved.  This is great, especially if you have a Wii Console!

At Home Escape Room Games

Are you tired of us telling you how much we love Escape Rooms yet? Well, these games allow you to have an Escape “Room” in your own home.  Each comes with a 60 minute mission, where you have to solve clues and puzzles to “escape”.  This is tons of fun in a group, but can also be done with just the two of you as well.

Get a Little Risqué 

Put the kids to bed for this one, and only invite the friends you are most comfortable with.  These games are more of the PG-13 and up type, but can be tons of fun!

2-Player Games For Couples

Sometimes its just the two of you, but you still want to play a game together. You’re not going to be playing the card game “BS” with just you two, but there are several games you can play by yourselves.

Games With The Family

Have a fun family game night with the kids included. Grab a funny game and enjoy the night with your loved ones. Here are some of our favs…

Whenever you are feeling fresh out of date night ideas, or just bored with the same dinner and a movie dates, plan a fun Couples Game Night with all your couple friends. 

There are so many fun games for couples to play at home. We’ve listed all the games below that we mentioned in case you missed them.

Check these out and add some to your collection for your next couples game night. You’ll be the hit of the party with these fun date night games!

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