How To Have A Food Truck Wedding

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Couples are looking for ways to make their wedding more memorable and focused on the experience their guests have. It is not about the traditional way of celebrating anymore… fewer formalities and more fun. Food and drinks are great ways to treat friends and family and experience a new concept on wedding catering. If you have not heard about a food truck wedding or are planning on having one, we have some advice for you. 

How to have a food truck at your wedding

How to have Food Truck At Your Wedding

1. Think about the style of your wedding 

First, you need to be sure that a food truck will work with your wedding style and its logistics. This concept will suit your wedding if you are thinking about:

  • A casual wedding. Food trucks are casual, and they should blend with your venue. A super formal venue could make it look out of place.  
  • Saving some money. Food trucks are usually less expensive than a catering service. Just keep in mind that some will only include food. You may need to hire a different vendor for beverages and desserts.  

Food trucks can also be considered a part of your decoration as well. Think about if it fits your overall style before making up your mind. The right truck will embellish your reception and deliver yummy food.

Look for food trucks that have the whole atmosphere; if they serve pizza, they can have classic colors of a pizza place, romantic lights hanging here and there. On the other hand, a cupcake or ice cream truck will be sweeter with pastel colors and cute designs. 

couple ordering from a food truck

2. Pick Your Menu 

If you are committed to the idea and want to host a food truck wedding, you should start by picking the menu. We had a wood fire pizza truck, a taco cart, and a sushi bar!

  • Make a list of your favorite ones, do some research, and go hunting for the best food truck in town. 
  • Have a couple of options. My advice is that you choose more than one and think about special diets. And remember that food truck menus are not limited to fast food. Many restaurants are joining the trend and offering high-end options.   
ice cream food truck with girl ordering

How to include a food truck in your wedding

Food trucks can be just a part of your celebration or the main attraction. If you prefer a catering service for dinner, you can still include a food truck to amaze your guests. 

  • Appetizers or snacks. How about giving your guests a snack or appetizer during Cocktail Hour. Think lobster rolls, mac and cheese, or even some fries. 
  • Dessert and coffee. If you are having a summer wedding, an ice cream food truck will save the day, for chilly nights coffee and crepes. 
  • Midnight cravings. After all that dancing, most of them are hungry and stop on the way home for a midnight snack. You can provide that experience right in the middle of the party. Think about hotdogs, waffles, soft pretzels, and even hamburgers.  If you live in California, the In & Out truck will be a crowd favorite!
  • Drinks. Did you know that breweries and wineries are also offering truck service? It is a great way to display your mixology and a new experience for guests, something more exciting than just ordering at the bar. 
large ice cream cone in front of food truck

Things to consider when hiring a food truck for your wedding

  • Size of your wedding. 

If you have a large event, let us say over 200 guests, it would be best to hire two or three different trucks to avoid long lines and offer more options. 

  • Venue. 

You should also make sure to ask the venue if they are ok with a couple of trucks parking somewhere for a few hours. When deciding where to place the truck, consider the space needed to make a line and people’s flow between the food truck and the seating area.

  • Weather. 

Food trucks mean a line of guests, so rainy and hot summer days could be uncomfortable for the crowd. You can always solve the problem with a tent. 

  • Extras. 

Usually, food trucks serve food on disposable plates. You can make it more formal by renting china, silverware, and cloth napkins. 

  • Seating chart. 

Once you know the type of food you are serving, you should think about the seating logistics. I highly recommend a simple seating chart. Or let everyone pick their seat. Should guests get up and go to the line to get their food, or are you hiring waiters to do the job? You can also encourage more of a cocktail scenario, where you have a couple of tables and a central one with all the necessary utensils. 

  • Guests. 

Do not overestimate older guests. This is a common concern when it comes to the final decision. How will your grandparents or aunts feel about getting up and forming a line to have dinner? Well trust me it is not as bad as you imagine, most of the people see it as a fresh idea, finally some good food and not the usual dry chicken and salad.

bar food truck at wedding

Other alternatives

If you like the idea of doing a food truck instead of traditional wedding catering, but aren’t too sure about the truck part of it, there are a few other ideas you can do.

-Have Food Stations
Our venue was outdoors in a beautiful mountain top, so we didn’t want trucks obstructing the view. We opted for stations, where each of the food trucks we hired set up a table and station for our guests to go get their food, rather than having them standing at a truck.

-Have the food ready beforehand.
Instead of having your food truck make food after each order, ask them to have most of the food ready when it’s time for your guests to eat. You’ll choose the menu early, and guests can just grab what they like.

Food trucks became part of our lives years ago. Some of them pop up at different spots and keep moving to amaze new customers. Others park at a specific location and form part of the landscape. There is no doubt about their popularity and the innovation that they brought to our daily menu. From a quick lunch to a late-night bite, no one can resist the flavor of the genius minds behind those trucks. We highly recommend a food truck wedding if you want to eat your favorite food, save some of that budget, and have an unconventional dinner. Your wedding will be laid-back, fun, and memorable for each of your guests. 

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