Bridal Jeopardy Questions Game: {150+ Bridal Shower Questions}

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Planning a bridal shower and looking at doing some fun games?! Bridal Jeopardy works exactly like the normal television show. There are categories players choose from and can win “money” or points if they get the answer correct. This game is a great way to get to know the couple and, even better, potentially win a prize!

How To Play Bridal Shower Jeopardy With questions to steal.

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How To Make A Bridal Jeopardy Game

If you enjoy crafts you can create a poster board for the jeopardy game. There are many beautiful examples online to emulate.

Glue envelopes to the board that holds the question and the answer. Or design one online to be compatible with cell phones. There are a lot of apps that you can download to link to your game and operate as buzzers. 

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There should be multiple categories to choose from, ideally 3-5. Since it is for the bridal shower they can be geared more towards the bride instead of the groom.

Fun Categories To Include:

If you have a fabulous bridal shower theme, you can play off that, or go for some of these categories:

  • All About the Bride
  • Love Songs
  • Fun Facts
  • Romantic Movies
  • Wedding Traditions
  • The Couple   
  • Love Stories
  • Famous Couples
  • What Did The Groom Say?
  • Famous Brides
  • Name That Cake
  • Future
  • Places They Have Been
  • He Said/She Said

Check Out This Disney Bridal Jeopardy!

Typically the host of the bridal shower is also the host of the Jeopardy game as they most likely created it. You can split up duties, though, or even co-host. 

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How To Play Bridal Jeopardy

  • Split into teams based on your group size and provide each one with a buzzer. You can determine which team goes first by drawing lots, rolling die, picking a number, etc. Someone should be assigned to keep score.
  • The easiest questions will be worth the least amount of points, while difficult ones are worth more. Points usually range from 100-500 points. 
  • Every team will choose a category and point value for their round. Whoever buzzes in first gets to answer the question. If you get it correct then you earn those points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize.
  • Double jeopardy is when the question is worth either the team’s amount of points or a total of 1000 points, whichever is more. Final jeopardy makes up the last question of the game and should be the most vague and difficult one to answer. 

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Bridal Jeopardy Questions

You can do it the original Jeopardy way, by reading the answer, and having guests reply with the question…or just ask the questions and the guests can give the answer.

The categories you use can be more general but the questions should be more personal. The higher the points the more difficult the question.

Here are some categories and question and answer examples:

About The Bride:

  • What’s the bride’s favorite color?
  • How old is the bride?
  • What is her favorite food?
  • What is her shoe size?
  • How many parking tickets does she have?
  • What was her first job?
  • This is what the bride wanted to be when she was growing up.
  • The movie she has watched 30 times.
  • When did the engaged couple get engaged?
  • Where did he pop the question?
  • How many bridesmaids?
  • Describe the design of their wedding cake
  • Where are they going on their honeymoon?
  • What’s their ideal date together?
  • What’s their favorite takeout?
  • What is the bride’s middle name?
  • What is her favorite perfume?
  • What is her future last name?
  • What does the bride do for work?
  • What was her favorite school subject?
  • Is she more likely to wear pink or blue?
  • What was her first car?
  • Is the bride a night owl or early bird?
  • What was her favorite game or toy as a kid?
  • What apartment number or road did the bride grow up on/at?
  • Where did the bride go to school, and college?
  • Name the bride’s biggest pet peeve.
  • Where was the bride born?
  • What’s the bride’s horoscope?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite thing to do on the weekend?
  • How many sisters does the bride have?
  • What’s her favorite band or artist?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite animal?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite country?
  • What’s the bride’s biggest dream?
  • What’s the bride’s worst fear?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite alcoholic drink?
  • Who’s the bride’s favorite celebrity?
  • Did the bride have a school crush? (Bonus point if you get the correct full name!)
  • What would the bride have for her ideal breakfast?
  • What was the bride’s most memorable date with her then-boyfriend?
  • Would the bride choose heels or trainers for a night out?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite season of the year?
  • Would the bride or the groom cook on Thanksgiving?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite drink in the morning?
  • What’s her nickname for him, if she has one?
  • If the bride was stranded on an island, what 3 things would she take? (she needs to write them down to match yours!)
  • How many jobs has she had?

See more questions about the bride in our “Who Knows The Bride Best” Game..

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Romantic Movies:

  • How many days did it take Kate Hudson to lose Matthew McConaughey?
  • How did Jenna and Matt say goodbye in “13 Going On 30?”
  • “You want the moon? Just say the word, and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” Name that movie.
  • What are the main characters names in “Gone With The Wind”?
    These two actors are the main actors in the movie, “Ghost”.
  • The famous quote “I’ll Never Let Go” is from this movie.
  • This is the name of the main character in “The Wedding Singer”.
  • Finish the famous movie title. When Harry met ….. ? (Answer: Sally)
  • How many things did Kat hate about Patrick, played by Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger? (Answer: 10)
  • ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ is from what classic romance? (Answer: Dirty Dancing)
  • In which movie did Richard Gere fall in love with Julia Roberts? (Answer: Pretty Woman)
  • Noah and Ali fall in love in South Carolina in 1940. Name that movie. (Bonus point: Name the author of the book!) (Answer: The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks).
  • “Tell me about it, stud….”. Name that movie. (Answer: Grease)
  • “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll still be among the stars. P.s. I love you, Gerry”. Name that movie. (Answer, Ps I love you)
  • “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love, actually, is all around”. Name that movie. (Answer: Love Actually)
  • “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. Name that movie. (Answer: The Notebook)
  • Ryan Gosling, as Sebastian, plays the leading man in a 2016 musical about jazz and love. But who is the leading lady in La La Land? (Answer: Emma Stone, bonus point for the character’s name: Mia)

About The Groom:

  • What nickname does the groom use for the bride?
  • What is his favorite sports team?
  • What is the groom’s favorite dessert?
  • What instrument does he play? (Switch this up to something personal)
  • What is the grooms hobby?
    The groom never misses a game of this football team.
  • This number is his lucky number.
  • The meal the groom could eat every day.
  • What’s his favorite car?
  • What’s his favorite drink?
  • What does the groom do for work?
  • What’s his last name?
  • What was his least favorite school subject?
  • Is he more likely to wear blue or green?
  • What was his first car?
  • How old is the groom?
  • What’s his favorite band or artist?
  • What sports team does the groom support?
  • What is the grooms nickname for the bride?

About The Couple:

  • Where did the couple meet?
  • Who made the first move?
  • How many kids do they want?
  • Where is the couple going to live?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • The location the groom asked the bride to marry him.
  • These are the silly nicknames they call each other.
  • Who has the bigger family?
  • What instruments did they both play?
  • Where do they want to holiday to next?
  • Name the inlaws.
  • Where did they say “I love you” for the first time?
  • How many continents have they travelled to together?
  • When did the couple get engaged?
  • This is their favorite activity to do together.
  • How many siblings will they have combined?
  • How did the couple show interest in each other?
  • Who met the parents first?
  • This is where the couple dreams to settle down.
  • This is the meal the couple eats every Friday.
  • Where is the couples favorite place to go?
  • Where did the couple o to college?
  • What is the couples go-to pizza order?

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About The Wedding: Wedding Jeopardy Questions

  • When is the wedding?
  • Where is the honeymoon?
  • What are the colors of the wedding?
  • What song will be played for the first dance?
  • Who is the Maid of Honor?
  • Name the members of the wedding party.
  • The name of the first dance song.
  • How many guests will there be?
  • Where is the wedding reception after the ceremony?
  • When did they meet each other’s inlaws?
  • Will she be late to the big day?
  • Will he be late to the big day?
  • Name the bridesmaids.
  • What’s the name of the photographer? (Bonus point for the videographer’s name if they’re having one, and it’s a separate professional!)
  • What’s the designer name of the wedding dress?
  • What’s the style of her wedding dress, for those who’ve seen it?
  • Name the best man.
  • Who went with the bride to try on The Dress?
  • Who took the pictures, if they were taken, after you got engaged?
  • What were the bride and groom both wearing when the question got popped?
  • What’s the date of the wedding?
  • Where are they getting married?
  • What colors are they going for with the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen outfits?
  • What type of music or entertainment are they having at the wedding? (Bride must write it down, eg band or disco)
  • What’s the name of their first dance song? (Bonus point for getting the artist!)
  • What’s the bride’s something ‘blue’?
  • How long was it between their meeting and them getting engaged?
  • What song will the bride walk down the aisle to?

Love Songs

  • Fill in the missing word. Dolly Parton, but more famously, Whitney Houston, sang “I will ….. Love you”. (Answer: Always)
  • Fill in the missing word. Elvis Presley sang that he “can’t help …. In love”: (Answer: falling)
  • The song, “My Heart Will Go On”, plays in a big film about the sinking of what famous ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1912? (Answer: Titanic)
  • Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang a song about what not being high enough, to “keep them from getting to you, baby”? (Answer: Mountain “Ain’t no mountain high enough”)
  • Who sang about being “Crazy in Love” with Jay Z? (Answer: Beyonce)
  • Madonna sang about female sexuality back in the 1980s. Fill in the lyrics: “touched for the very first time, like a …..” (Answer: Virgin)

The Couples Future

  • Do they want children, if they don’t have them already?
  • Do they want pets, if they don’t have them already?
  • What’s the next big plan they want to, or are, budgeting for?
  • If the happy couple have pets, name them.
  • If they want children, how many would they like?
  • If they already have children, name their birthdays.
  • Where will the bride and groom live?

Final Jeopardy Questions:

  • How many people were invited to the wedding?
  • Name the designer of the bride’s wedding dress.
  • Who will be officiating the service?
  • How long has the couple been together?
  • What is the theme of the wedding?

Where To Get A Jeopardy Board?

Scroll to see some of our favorite Bridal Jeopardy Boards. Click to see the direct link.

Planning a bridal shower can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be! It is a chance for a bride-to-be to be showered with love by her friends and family. People should be enjoying themselves to the point of crying from laughter.

If you are the host, you should prepare games and activities ahead of time for the bridal shower so that you keep your guests entertained and your bride-to-be happy.

He Said She Said and Bridal Jeopardy are two fun bridal shower games to play, and for good reason! Use this guide to plan games for your future bridal shower–they’re guaranteed to be a big hit!

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