Best Bridal Subscription Box: Are Bridal Boxes Worth It?

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Getting a Bridal Subscription Box is the perfect way to celebrate your new engaged status! I am Still on Cloud 9 after getting engaged, and we decided we want to enjoy the engagement and not just start rushing into the wedding planning.  But…that doesn’t mean I can’t start getting all my bridal celebration stuff from all these awesome bridal boxes!  This new trend of subscription boxes has been so fun, and there are some great wedding boxes I would recommend. From The Ring Box to The Bride Box, here is what I think…

"The Best Bridal Subscription Boxes and are they worth it?"

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These Bridal Subscription Boxes were sent in exchange for an honest review.

What is a Bridal Box? How Do They Work? 

A Bridal Box is a Monthly subscription box catered to a bride-to-be. It’s a box that will come to your house once a month filled with bridal gifts. 

These gifts can be anything from mugs to t-shirts, coozies to passport holders. Each month has different items depending on what company you go with. Some boxes even give you some items to help with your wedding planning!

  1. You order your bridal box.
  2. Pay the monthly subscription cost.
  3. Receive your box of bridal goodies in the mail each month.

Can I Give A Bridal Subscription Box As A Gift?

Yes!! And we know your bride-to-be will absolutely love it! These are such a good gift idea for a bridal shower, engagement gift, or bachelorette gift as well. 

It’s a very thoughtful, and easy gift to gift your newly engaged bride. 

Unboxing a Bridal Subscription Box

Is A Bride Subscription Box Worth It?  

I think every bride deserves to celebrate their new bride-to-be status and a bridal subscription box or wedding subscription box is a great way to do this. 

Now that’s not to say I think ALL bride boxes are the same…and no, I don’t think every bridal subscription box is worth it. 

When you’re first engaged, it’s such an exciting time, and you would be thrilled with any gift you receive if it said “bride” on it. But, some bride subscription boxes are just not worth the money. 

Are All Bridal Boxes The Same? 

Definitely not! And depending on what types of items you are hoping to receive, one box might be great for you, while the other box won’t be. We recommend doing your research to see which box would be best for you. We’re reviewing 4 bride subscription boxes below for you to check out. 

Girl holding a Maeven Bride Box

If I had to do it all over again, would I spend my money on bridal subscription boxes?

Yes, I would…BUT I would do these things first…

1. First off, I would head to their Instagram and head to their tagged photos. This is where brides are showing off what they received in each box every month. Here you will be able to gauge your interest in the products that each company sends. 

If you happen to see several months where you just would not be interested, then I would look for another company. 

2. Next, I would look for who offers coupons and promo codes for bridal subscription boxes. I always like a good deal, and this is the perfect way to see if you really like a certain company or not. 

We do know each month could be a hit or a miss. One month might be your favorite items of all time, while the next month could be a bust and you never use those items. 

Receiving surprise gifts in each bride box is exactly the point of getting a bride subscription box in the first place. The excitement and curiosity of what you might get is definitely something that spikes interest. 

3. The last thing I would look for is which companies offer 1 month bride subscription boxes. I don’t like getting locked into a contract, so finding a company where I can buy however many months I want without having to purchase several months in advance, is something I would definitely look for, to get the best bang for my buck. 

Girl Holding Makeup Brushes From A Bridal Box

Are The Items Useful After The Wedding?

Most items you receive in a bride box are not going to be items you use every day after you get married. 

A big draw to these engagement boxes is that it’s for the fiancé and wedding planning phase. Some companies will send you items that say “Mrs.” And those items I am still using today. 

We did end up using lots of different items at our wedding and for wedding related events as well.

Again, each company is different, and of course each company has their specialty, so I would start researching to see which box you think is best for you. 

What is the best bridal subscription box?

Well, that’s completely going to depend on you and your style and personality. We’re reviewing 4 of the top bridal boxes for you to see what’s inside, and make your best judgements on what types of items you would want from these engagement boxes. 

Bridal Subscription Box Review

Whether you are a bride-to-be, or you have a friend or loved one who is a new bride-to-be, these Bridal Boxes are a perfect gift to give to the newly engaged lady in your life.

Maeven Bride Box

We have discovered one of my favorite and best bride subscription boxes recently, so we had to add it to the list! Maeven Box is a newer wedding subscription box service geared towards luxury bridal gifts.

And we have loved every single box! They never disappoint!! The thing we love most about Maeven Bridal Box is that all of their items are great quality and nothing is cheap. They bring out the big guns when it comes to their items, and everything is full size pretty much.

  • Who Is This Bride Box For?
  • Maeven Bridal Box is for the bride-to-be who loves luxury. Maeven includes beautiful pieces that you can use at your wedding, bridal shower, and bachelorette party.
  • This box is for the girl who doesn’t want the novelty items, but would rather have well made and useful gifts.
  • What We Love Most:
  • Maeven Bride Box has items we actually used at our wedding. They also have gifts I would have purchased myself. We found a lot of bride boxes that had very cheap quality items, and Maeven is the exact opposite!

  • We also love that the Maeven Bride Box has one-time purchase boxes for those who don’t want to do a monthly subscription bride box.
  • What We Love Least:
  • We hate that it’s only one box a month! Ok, seriously, this one is hard to find a negative. At the time of writing this, Maeven does not have any discounts on boxes or 3, 6, or 9 monthly subscriptions. It’s the same price whether you buy one month or 9 months…no discount for purchasing in bulk.

  • How Much Is It?
    Maeven Bride Box is $49.95 a month. They have a 3, 6, and 9 month subscription, but it always ends up being $49.95 a month…no discounts yet.

  • Would We Recommend?
  • 10/10 would definitely recommend Maeven Bridal Box! It’s one of our favorite wedding subscription boxes and definitely worth the money!

Maeven Bride Box Review

Maeven Bride Box Filled With Bride Gifts

Maeven Bride Box is actually the box I kept up with every month until the wedding. Each box came with something we used at our wedding ceremony or wedding reception. In this box, we used the “Gifts and Cards” acrylic sign for our gift table/

This box also came with a great wine tumbler that said “Bride”, which was used while we were getting ready, nail polish, a gold bracelet, face wipes, and a mylar balloon that says “LOVE”, which was used at my bachelorette party.

Bridal Subscription Box Contents

You can see the unboxing of this Bridal Box on our Youtube Channel!

Some of my favorite gifts from the boxes have been a really well made silk robe, their perfect wedding planner, and some fun wedding decor we can actually use in our wedding, like the cake topper, and Mr. and Mrs. signs.

Bride boxes opened to show contents

One of the best things about Maeven Boxes, is they send you items that you will actually use. And even some items you could use AT your wedding. Every box we have received has included at least one item that has been on my “to buy” list for the wedding and the reception, and I was able to cross it off, because Maeven sent it to me! How cool is that?!

Maeven Bride Box Introductory Box

And, every bride will get the Intro Bride Box for their first box, and it comes with everything she needs to get started on Wedding Planning! It comes with your own Wedding Planner, Champagne glasses for the Bride and Groom, a cake topper, and tons more. This is the best box to get you started!

Even the box they come in is super nice, that I’ve kept them all so far, and know I can reuse them in several ways. Maeven Box is one I don’t know if I will ever cancel! Ha.

Wish they had boxes for already married brides, cause I would keep it up even after the wedding!! If we had to recommend just one wedding subscription box to grab…this would be it!!

We have some Videos of our Maeven Bridal Box reviews you can see on our new Youtube Channel to see what exactly you will be getting!

Get Your Maeven Bride Box Here!

Something New Bridal Box

  • Who Is This Bride Box For?
  • Something New Bridal Box is for the bride who likes the cute gifts to enjoy throughout her engagement.

    It’s for the girl looking to celebrate her fiancé status.
  • What We Love Most:
  • Something New Bridal Box was one of my favorite boxes through the wedding planning process. They gave me some of my favorite gifts that I used for the whole year.

    Each box tends to be themed, so it made it fun to have coordinating items together.
  • What We Love Least:
  • This is another one that’s tough to find any negatives. I would have liked to see a one time box that brides can order if they don’t want to do the full monthly subscription engagement boxes.
  • How Much Is It?
    The Something New Bride Box is $44.95 a month. They have a 1, 3, and 6 month subscription, and you save money the more months you purchase up front.

  • Would We Recommend?
  • This is another box I would definitely recommend for the bride who wants “I’m Engaged” Gifts.

Something New Bridal Box Review

Something New Bridal Box Contents

This was one of my FAV bridal subscription boxes when I got engaged, and I wanted to keep this subscription all the way until the big day!  These boxes come with an awesome theme every month. 

Girl Drinking Out of Mug Says "I Said Hell Yes!"

I fell in love with their December/holiday box.  It came with some beautiful products…my favorite being the “I said hell yes!” mug.  And of course the silver sparkly Christmas ornament that says “The Best is Yet to Come!”  Their boxes come with some awesome pieces, all full-sized, so it’s not just your average samples.

Sweating for the wedding subscription box

The next box I got was all about the gym/working out. I loved the “Bride” water bottle that you could use on the go, and the cute “Sweating for the Wedding” gym tank was a fun touch.

It also came with a soft gym towel “Wifey in Training”, which had a zipper pocket for your keys and small items.

bridal box filled with fiancé gifts

My next box from Something New Bridal Box was all about the new title!  You’re now a fiancé,  bride, and a soon-to-be Mrs.  This is something to celebrate, and they got that down!  The cute and soft fiancé shirt is long-sleeved, with a wide neck, so will be very cute to wear around town in the cooler month.  The ceramic to-go mug “from miss to mrs.” is one of my favorites from this box too.

And now that I’m a “MRS!” I’ve been wearing this necklace non-stop!

Bridal subscription box items

The last box I received is what I call their “Relaxation Box”.  It had 2 big pillow cases with one saying “and they lived” and the other “happily ever after”.  

Use those after a nice long bath using your new lavender soap and your #Bridevibes wine glass, before hitting the bed with your new plush “Wifey” eye mask.  Can’t forget the very cute gold heart earrings too!

I would get so excited when my Something New Bridal Box came in the mail, it was like Christmas morning. I definitely recommend grabbing this one if you want fun fiancé gifts!

Get yours Something New Bridal Box Subscription here!

The Ring Box

  • Who Is The Ring Box For?
  • The Ring Box is for the bride who likes novelty type gifts. This box would be more for the younger bride.
  • What We Love Most:
  • The Ring Box is definitely a trendy box, as it seems everyone knows about it. We like that they have a Groom Box available, and they have a small shop where you can purchase items.

    Each box also comes with recipe cards, so you can start your recipe collection.
  • What We Love Least:
  • The quality of the items compared to other boxes seem very cheap. It feels like a box a High School girl would want if they were getting married.
    It has been a year since we received our boxes, and it seems these items have gotten a little better, but it doesn’t really compare to some other boxes out there.
  • I also really don’t like that they add in shipping costs AFTER you’re already at checkout… and if they have discounts running, it’s only for your first month subscription IF you purchase 3 or more months.

  • How Much Is It?
    If you go to their website, you’ll see The Ring Boxes cost $39.95, which makes you think this is a cheaper option than most. BUT!! Don’t be fooled, they add shipping at checkout. Ugh! Ours came out to be $47.90 in total.

    They have a 1, 3, 6, and 9 month subscription, and you save money the more months you purchase up front.

  • Would We Recommend?
  • At the beginning stages of being engaged, I was excited about this box. When you’re engaged, you’re going to be excited about any gift that says fiancé.

    But after seeing what else is out there, unfortunately I would not recommend this box to my friends. The items seem very cheap and almost corny. Although to be fair, maybe they are working on it..?

The Ring Box Review

The Ring Box Gifts

I had heard a lot about The Ring Box before, as I have some friends who got this one when they were engaged. So I was excited to check them out. These boxes are all about the fiancé. If you are a bride-to-be who would love to show off your new “future bride” status, this is the box for you!

The Ring Box sends you a fun selection of “bride” gifts and celebrating the countdown to “Mrs”.  In my boxes, I received a ring dish, perfect for a newly engaged woman…a “___ Days Until We Say I Do” chalkboard countdown to the wedding, and several “Bride” pieces.

The Ring Boxes Subscription Box Contents

A cool and unique thing about The Ring Box, is that every box includes Recipe Cards! With just my first few boxes, I already have a great start to my very own cookbook.  Such a great addition to these boxes.  

I loved the Celebration Themed Box with a cozy “Pop the Champagne, I’m Changing My Last Name” tank, which I did wear to my bachelorette party, and matching flute to drink champagne in while celebrating my soon-to-be Mrs. status.

The Ring Box open with gifts showing

The Ring Box does a great job of celebrating your new bride title and making you excited for your up and coming big day!

Check them out here!

The Bride Box

  • Who Is The Bride Box For?
  • The Bride Box is for the bride-to-be who just wants a fun surprise.
  • This box is for the girl who will love anything having to do with fiancé, mrs, and bride.
  • What We Love Most:
  • We love that The Bride Box has come up with one time subscription boxes, and you know exactly what you’re getting in each of the signature boxes. Yes, it takes away the surprise, but it also lets you know what you are getting and you can decide if it’s worth the money.
  • What We Love Least:
  • The items in these engagement boxes tend to be very mismatch and random. Nothing seems to go together so it seems like a hodge podge of items.
  • Again, like The Ring Box, this box charges shipping on top of the monthly subscription price, so the initial price isn’t really what you’re paying.
  • How Much Is It?
    The Bride Box website says each month is $39.99, but after you factor in shipping costs, ours came out to be $46.98. They have a 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month subscriptions, and you save money the more months you purchase.
  • Would We Recommend?
  • I would recommend checking out their one time signature bridal boxes rather than getting a subscription to this one. They do have some good themed boxes in their shop depending on your likes, and I think that would be a lot better deal for the money.

The Bride Box Review

The Bride Box Subscription showing bride gifts

The Bride Box is perfectly named, since these boxes are all about the bride.  There are some great pampering and beauty products in these boxes that any bride is sure to love.  Our first box starts you out for your perfect spa day.  Kick back after a luxurious bath with your new “Bride to Be” socks, as you sip on champagne in your new “Bride” glass.  Throw on your black lace collagen mask and give yourself the perfect pink mani/pedi.

The Bride Box Showing Bride items

The second box had my new favorite tote bag.  This “Bride” tote is perfect for your wedding planning days, and would be great for your wedding weekend.  This box also had a unique item I haven’t seen before…”the best day ever” and “happily ever after” round disks in the picture above, are toppers to put on your wine glass when you’re outside, to protect it from the elements.  And we haven’t stopped playing with the “Oh Snap! I’m Getting Married” snap bracelet.

Subscription box sample from the bride box

Our last box had some fun beauty items as well as a very soft “Sweating for the Wedding” shirt.  The Bride Box has so many different products for the new bride. We recommend checking out their one off boxes so you get what you want.

See other examples of the Bride box here!

Being a new “fiancé” is such a fun season in your life, so grab a box, or two, or three, and enjoy your fun new products celebrating your new status!

Now that you have your boxes…it’s time to start thinking of your Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!

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