Fun Bridal Shower Games And Activities Guests Will Love

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Looking for some fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities? Bridal showers are such a fun and lighthearted event that celebrates the bride-to-be and her fiancé. It is wedding tradition that every shower has some sort of games throughout the party.

There are hundreds of wedding themed games you can find online, so we’ve done all the work for you and compiled this list of the ones you need to try.

Best Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love. Sign says "guess how many kisses for the soon-to-be Mrs." with hearts in a box.

Don’t forget to come up with an awesome bridal shower theme, and add some games and activities to your day. Here are some of the best bridal shower games to play! 

Fun Bridal Shower Games

The Ring Game

A very popular wedding shower game to start the party is the ring game. When each guest shows up, give them a ring to wear. Have a rule where the guests can’t say the word “Wedding” or “Bride”, etc. Anytime someone uses one of the words on the “do not say” list, whoever catches them gets to steal their ring. The guest with the most rings at the end of the game wins!

The Ring Game Version 2

Instead of passing out the rings at the beginning of the shower, hide them in random places all around the shower for the guests to find. You could get really creative with this. The guest who finds the most by the end, wins the game!

How Many Kisses?

“How many kisses for the soon to be Mrs?” This is a candy guessing game. Fill a jar full of kisses (or any other fun candy) and have each guest guess how many are in the jar. This can be done when people are still showing up, so there’s something to do. The guest that is closest to the correct answer, gets the jar full of candy as the prize!

Where Were We?

We personally travel a lot, so this game is great for couples who have lots of travel pictures in different places. Collect numerous photos from the bride and groom and set them around the room. Everyone has a paper and will write down where in the world they think a specific photo was taken. Whoever gets the most answers correct can win a small prize. 

Find The Guest Bingo

The Find The Guest Game is a great ice breaker game to get to know all of the bride’s friends and family.

Make a list or bingo card with one characteristic or fact about each guest. Each guest will go around and mingle with people to try and figure out which one is theirs.

When you find the right guest, have them sign their name. First to have all the names filled out, wins! It’s a great way for people to start talking and get to know each other!

He Said, She Said

Before the shower, make up some “He Said, She Said” cards. On these cards, there are facts about the bride and/or groom. The guests will have to then guess if the answer is the bride, or the groom.

Check out our He Said She Said Bridal Shower Questions for more.
Sample Questions:

-I made the first move.
-I planned the honeymoon.
-I met my future in-laws first.

Who Said It?!

For this bridal shower game, you will need to gather quotes from the bride and groom. It can be answers to questions about the relationship or just funny nonsense ones. The guests then have to guess who said what answer. This game is especially funny when the questions and answers aren’t taken seriously and are just meant to be entertaining. 

Name That Cake

We found this fun game on Etsy, and thought it was such a cute idea. It’s a game card where you have to guess what the name of the cake is. The trick? Some of these aren’t actually cakes at all!

Who Has The Groom/Bride Scratch Off Game

This is a quick win, scratch off game that all the guests can play. Great for a transition time for the guests, when something is in a lull. Have your guests scratch off their card, and whoever has the bride or groom is the winner. The rest will be celebrities that they can say what type of date or girls day activity they would take that celebrity on.

How Old Was The Bride-To-Be?

For this game, you’ll want to print out several photos of the bride from different ages. Place the photos all around the shower area, and have a piece of paper laying at each one, where guests can guess how old the bride is in each one.

Fun Wedding Shower Games

Bridal Emoji Game

Everyone loves emojis, so turn this into a fun bridal shower game. Print out cards that have emojis describing something related to weddings. Give everyone a set amount of time, and see who can guess the most correctly before the timer runs out.

What’s In My Purse?

What’s in my purse is a fun game to get all your guests interacting. Hand out a list of items that people may have in their purses, and each item gets a certain number of points. (Higher points for more difficult items).

At the end of the game, the guest who has the most points, wins.

Here are some great what’s in your purse bridal shower questions to add.

What’s In My Cell Phone?

This is an alternative to the game “What’s In My Purse”. Rather than having guests dig through their purses, try a game of “What’s In My Cell Phone?” Have each guest go through their phones to find each item…the guest with the most points at the end, wins the game!

Toilet Paper Bride

One of the most common and well-known bridal shower games, toilet paper bride is simple, easy, and entertaining. Divide into teams and select one person to be the bride. The rest of the teammates then have to wrap her in toilet paper and try to make a dress. The bride then gets to vote on which “bride” is the best dressed.

Guess The Gifts Bingo

Another classic party game, hand out empty bingo cards before you open gifts. Each guest can fill in what kind of presents they think the bride will receive. As she opens them, she will call out what she got and you can mark your bingo sheet. You obviously play by bingo rules, so the first to win five squares either across, diagonally, or down will win the game. 

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

She Said What?!

A hilarious bridal shower game, that no one knows is happening. Designate one person to write down everything the bride says while she is opening presents. From “wow”, “it’s so cute” to “how does this work” and “I’ll use it every day!”. After the bride is done opening her gifts, have someone read off everything the bride says, as what she is going to say on her wedding night to her husband!

How Well Do You Know The Bride?

Who knows the bride best? This is a great game to play for guests to get to know the bride a bit better.

Guests will fill out their cards with what they think the correct answer is, and the bride gets to answer the questions and see who got the most right answers.

Steal our questions for how well do you know the bride.

How Well Does She Know The Groom?

Or turn it around on the bride, and quiz her on how well she knows the groom! Each guest will guess how many answers they think she will get right. You can use pre-made questions, or have the host of the shower ask the groom before the shower, and write down his answers. See how many she can get.

Vow Mad Libs

Do you remember playing the game Mad Libs when you were a kid? You have a script with blanks and you fill it in with your own ideas to make a funny story.

This game is the same thing, only wedding themed. There are countless samples to download online, so you can have various scripts to play with.

Make a mad libs version of the couples vows and have the bride read them out loud. It is a guaranteed way to make everyone laugh. 

Fun Games For Bridal Shower

Would She Rather?

Another game to get to know the bride a bit better is the “Would She Rather?” game. Each card has a list of questions about the bride, and the guests can decide which one best describes which the bride would rather do/have/eat/etc.

Wedding Charades

Charades is always a great party game, even at a bridal shower! Stick to wedding or chick flick movies for the themes, though. You can act out famous scenes from movies like Pride and Prejudice or My Big Fat Greek Wedding and try to get the guests to guess correctly. 

Wedding Pictionary

You can do the same themes of Charades but play it as Pictionary instead! Sometimes people don’t like having to act out scenarios, but they enjoy drawing them. See who has the best artistic skills and which teams can earn the most points!

Bridal Jeopardy

Everyone loves a round of Jeopardy or Trivia, so why not make guests guess answers that pertain to the bride and groom.

You can ask generic questions like where did they meet and how long they dated for; but you can also get into the harder questions of “who is afraid of the dark” and “what ice cream flavor does the groom hate”.

These questions can be incredibly entertaining just remember to keep it lighthearted! 

We’ve set up a whole list of wedding shower jeopardy questions for you.

Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

A bridal shower scavenger hunt is an exciting and entertaining game that adds an element of adventure to the celebration. Guests are divided into teams and given a list of items or tasks to find or complete within a specified time frame.

The hunt can take place within the party venue or even extend to nearby locations. It encourages collaboration, friendly competition, and lots of laughter as participants race to gather items or complete challenges.

The scavenger hunt not only keeps everyone engaged but also creates opportunities for guests to interact, bond, and create lasting memories.

Or try this fun bachelorette party scavenger hunt.

Match The Movie Love Songs

This game is a bridal shower favorite! Each guest gets a card with movies on one side, and love songs on the other. See how many your guests can match the love song to their movie.

Match The Disney Love Quotes

Played the same way as Movie Love Songs, have your guests match up famous Disney movies with their love quotes.

Disney Couples Game

Or try a Disney couples matching game! Guests will have to match up the couples that belong together and see who can guess the most correctly.

Who Am I?

Another great ice breaker is to hand everyone a card that they should place on their head without reading what it says. Names of famous people will be written on it and they have to go around the room asking people questions to try and figure out what their card says.

Find Your Match

We came up with another fun way to play the “Who Am I?” game. For all the clue cards, make them famous celebrity (Disney, cartoon, etc.) couples, and have each guest find their match!

Walk Down Memory Lane

Have everyone write down a memory that they have with the bride. Once everyone is done the bride has to read through them and try and figure out which card belongs to which of her friends.

Bridal Scattegories

Played like regular scattegories, but with a wedding theme. Each guest will get a card, and try to write down a word that starts with each letter above. Example: LOVE. Or, you can do the first letter of the bride’s soon to be last name.

Telephone Toast

You know the old school game, “Telephone”. It’s is a game where you whisper a sentence into someone’s ear and they have to whisper what they heard into the next person, and so on until the last person hears it…but you can only say it once! The last person then announces the sentence, but it’s usually a bit different than what it started with. You can try this out with a wedding toast to the couple and see what it sounds like once it has been passed through by all the guests. 

Wedding Word Scramble

Everyone pretty much knows this game. Unscramble the wedding related words. This can be a time filler, or set a timer and see who can complete it first.

2 Truths, 1 Lie

The classic ice breaker game can be done by both the bride and groom and their guests. You can do a round of everyone to get to know each other and have some laughs, and then move on to the couple to see who knows them best and who can figure out the lies. 

Pass The Love Story

This is a creative writing game where the guests contribute to writing the story of how the couple fell in love. It starts with one sentence at the top of the page. It gets handed off to the next person who writes down one sentence that continues the story. They then fold the paper over the original sentence and pass it on. This way you only see the sentence written right before yours. Once it’s done the bride then gets to read it out loud and see how funny it turned out.

Bridal Shower Activities

Date Ideas

A game and a gift in one! Pass our cards for each of your guests to share an awesome date idea for the couple to do.

The dates can be read out loud, then placed into a DIY date jar or box for the bride to have her own date night jar for her and her future spouse.

We have a HUGE list of date ideas for you to get started.

Recipe Cards

Send a blank recipe card with each bridal shower invitation, and have each guest bring their own favorite recipe to share with the bride. This helps the bride start her own recipe collection too, and is a great gift from al who attend.

Advice and Wishes

Another idea to have the guests fill out, is advice and wishes for both the bride and the groom. Gather these together and give to the bride for a gift during the wedding shower.

Newlywed Bucket List

Have all your guests write a bucket list for the bride and groom to complete in their 1st year of marriage, 5th year, 10th year, etc. Gather all the ideas, and make a whole list for the bride at the end of the shower.

Left Right Bridal Shower Game

The Left Right story game is a fun and interactive activity where participants sit in a circle and pass a gift or object from one person to the next while a story is being read or created. The story includes cues such as “left” or “right,” and whenever those words are mentioned, the participants pass the gift in that direction.

Bridal Shower Shoe Game

The bridal shower shoe game is a fun activity that involves the bride and groom. Two chairs are placed back to back, and both the bride and groom remove their shoes to be used as their “answer”.

The host asks a series of questions about the couple, and the bride and groom raise the shoe that corresponds to their answer. It’s a lighthearted game that prompts laughter and reveals how well the couple knows each other.

It’s a great way for guests to interact and celebrate the couple’s journey together.

Here’s a whole list of shoe game questions you can use.

Bridal Shower Word Search

A bridal shower word search is a simple game that serves as a perfect icebreaker for guests. With a grid filled with wedding-related words, such as “love,” “bride,” and “celebration,” it’s a fun challenge to find and circle the hidden words.

Virtual Bridal Shower Games

In the ever-evolving world of technology, virtual gatherings have become the new norm, allowing us to connect with loved ones near and far.

When it comes to celebrating the bride-to-be, a virtual bridal shower can be just as joyous and memorable as an in-person event. While the physical distance may separate us, the power of technology brings us together to honor and celebrate the bride in a unique and fun way.

Here are some fun virtual bridal shower games you can play if you’re doing a virtual wedding shower:

  1. Love Story Trivia: Create a trivia game based on the love story of the couple. Prepare questions about how they met, their first date, and other significant moments. Guests can answer using the chat feature, and the person with the most correct answers wins.
  2. Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Compile a list of wedding-related items or common household objects and give guests a set amount of time to find and display them on camera. The first person to gather all the items or the person with the most items wins.
  3. “Guess the Dress”: The bride can show pictures of different wedding dresses she tried on during her search, and guests can guess which one she ultimately chose. This game can be accompanied by a fun story about the dress-shopping experience.
  4. “Who Said It?”: Create a slideshow with quotes from romantic movies or famous love quotes. Guests have to guess which movie or person said each quote.
  5. Wedding Trivia Kahoot!: Use a platform like Kahoot! to create a virtual quiz with wedding-related trivia questions. Guests can join the game from their devices, and the person with the highest score wins.
  6. Virtual Photo Booth: Share a virtual background or a themed photo booth prop with guests and have them take fun and creative pictures. They can share the pictures on a shared platform, and everyone can vote for the best photo.
  7. Bridal Emoji Pictionary: Share a screen with a list of wedding-related emojis, and guests have to guess the correct phrase or term represented by the emojis. They can type their answers in the chat, and the person with the most correct answers wins.
  8. “Guess the Gift”: As the bride opens her virtual gifts, guests can try to guess what each gift is before it’s revealed. This game adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the gift-opening process.
  9. Wedding Trivia PowerPoint: Create a PowerPoint presentation with wedding-related trivia questions and share your screen. Guests can write down their answers and hold them up to the camera. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  10. “Name That Love Song”: Play snippets of famous love songs and have guests guess the song title and artist. They can submit their answers through the chat, and the person with the most correct answers wins.

There you have it! Some of our favorite bridal shower games to play! Did you find some inspiration for the party that you’re planning? Use these activities to ensure your guests have a great time at your event!

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