What’s In Your Purse Game & List

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The What’s In Your Purse Game is a fun bridal shower party game to play with all your guests. This scavenger hunt-style game allows everyone to bond whilst having lots of fun! Get to know each other on a new funny level.

What's In My Purse Bridal Shower Game

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All you need to play is a set of ‘What’s In Your Purse’ scorecards and lots of pens. You may also want to include a small prize for the winner.

How To Play “What’s In My Purse?” Bridal Shower Game:

The point of the game, is to have all of your guests take out their purses and see how many things off of a list they have in their bag.

First, you’ll need a list of items for each guest to hunt through their purses to find. On that list, there should be a point score for each item listed.

The guest with the most points at the end, wins the game!

Set a timer and have each guest mark down what they have in their purse by placing check marks next to the items they have. When the timer runs out, ask how many points each guest has.

Verify that the winner has all the items to win…not that you don’t trust them, but it’s fun to see who has the most random items.

An alternative way you can play, is have the host call out each item one by one, and have guests hold that item in the air before they mark it down for their points.

What’s In My Purse Cards

For the cards you have three options:

  1. Make Your Own- If you are feeling creative, you could make your cards at home. Fun and frugal!
  2. Print Your Own- If you have a decent printer at home, you may wish to print out your playing cards. See Our Free Printables Guide here (internal link to other post).
  3. Purchase Your Own- For a fuss-free option, there are many affordable options online like these. Both Amazon and Etsy have a lot of choices.

Bonus: Think of your bridal shower theme, and have the cards mimic or match what you have going for the decor!

Your cards will include items which you would typically find in a purse. Each item is assigned to a specific number of points. 

Here are some ideas of how points can be assigned:

  • Chewing Gum- 1 Point
  • Tissue – 1 Point
  • Mirror- 3 Points
  • Nail Polish- 5 Points
  • Book- 10 Points

Each player then goes through their purse and tallies up how many points. Whoever has the highest total at the end wins. Aim to have 20-30 items on your list. To make the game more fun, include both everyday and non-common items.

To spice the game up a little, you could add non-specific items such as:

  • Something borrowed
  • Something red
  • Something sentimental
  • Something that starts with the letter ‘A’

Depending on who is attending your Bridal Shower, you could include a bonus round. Your bonus list consists of some silly or embarrassing items for a high amount of points. Bonus items could include spare underwear or condoms! 

You could also include a forfeit for whoever gets the least amount of points. This could consist of a dare or an alcoholic shot!

The ‘What’s In My Purse Game’ is the perfect icebreaker for women getting to know each other.

What’s In My Purse Game Variations

There are several different versions of that ‘What’s in My Purse Game’ you can play… 

What’s In My Phone Game

This game has the same rules as ‘What’s In My Purse’, except players are scored based on their phone contents. 

Some ideas for points scoring:

  • A Selfie- 5 Points
  • A To-Do List- 10 Points
  • 15% or less battery- 10 points
  • 10% or less battery- 15 points
  • A naughty photo- 20 points

What’s In Her Purse

This game works on the same basis, but you get points based on what items you can guess from another players purse! Divide the attendees into pairs, and have each of them guess what is in the other guests purse.

What’s In The Bride’s Bag

Alternatively, you could all try and guess what’s in the Bride’s bag. For an added twist, ask the groom-to-be to submit his answers in advance or by text message!

Ideas To Add to Your “What’s In Your Purse?” Game List

1 pointers should be something simple, that most women will have:




-dollar bill



-compact mirror


5 Points should be something a bit harder:


-dental floss



-gift card

-hair tie

-bobby pins


Save the 10 pointers for even more difficult items:

-picture of the bride or groom

-physical photo

-a coin with this years date

-a pair of socks

-a watch


-pepper spray

-library card

-business card

And lastly, have a few off the wall things for 20 points

-a written phone number

-a toothbrush

-a condom

-more than 7 keys

-an extra pair of underwear

-a thumb drive

Get creative with it, if you’re making your own cards!
If not, here are some fun cards you can purchase to make it a bit easier.

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