Fun Couple Photoshoot Ideas: From A Couple’s Photographer

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As much as you experience together as a couple and as many selfies you may take – the most beautiful moments are often the most intimate ones. When you’re simply enjoying the moment. And you completely focus on each other and your feelings.  So if you’re looking for romantic and fun couple photoshoot ideas, keep reading on!

Cute couples photoshoot ideas

Since you’re certainly not standing in front of a camera every day, our guest author, wedding photographer Susi Neumair, has compiled some helpful tips for couples here. Whether you’re doing a professional couple photoshoot or one with a friend – I’m sure these tips will help you find the perfect outfit and pose naturally. 

The second part of the article is aimed at photographers and shows how you communicate with the couple during the photoshooting and what assistance you can give during the photo shoot.  

What Should I Wear For A Fun Couple PhotoShoot?

Choosing the right outfit. This is where I’m all too happy to help, since I have  professional background in the fashion industry. The Don’ts have nothing to do with my personal taste but have the background that certain colors or patterns just don’t look good on photos. You might want to create a moodboard with different outfit ideas. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest! 

Outfit – Don’ts 

  • neon colors and very bright colors 
  • Too many patterns, such as leopard or fine stripes 
  • bold logos or prints 
  • too much black 
  • Matching outfits are great, but better avoid twinning 
  • Wear a new outfit for the first time: you might not feel comfortable in it 

Think Of The Location for Your Couple’s Photoshoot

It is very important that the outfits go well with the location. Earth tones are the best choice when shooting in a field. Or a long, white dress and casually rolled-up pants, barefoot at the beach.

Contrasts are always great, too: for example, an outfit with a dark red coat in the snow. I also love working with complementary contrasts: that might be, for example, a red hat at the shooting with conifers in the background. Or a bold, blue dress at the photoshooting in a sunflower field. 

Woman twirling in a white dress

Be Comfortable

You’re always on the safe side when wearing  earth tones and accenting them with accessoires (think hats and scarves) in bold colors, like dark red, green or blue. Your outfit choice plays such an important role for the whole outcome of the photoshooting, so better take your time to make the right choice! Remember to stay true to your personal style and don’t try to dress up! 

Outfit – Do’s 

  • Outfits in earth tones: beige, brown, rust red, khaki.  
  • Accessories like hats, scarves, capes. They can change your whole look so easily! 
  • Cuddly coarse knit, fluffy fake fur…or a blanket as an additional accessory look much better than down jackets  
  • in summer a small bouquet of flowers or a few blossoms in your hair are nice accessories 
hairdresser putting a flower crown on a bride

Be Yourself! 

Traditional “smile at the camera” photos are so outdated. Now, it’s time for REAL feelings! The more you laugh and have fun during the photoshooting, the better the photos will turn out. I love to laugh together with the couples and take photos in a very laid back manner. When you let yourselves go. And when we’re not facing each other as service providers and customers, but more as friends. 

bride and groom at table smiling

Choosing The Perfect Location 

Choosing the right location is always crucial for great couple photos. There are countless beautiful places that are great for a romantic couple photoshooting – be it parks, gardens, meadows, fields, forests, and so much more.

Or, what about going to a place that has a special meaning for you? The place where to kissed for the first time. Or where you first met? Thinking about a rooftop bar, cinema, university, or the supermarket. It can also be fun to combine the photoshoot with an activity like a picnic, ice skating, taking a walk or even going to the museum! 

For Photographers: 

My style as a photographer is very natural: natural light, poses, colors. But if I were to simply instruct my couples to “Be natural!” or “Now dance, please!”, I’m sure I would achieve the exact opposite: cramped, unnatural looks and poses. For the perfect balance of giving help and being a silent observer, I’ve put together a few tips for photographers here. 

bride and groom smiling with bouquet

Take a Short Walk

After getting to know each other briefly, I always start by having the couples take a short walk – while I take my time to set up my camera. While they warm up, I take the first test photos at a sufficient distance, completely unnoticed – until I have set the perfect aperture and exposure time. Since you will be shooting in motion a lot, I recommend to choose an exposure time of 1/250 or even shorter. This is very important for perfectly sharp photos without motion blur. The first photos don’t always have to be frontal, but also from the side or from behind. Detail shots of the hands, with or without the ring, are always nice too. 

couple walking holding hands and looking at each other

Walking Shots

I shoot all my couple shoots with a 70-200 2.8 telephoto lens, which allows me to stand 30 to 40 feet away from my couples. This distance always makes my “targets” feel much more unobserved than when I’m using a 35mm lens. After a few shots to warm up, I position my couple a good 30 to 40 feet away from me head-on, and let them walk toward me hand-in-hand. If they then come closer to each other during this little walk and then – still holding hands – move away from each other, an awesome dynamic is created. In the photos, it will almost look like they are dancing.  

Piggyback Poses

What also always works well is when the partners take each other piggyback. To not make it look silly, I always take the photos in motion when they are jumping up: – there always is laughter and everything looks super natural and emotional. 

The Cuddle

A great alternative is when one partner runs up to the other from behind, and then hugs the other one stormily. 

couple laughing together

The Whisper

This one is so good for natural interactions. As they are cuddling, ask one to whisper something into the other’s ear. Whether it’s something super romantic resulting in a cute facial expression or a dirty joke making them both laugh – this is the guarantee to get some great natural emotion! 

The Kiss

One of the must-have shots for every wedding or couple photoshoot. But even for that one, I have some advice: Try to capture the moment right before the kiss rather than the kiss itself. There is so much tension and emotion which looks amazing in the photos! Also, it doesn’t have to be a kiss on the lips: a smack on the forehead or cheek looks so sweet, too! 

couple sitting in a backseat of the car about to kiss

Romantic Poses

After a few photos in motion, it’s time for the very intimate, romantic photos. I want my photos to look as if the two lovers are enjoying their togetherness undisturbed…except that I’m also there. In this part I take the role of the silent observer: My couple should embrace, kiss, look deeply into each other’s eyes.

For these romantic photos, it always helps a lot if they both close their eyes – to really completely forget everything around them. If you then tell them to think about their first kiss or their wedding dance – the two are guaranteed to be blown away. Then it usually happens all by itself that this moment is relived – and super romantic, emotional couple photos are created. 

bride hugging groom and smiling at camera

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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