Bridal Shower Themes: Ideas She Will Love in 2024 {80+ Ideas!}

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Bridal Showers can be tough to plan, but if you start with a list of Bridal Shower Themes, it can be a lot easier! Wedding showers are about more than just gift giving. They’re filled with food, games, and fun for everyone who’s on the guest list.

If you’ve been tasked with planning this party, maybe because you are the Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, or you just volunteered, you likely want to make it memorable for the guests and bride-to-be. A themed bridal shower leaves a lasting impression on guests, and it also makes planning easier.

Some wedding shower themes already have food or games associated with them, so you won’t have to come up with much on your own.

These bridal shower theme ideas are based on pop culture, sports, and hobbies that the bride-to-be might be interested in.

Before planning a themed wedding shower, discuss the theme with the guest of honor to make sure she approves. Remember to base the party off of her interests, not your own!

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Best Bridal Shower Themes

These Bridal Shower Themes are perfect for a fun and unique party idea. You can take any food, beverage or gift idea and something else that is a bride’s favorite and combine them for a special idea. Here are some examples:

Boozy Bridal Shower Themes:

Rosé All Day

If your bride is a lover of Rose, do a fun Rose All Day theme. Everything can be decorated in light pinks and balloons, and be sure to have Rosé Bottles all around and being served throughout the party.

If her fiancés name happens to rhyme with Rosé, then host a party with his first initial… Rosé and J, Rosé and K…Rosé and Bae…etc.

Monograms and Margaritas

Every married couple creates a new monogram when they get married with their new combined initials. Have a fun Monograms and Margaritas party to celebrate the new union.

Champagne and Bling

Keep the Champagne flowing all day with beautiful decor full of diamonds and bling in this Champagne and Bling Bridal Shower Idea.

Have all your guests wear these oversized diamond rings throughout the party, and you can even incorporate them into a game.

Brunch and Bubbly

Brunch is always a good idea, so what a perfect theme for a bridal shower. Throw a Brunch and Bubbly shower with a brunch buffet complete with a full mimosa bar!

Puppies and Prosecco

Everyone loves puppies, and if your bride is a huge dog lover, a Puppies and Prosecco Bridal Shower would be a perfect fit!

Whether you bring real puppies over to play with for the day or just use them in the decor, your puppy loving bride will appreciate the thought.

4 women holding champagne at a themed bridal shower.

Don’t forget to pair your party with some fun bridal shower games & activities like these:

He Said, She Said Wedding Shower Game
What’s In Your Purse Game Questions
Bridal Jeopardy Questions
Wedding Shoe Game Questions
Virtual Bridal Shower Games

Cute Wedding Shower Themes

Pajamas and Pearls

Host a fun Pajama Party but don’t forget the pearls. It’s a throwback to when you would have sleepovers with your girlfriends and still play dress up in your PJ’s.

Encourage all your guests to wear Pajamas to your shower and bling them out with some fun jewelry.

Pancakes and Panties

For this theme, you can invite each of your guests to bring a pair of new panties for the bride, and serve an awesome pancake bar for breakfast or lunch.

“She’s Been Scooped Up!”  Ice-Cream Themed Bridal Shower

This would have been one of the top ones on my list, as I LOVE ice cream! And how cute would this be for a party?!

Your bride-to-be got “scooped up” by a loving fiancé! Prepare a beautiful ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings, and enjoy decorating with all the fun ice cream related decor they have to celebrate the occasion.

Since the ice cream will be the main attraction, you’ll want to fill the party with games to keep guests busy.

Consider setting up a photo booth, guest book, and games that don’t require someone to run them.  While you want to keep people entertained, don’t take them away from the ice cream!

If you’d like to shake things up a bit, play a game with the bride-to-be. Seat her in a chair, blindfold her, and have her guess which flavors of ice cream she’s sampling. Of course, only add this game to your itinerary with her permission.

Candy Themed Wedding Shower

Love is sweet! A candy themed wedding shower will mostly revolve around the food you serve. To make planning easier, use the wedding colors to help you choose decorations and candy.

Create colorful centerpieces using coordinating M&Ms, set up a chocolate fondue station, and create a photo station with candy-themed props. Instead of paper props, your guests can take Instagram pictures with actual giant lollipops!

Since most of your food will be sweet, keep your beverages light. Opt for sparkling water, champagne, or drinks that won’t aggravate your guests’ stomachs.

Champagne glasses full of candy for a wedding shower theme idea.

Make The Gift The Bridal Shower Theme

A really cool way to make sure the bride is getting gifts that will actually be useful to her is to have a gift themed wedding shower.

This is especially good if the bride already has her whole house set up and doesn’t really need household items.

Of course she can always upgrade and register for new stuff, but if she would rather not register for kitchen and bathroom items, you can find something she will love to receive from her guests.

Here are some of our favorites:

Lingerie Bridal Shower

Having a lingerie bridal shower can be a lot of fun. You can ask all the women attending to bring a little something for the bride to add to her collection.

Send out the brides sizes on a card with the invitation, so each guest can bring her something to fit the theme. This can be from risqué lingerie to everyday panties.

For decor, you can use lots of lace and bows, and pick a few colors and stick with them, so the theme looks a bit more put together.

Stock The Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Ask each of the guests to bring a kitchen themed gift and together you can stock her kitchen!

This is great for the bride who is just starting out and trying to put a new full kitchen together.

Date Night Bridal Shower Gifts

We did this for mine! Rather than registering and having everyone shop for a gift for the house, we decided to do a “Date Night” gift idea.

Guests are asked to bring their favorite date idea to the shower so the couple can enjoy that date together.

We’re really big on experiences not things, so this turned out perfect…plus we both have been out on our own for a long time, so we have all the household stuff we need times 2!

Guests got really creative and had some awesome gift baskets for us to have a wonderful date together.

Need ideas for Date Night Baskets? We have a video where I reviewed my favorite dates from this wedding shower theme.

Time of Day Theme

We had just heard of this one from another fellow bride, and think it is such a great idea.

Each guest is given a time of day, and they can bring a gift that reflects that time.

So for noon, you can do a picnic basket with some snacks inside…7am could be a coffee maker, etc. And midnight…well, let’s leave that one to your imagination! 😉

The Bedroom/Patio/Game Room

Pick a room the bride would like to decorate and stock, and do your theme based on that.

The fun part of this is, they will be able to do some creative things that aren’t just decor. If you do the bedroom, you’ll think sheets, mirrors, pillows, robes, a lamp, chargers, etc. but also, lingerie, breakfast in bed tray and more.

Women looking at engagement ring at a wedding shower.

Travel Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

A travel bridal shower is perfect for the girl who loves to venture around the world. Even if she doesn’t travel a lot, a travel theme can still be perfect for her…

Traveling From Miss to Mrs.

Every woman getting married has a big “new destination” she is going on, and that is from a “Miss” to a “Mrs.” Even if she’s not changing her last name, she will still be getting a Mrs. title, so this is the perfect way to celebrate that.

Plan this shower full of decor with luggage, passport pictures, maps, etc. You can make this very elegant with a simple pink, gold, and white theme to keep it more of a classy bridal shower feel.

Around The World Wedding Shower

For the woman who loves to travel and is always on-the-go, surprise her with an “Around The World” shower.

Decorate with the typical travel items like maps, globes, flags from other countries and more.

When planning out food, try getting different types of food that represent different places around the world. Examples being mini tacos for Mexico, egg rolls for Asia, pizza rolls for Italy…you get the gist.

Our Adventure

Another fun travel themes shower could be all about the adventure of the couple.  The adventures they have been on together already, and the adventures that are to come.

This is a cute way to use the movie “UP” as a theme as well. Print out pictures of their favorite adventures together and scatter them around the party, or use them for table centerpieces.

Paris Romance

If she’s a lover of Paris, she will love this bridal shower idea. Decorate everything in Eiffel Tower decor, black and pink, or get super fancy with it, a la movie Bridesmaids!

Globe sitting on a table.

Best Bridal Shower Theme Ideas Based On Movie, TV, & Books

A perfect way to have the most personal bridal shower for any bride, is to have the theme based on her favorite book, movie, or TV show. And there are some really great ideas out there.

This one will be completely up to what your bride loves, but here are some of the most popular wedding shower ideas based on media.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Themed Bridal Shower

This was my bridal shower and it could not have turned out more perfect. For the guests who are FRIENDS fans they’ll recognize the jokes, decor, and sayings, and for those who aren’t…why are they even at your shower?! Kidding!

But all of the guests loved it, and it was the most special to me since I really love the show, and it made my shower very personal.

Great Gatsby Bridal Shower

Now we’re back to the Roaring 20’s! Host a Great Gatsby themed wedding shower with the glitz and glamour from 100 years ago.

If you opt to make this a costume party, provide jewelry and accessories for guests who don’t have their own. Be sure to serve prohibition-era cocktails (think sidecars and Gin Rickeys) and gourmet food. Throw in a jazzy Spotify playlist to tie it all together.

It’s easy to find swing and jazz music that won’t bore your guests. In addition to the classics, throw in some tunes from Postmodern Jukebox. This group performs swing covers of popular songs.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Bridal Shower Idea

This has been a hugely popular theme. The classic Tiffany blue color can be used throughout the party, and have Tiffany style boxes with a cute diamond-like favor inside, or do cheap pearls and sunglasses for favors.  You can also ask guests to wear black dresses.

Harry Potter Bridal Shower

For the girl who loves Harry Potter, plan a fun HP themed shower for her.

This is best if both the bride and the wedding shower planner know a little bit about the series, so enlist some help from other Potter-heads if you aren’t sure.

I Love Lucy” Bridal Shower

An “I Love Lucy” themed bridal shower would be so cute! Pick out some of the most ionic scenes and use those for planning the food, decor, and activities throughout the party.

Gilmore Girls” Bridal Shower Idea

We heard of some brides having a Gilmore Girls shower as well. If that’s her absolute favorite show, this will be a huge hit. Make sure to have lots of coffee and print out random sayings from the girls to hang up at the party.

The Office Bridal Shower

This was also a really cool shower idea we’ve seen. Everything is decorated based on episodes from The Office.

Even the food can be themed to it as well. You’ll need some big fans who really know the series to pull it off, but when you do, your bride will absolutely love it!

Star Wars Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re planning the bridal shower for May 4, and she’s a Star Wars fan, this one would be a miss if you didn’t jump on it.

Bunch of balloons with polka dots.

Classic Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Of course the classic wedding shower themes are always popular, and for good reason. Check out these for a classy and classic bridal shower.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

As the famous saying goes in a wedding, you’ll need one of each. For this theme, you can use generational photos of family wedding pictures as decor or print out photos of the bride and groom for the Something Old.

The gifts the guests bring will be for Something New of course. When it comes to Something Borrowed, you can have the guests write down their best marriage advice, or their favorite recipe.

And for Something Blue, you can decorate everything in blue, invite all the guests to wear blue, or have the bride be the something blue.

Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Host a High Tea Party for the wedding shower. We did this for one of my sisters and it was a big hit.

Everyone gets to dress up in pretty dresses, they can wear hats and gloves depending on how fancy you want to get, and serve lots of tea in antique tea cups (you can find these at thrift store too, or ask everyone to bring one they want to use).

For food, you can serve finger foods, small sandwiches, croissants, cheeses, etc.

Colors Theme

A Simple Bridal Shower Theme is to do colors. You can incorporate the wedding colors the couple has planned, or the brides favorite colors.

Or find something trendy and have everything decorated with just those colors. You can go so far as to have all the food themed to the colors as well.

A table full of people raising glasses for a toast.

Simple Bridal Shower Ideas

Love Is Sweet 

Plan a dessert bridal shower, and you won’t have to worry about serving a full meal. Be sure it’s clear to guests that this bridal shower will be just desserts, and plan it for a time after lunch but enough time before dinner as well.

Set up a table full of sweet treats that guests can enjoy throughout the party.

These Bridal Shower Cupcakes will be perfect for this wedding shower theme idea!

Eat, Drink, And Be Married!

This one leaves all the decor and ideas up to you. You can use whatever you want, colors, flowers, decor…just provide something to eat and drink!

Little Black Dress Theme

Invite all the guests to dress in their favorite Little Black Dress and make it a fancy party. This is great if you are hosting the shower at a restaurant, but you can also do this at your home as well.

It may also be a better one to do more in the evening than say a Sunday afternoon.

Pajama Party 

There’s nothing as laid back as a pajama party! Invite your wedding shower guests to show up in their favorite sleepwear, and use stuffed animals as centerpieces.

Instead of seat cushions at your tables, use pillows to set the cozy mood. With the bride’s permission, tell scary stories of potential (minor) wedding and honeymoon mishaps.

Bring a flashlight to remind your guests of a slumber party storytime session!

Serve plenty of snack food at your pajama bridal shower – think popcorn, trail mix, and assorted candy. If you have a larger budget, you can give each guest slippers as a party favor.

No matter how you go about a pajama party wedding shower, your guests will be happy it wasn’t more formal. After all, not everyone wants to dress up for events!

Table full of sandwiches at a bridal shower themed party.

Modern Bridal Shower Ideas

Succulent Bridal Shower

Succulents are definitely in right now, and it would be a cute way to add to your theme. Find some decor that matches the colors add a pop of pink and gift each lady a mini succulent to take home as her party favor.

Taco ‘Bout Love 

Everyone loves tacos, and if your bride-to-be loves them this would be the perfect theme. Combine Tacos and Love and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination.

You can still keep this charming and decorate more on the Love side and have mini tacos, a taco bar, or a full on Mexican food buffet!

Nacho Average Love/Couple/Shower

Host a nacho bar at the wedding shower. There are several different ways you can word this shower, but “Nacho Average…” Love, Couple, and Shower have been the most popular ones we’ve seen.

Stock The Bar Party 

Now days, brides are getting smart, and instead of having to pay for their entire bar at the wedding, they are hosting “Stock The Bar” showers.

Each guest brings their favorite bottle of wine or liquor to help stock the bar that they will be drinking from at the wedding later.

Or, some couples choose to do this for their own bar at home so when they have company over, they’ll be prepared.

Spice the Kitchen 

A fun one we ran across was a “Spice The Kitchen” Bridal Shower Theme. Each guest is asked to bring their favorite spice for the kitchen, along with a gift for the kitchen.

Bride to Be showing off her engagement ring at her bridal shower.

Fun Bridal Shower Themes

The most memorable parties are ones that have lots of entertainment, things to do, and really great themes…get the party started and have some fun with these fun wedding shower themes:

Mardi Gras Bridal Shower

Mardi Gras would be a fun Bridal Shower theme. You can really do up all the decor, add some food New Orleans style and don’t forget the Kings Cake!

Be sure to stock the party full of colorful beads and send them home with your guests as their favors.

You can even play that game where each guest takes a necklace at the beginning of the party, and they are not allowed to say certain words like “bride or wedding”.

If they do and someone catches them, they get to steal the necklace. Whoever has the most at the end of the party wins the prize!

Luau Bridal Shower Theme

Host a luau! Luaus are so fun to decorate and you can make it feel like you’re really on a tropical island. Find some good tunes to go along with the theme, big out the leis, and have everyone do the hula as a fun activity.

Final Fiesta

A fiesta bridal shower doesn’t require much creativity to plan out. Simply create a taco bar, set up a pinata, and serve up some margaritas. This is a great theme to choose for an outdoor wedding shower, especially if it’s close to Cinco de Mayo.

Decade Themed Bridal Shower

Make it a theme of the decade. Depending on what your bride loves the most, you can choose a cool decade and go from there.

If she wants to do a 50’s theme, you can do a diner setting with cool music with a fake jukebox, or a hippy 70’s theme with peace signs and tie-dye.

Spa Themed

A really fun theme that all the guests will love would be a Spa Themed Wedding Shower.

Set up stations where guests can do their own, or each others, mani and pedis, facial masks, sit in the massage chair, and more.

Be sure the guests know the theme and are ready for more of a “day at the spa” than a fancy party where they show up in full faced makeup.

Tropical Themed

A tropical themed bridal shower can open your world to so many different ideas. You can have guests show up in shorts and flip flops, pass around tropical drinks, or even host a pool party!

Country Chic Bridal Shower

If your bride is into country decor and attire, maybe a rustic themed bridal shower would be great for her.

Decorate it with girlie accents, but bringing out the country as well. Lots of Burlap and Lace, which is a huge trend right now, especially at weddings!

Country Chic Bridal Shower Ideas

Garden Themed Bridal Shower Party

Have a Garden Party for the bridal shower. Your guests will love hanging outside with the fresh air and smell of beautiful flowers.

Whether you have flowers growing in your backyard already, or if you want to head to a restaurant with an outdoor patio, you can make this work.

Order cheap flowers in bulk from Sam’s Club and fill the whole party with a beautiful fragrance.

Carnival Shower

Step right up to the most fun theme of them all! A carnival wedding shower would include cotton candy, popcorn, and soft pretzels for your guests.

Throw in a few basic carnival activities (cornhole toss, a face painting station) as well as plenty of fun bridal games. This bridal shower is all about fun and games, so get creative with your food and activities!

Use primary colors for your decorations, and be sure to throw in some string lights. Try to give your venue a classic circus vibe.

Glasses filled with a berry drink at a fall themed wedding shower.

Wedding Shower Themes For Fashionistas

If she’s into fashion, she will love these themes:

Kate Spade Theme

We saw a bunch of really cute Kate Spade bridal showers and thought that would be such a perfect idea for your fashionista bride.

Decorate in her staple colors, order a fun cake to go with the theme, and have purses all around.

Victoria Secret Bridal Shower

Make it a sexy bridal shower with the Victoria Secret theme. You can decorate in VS Pink and make strings of panties for decor, that the bride gets to keep afterwards.

Decorate the cake just like the striped Victoria Secret shopping bags.

Hats and Heels Bridal Shower

Encourage your guests to get dressed up, complete with hats and heels. Then use that for your decor as well.

Get a few girl friends to bring all their fancy hats and high heels and strategically use these for decor around the house.

Retro Pin-Up Shower Idea

Do a pin-up girl themed shower. You can decide on what colors to use and incorporate pin up prints all around and even use them on the tables for centerpieces.

All White Bridal Shower Theme

Everything you do at this shower, make sure it’s all white. Ask your guests to wear white, have all the decorations with the theme, with white flowers, balloons, ribbons, streamers, etc.

You can even do a white theme for the food and serve all the food in one color. You bride can wear white as well, or ask her to wear her favorite color so she stands out.

Pretty In Pink Bridal Themed Shower

Have a full on Pink party where everyone wears pink, everything is decorated in pink, and all the food is pink themed!

Table setting at a pretty in pink bridal shower theme.

Bridal Shower Themes For Spring

Spring is a very popular time to host Bridal Showers because lots of brides have their wedding in late Spring and early Summer. Use that to your advantage when planning a Spring Wedding Shower.

April Showers and May Flowers

So this one is technically two different ones, depending on what month you throw the shower, but you can even combine it!

Especially if you do the shower in April and the bride gets married in May…or even if they don’t it’s a cute idea whenever.

For this theme idea, you can decorate with rain gear and pretty umbrellas for April Showers, and add lots of flowers all around the party for the May Flowers.

Showering The Bride With Love

In the same note, April Showers is a great pun with a Bridal Shower, so Showering The Bride With Love would be a cute idea for a theme.

Lots of different ways you can go about decorating for this theme too. Add lots of pretty hearts all around with rain drops and umbrellas for example.

Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower

The Kentucky Derby is held in the Spring, and what a fun Bridal Shower theme this could be.

Decorate the whole place in Roses, and drape the brides chair in strands of roses, like the winning horses get.

Then have all of your guests dress up in Spring Dresses and Big Hats.

Lemon and Lavender 

Host a cute shower with Lemons and Lavender all around. This is a great Spring theme where you can decorate everything in yellow and purples.

Have a lemonade bar full of different flavors, and make delicious treats that compliment the theme.

Bride showing off her ring at her wedding party.

Bridal Shower Themes For Summer

These Summer Showers are perfect for any Fall bride, since you’re probably wanting to throw the shower a little beforehand.

Summer is the perfect time for any outdoor shower, garden party, etc.

Sunflower Themed 

Sunflowers are in full bloom in Summer and Fall months, and we have seen several brides absolutely love this idea. And the decor is really simple too.

With their vibrant colors, the Sunflowers will give lots of beautiful pops of color throughout the party.

Pineapple of My Eye

Pineapple is also a very popular pick and a great pun like “Pineapple of My Eye” is a cute idea.

If you want to get really creative, you can serve cocktails out of pineapples, or plastic pineapples too.

There are some really cute decor and favors like pineapple sunglasses, cups, and compact mirrors, etc.

Citrus Themed

If Pineapple isn’t her fruit, try a Citrus Themed Shower. You can have grapefruit decor, oranges, lemons, etc.

Depending on which fruits you choose, you can come up with a fun name for the theme of your bridal shower as well.

Pineapple wearing a party hat and glasses for a summer themed bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Themes For Fall

Fall brings abut the start of the holiday season, and it’s when everyone gets to start wearing their cute sweaters and boots. It’s also a great time to host a bridal shower for those winter brides.

Falling In Love

A fun Fall themed wedding shower would be a “Fall-ing in Love” theme. Decor can be all Fall related, but you can also add touches of hearts and Love signs all around.

If you don’t want the typical Fall colors, you can still do a very classy touch with hearts falling from the sky all around the party.

Till Death Do Us Part Bridal Shower

Perfect for the Halloween themed shower, use the wedding vows as a play on words getting into the Halloween spirit.

Use your imagination on this decor, as you can go really Halloween themed, or keep it more towards the wedding theme for this idea.

two glasses of champagne.

Bridal Shower Themes For Winter

After the holidays have settled down, we still have a few months of winter. Between January and March, things have finally started to calm down with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, which makes this a perfect time to host a wedding shower.

Winter Wonderland

Play up the cold months with this idea. It can be very romantic with lots of silver and white filled with sparkles all around. Or play up the snowflakes and snow decor.

You can serve a hot chocolate bar and lots of warm snacks.

Valentine’s Day/ Love Theme

Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without a theme filled with hearts and love.

And February is a perfect time to do this. Especially right after Valentine’s Day, as everything will be extremely discounted!

New Year, New Last Name

Perfect for a January Bridal Shower, you can host a “New Year, New Last Name” shower.

Use the same New Year’s Eve colors with the black and gold, or pick your own favorite combinations and use the year as decor, since it’s the year the bride will get married.

table full of sweets at a love is sweet .

Disney Bridal Shower Themes

Disney is always going to be a popular choice and for good reason. There are so many different Disney themes that can work for a wedding shower, so we have listed some of our favorites below:

Disney Themed Bridal Shower

Make it a full on Disney Theme. You could host a Disney bridal shower that includes all of the bride’s favorite characters. Give each guest a pair of mouse ears, but have a special bedazzled one ready for the bride-to-be.

Beauty and The Beast Bridal Shower Theme

For the Bride who loves all things Beauty and The Beast, this could be a very romantic and fun idea.

Decorate in yellow and red roses all around. Have your bride wear a yellow dress, or blue and white to mimic Belle’s dress throughout the movie.

Cinderella Themed Shower – Bippity Boppity Booze

We loved hearing this idea about hosting a Cinderella shower. Keep it nice and classy with glass slippers and blue, white and silver decor.

The best idea we heard was making a Bippity Boppity Booze Bar. Don’t forget the magic wands and lots of sparkle!

The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea Bridal Shower Theme

This could be a Little Mermaid themed shower, or just Mermaid in general. You don’t necessarily have to have Ariel.

But some nice touches all around that have mermaid like qualities will make this a very classy and personal theme for the bride-to-be.

Alice in Wonderland 

We’ve also seen some really cute Alice and Wonderland themes, and each one has been different from the other.

You can decorate full of books and tea cups, or get crazy with the signs and mad hatter tea party type of decor.

Disney Princess Bridal Shower

Getting engaged is like living out a real-life fairytale. Treat your bride-to-be like royalty with a party fit for a princess.

Serve tea and pastries at a lunchtime party, and play classic Disney music while you celebrate. Prepare a crown for the bride to wear throughout the party.

If you’re a skilled baker, try your hand at a Disney princess themed cake. Can you re-create Cinderella’s carriage or glass slipper?

Bride and her friends standing with balloons and cat ears.

Unique Bridal Shower Themes

This unique wedding shower themes are perfect for the personal touch depending on your bride.

If your bride is a nurse, you can do a theme based on that, if she loves cats, decide on a cat themed shower. Here are some of our favorite unique shower themes:

The Hunt Is Over Theme Wedding Shower

Perfect for the girl who loves hunting, a bridal shower “The Hunt Is Over” can be a great idea.

It’s a great play on words for a hunting themed bridal shower, showing she has been “caught” and the “hunt” is now over.

2 Less Fish In The Sea

This could have been a great contender for my shower, as my husband is a fisherman.

For the couples who love to fish, choose a theme about there being “two less fish in the sea”.

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re hosting a shower for a summer wedding, consider a nautical theme…especially if your bride is in the Navy or her fiancé is.

Use navy, red, and light blue decorations to set the mood (with navy as your main color), complete with anchors, and sailor hats.

If you plan to make a sign that shows how many days are left until the wedding, use puns to your advantage. A sign that says, “XX days before they tie the knot” fits perfectly in a nautical theme!

When planning a nautical themed bridal shower, incorporate symbols that people associate with both relationships and sea life.

Create party favors with anchors to symbolize the couple being anchored to each other. You could also use life tubes to represent a partner being a lifesaver. 

Think of some fun nautical terms and create a theme based on that. Find nautical decorations at any craft or home décor store.

Lucky In Love Casino Themed Shower

When the bride-to-be met her fiancé, she hit the jackpot! Celebrate her lifelong winnings with a casino themed bridal shower for your bride who is “lucky in love”.

Buy chocolate coins in bulk to use as centerpieces and party favors – if you’re throwing a winter party, you’ll have no problem finding chocolate gelt.

Turn your invitations into scratch-off cards to reveal the date, time, and location of the party. When you decorate your venue, stick to black and metallic colors to give the room a casino vibe. 

Give out personalize decks of cards to your guests with the theme or couples photos, decorate with dice, cards, money chips, etc.

Casino-themed food can be fun to make. Try making cupcakes or cookies that look like poker chips, and be sure to set up a hot buffet.

Love may be a gamble, but the bride and groom won big – honor that with a wide food selection!

Table full of desserts at a sweet themed bridal shower.

Co-ed Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Of course some brides opt to have a co-ed bridal shower and invite their fiancé and their friends as well. Here are some great ideas for co-ed wedding shower themes:

I Do BBQ Co-Ed Wedding Shower

Having a Backyard Barbecue for your combined shower helps make it more of a party and less of a “woman’s event”.

Bring out all the yard games, the delicious bbq food, and enjoy a day outside with all your family and friends.

Jack and Jill Wedding Shower 

We’ve heard lots about hosting “Jack and Jill” co-ed wedding showers. This basically just means that it is a combined wedding shower with both the bride and the groom, but this could be a fun theme to do up as well.

Print out lots of pictures of both bride and groom growing up and plan entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Couple’s Tools Wedding Shower

This is a great idea for what types of gifts your guests can bring the couple. Have a “Couple’s Tools” party can mean lots of different things.

This can be kitchen tools, work tools, or “tools” you may need for date nights like gift cards and tickets.

Football Wedding Shower

You could base a football themed wedding shower around a specific NFL team or the entire league.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll want food that reminds people of Superbowl Sunday.

Prepare wings, mozzarella sticks, and other finger foods for an energetic afternoon party.

Encourage guests to wear their favorite sports jerseys to the shower, and consider buying the bride and groom-to-be a special jersey for the occasion. This casual theme is sure to be a hit with your sporty guests!

Couple at a Co-ed bridal shower theme ideas

During downtime, have a trivia game prepared for your guests. The questions can either be about the couple, football, or both.

Award each correct answer with a miniature trophy, and give the overall winner a model Lombardi trophy. Before including trivia about the guests of honor, make sure they approve of those questions first!

The most important thing when it comes to planning a theme for her bridal shower is to think of what the bride would like. 

With a little bit of planning and some thoughtful touches, a themed wedding shower can be exciting for all of your guests. Whether your theme revolves around food, décor, or clever puns, the party will be more memorable than a basic wedding shower.

Get others in the bridal party to share their ideas as well – your bride-to-be’s party can be a team effort. Your guest of honor will love the thought you put into her party!

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