Fun D.I.Y. Date Night Jar Ideas & How To Make Your Own

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Looking for fun DIY Date Night Jar Ideas?
Have you ever taken longer to find a movie to watch on Netflix than the time it took to actually watch that movie?

Sometimes you can waste hours just trying to figure out what to do for your date night.

If you and your partner have trouble coming up with ideas or making decisions, try making your very own date jar with these fun Date Jar Ideas!

It takes away the decision process and gives you more time to spend enjoying yourself.

The Best DIY Date Jar Ideas with Date Examples on a date jar lid.

How to Make a Date Jar

All you need is a pen, something to write on, and either a jar or box.

The most common form of a date jar is writing on popsicle sticks, just like the ones used back in school.

You can draw on them, color code them, or even decorate them.

If you don’t have popsicle sticks you can just use paper, too.

Either write out your ideas on strips or fold up the paper into tiny pieces.

You can make them into mini envelopes or even learn some origami skills and make stars or birds out of them. 

This beautiful date night jar below is made by JazzyJordanArt on Etsy!

travel date ideas on popsicle sticks laying next to a date night jar.

How It Works

You can either print out a premade list online or make it yourself.

Each person should help come up with ideas and write them down.

Since this is about being creative, you should think about things that you want to do but never get around to, such as learning a new sport or skill.

Write down date ideas that are both normal and extravagant.

You can color code them if you would like, or leave them the same so you don’t know what you’re picking. 

Use the date jar at your own discretion.

You can either choose to use it every week to decide what your activity will be, or you can save it for those days where you don’t know what to do or feel bored.

Take turns being the one to pick an idea, and make sure you avoid looking at them before pulling one. The idea is to select one at random. 

You should always try and follow through with the activity, unless there is something stopping you such as weather.

If you are unable to do an activity, simply put it back in the jar and select another one.

Only do this if you physically can’t complete the date–not because you don’t feel like it or wanted to select a different one. 

top of date jar says "date ideas" with color coordinated dates.

Now that we have covered all of the basics of creating a date jar, here are some great date ideas to help you create your own! 

Different Date Jar Ideas

-Local Date Night Jar

-Travel Date Jar

-At Home Date Jar

-Free Date Nights Jar

-What To Watch Date Jar

DIY Date Jar

Materials Needed:

-Jar to Hold Date Ideas (We like this one!)

-Large Popsicle Sticks (like these) or Paper To Write Ideas

-Lots of Fun and Romantic Date Ideas (We have TONS of these!)

Date Night Jars To Buy

Not into D.I.Y. and want to get this done quick? Here are some great finds you can get to get your dates going ASAP!

Fun Date Night Jar Ideas

Mini Road Trip

Choose a destination that is at most an hour away. You can either go to a nearby state or national park or visit a city you have never been to. You can even list the place to visit already on the popsicle stick or paper. 

Try these road trip games for couples or ask these couples road trip questions to pass the time.

$10 Date

This date is all about spending as little money as you can. You have to stay under the $10 budget. Maybe this means you go out for ice cream or coffee, or go to a museum with a low entry cost. You would be surprised at how much you can get done for $10 only.

Homemade Pizza Night

There is just something so delicious about making your own pizza at home. Buy all your favorite toppings and select a movie to watch.

It is really easy to create pizza dough from scratch. All you will need is an extra 30 minutes to let it rise.

Recreate Your First Date

This is a cute idea for a couple who have been dating for a while. If you had a memorable first date, try and recreate it.

Go to the same restaurant or pick out the same movie that you watched. It can be really endearing to relive the start of your happy relationship. 

YouTube Dance Lessons

You can find almost anything on YouTube, and dance lessons are no exception. Choose the type of dance, such as hip hop, salsa, contemporary; and find a video that coincides with your appropriate level.

Dancing is a great workout and it’s a lot of fun, especially when you dance with a partner.

colored popsicle sticks with date ideas next to a date night jar.

Candlelit Dinner

Have a romantic dinner by lighting some candles and setting the mood. Dim the overhead lights and set some candles around the table.

You will find that everything will seem more intimate and quieter when you eat by candlelight.

Bike Ride

If the weather is nice, a bike ride is a great date idea. Many cities even offer bikes to rent.

Take the bikes along a nature trail or a boardwalk for some beautiful scenery. You can bike to a destination or just ride wherever the wind takes you.

Cook a Meal Together

Flip through your recipe books or look online to find a dish that you both want to eat.

You can either choose based on the ingredients you already have or go out to purchase them. Cooking together is a great way to get to know someone more.

Have A Picnic

Pack a basket and set out to find a location with a beautiful view. You can just bring snacks or make an entire meal and set it up outside with real dinnerware and candles.

Bring something to do like books or paint supplies.

Go Ice Skating

Go live your Hallmark dreams by going ice skating at the nearby rink. Even if you can’t skate, it’s a great way to hold hands and stay close to each other. If it’s summer try going roller skating instead!

Have a Fondue Night

Melted cheese on bread. Need we say more? Gather the necessary supplies and make sure you get the correct fondue cheese so that it melts easier. You could even turn this into chocolate fondue if you’re more of a dessert person!

Wine or Beer Tasting

Hit up your favorite brewery or wine bar and get a flight of drinks that you have never tried before. Some places might even let you take a tour of the back room and storage cellars.

Hire a Personal Chef

Did you know that you don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy a fancy feast? You can actually hire chefs to come to your own home and cook you a personalized meal! This is a unique way to try new and exciting foods, while at the same time getting a lesson in cooking. 

Farmers Market

Farmers markets always make for a cute date idea. Try some of the delicious food stands or bakeries, and then buy some of your own fresh foods and cook a meal together. 

Bucket List Date

It’s never too late to scratch something off of your bucket list – and now’s the time to do it together. Choose something you’ve both been dying to do – and make it happen. The time is now!

Try a New Restaurant

We recommend a little hole in the wall – those are always the ones that surprise you the most (in the best of ways). 

Fun Date Jar Ideas

Go for Ice Cream

Lemon? Cotton Candy? Butterscotch? Vanilla? Chocolate? Ever wonder what your favorite ice cream says about you? Check it out – and then treat yourselves. 

Dog Park

Okay, so we’re not all dog people – but most of us are! If you and your partner are dog people, take your date to the dog park. It’s the closest thing the Heaven on earth.

Game Night

Ready for a little friendly competition? Pop out your favorite games and make a sexy wager.

Arcade Night

It’s time to go back to the good ol’ days. Find a local arcade near you and challenge yourself to some of the classics. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Shooting – try them all!


Who says dates are just for nighttime? Start your day with your favorite cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. You’ll both feel brighter and ready to tackle your day with a bang. 

Roller Skating

Yes! It’s definitely still a thing! Buy your own roller skates and skate through the city, or head to a local roller skating rink to skate the night away.

Virtual Reality

Need an escape from reality? Virtual reality is exactly what the doctor called for. Explore the world, head back to the land of dinosaurs, or fight off zombies – the world is your oyster on your virtual reality date. 

Rage Room

Feeling the stress build up from everyday life? Don’t take it out on your partner – take it out at the Rage room. Throw things, break things, smash things – let it all out. 

Axe Throwing

Would you trust your partner with an axe? Put your trust to the test and head out for a night of axe throwing. 

Go Karts

One of the most common fights among couples is who’s better behind the wheel. Well now it’s time to find out. Head to your local go karting track to find out who truly is the better driver.

Race Track

Head to the race track and place your wagers! (Don’t forget your noise cancelling headphones). 

Horse Races

The race track isn’t the only place you can wager a good bet – head to the horse races and wager on your favorite horse. 


Feeling lucky? Tonight could be the night you win big bucks!


Don’t feel like getting up for breakfast? No problem! Make it brunch!


Boating together is super romantic. Make it a dinner cruise with a sunset and it can’t be beat!

The Beach

Sunshine is good for the soul – which means so is the beach! Pack your picnic and your beach blanket, and soak up the sun and waves together. 

Helicopter Tour

Sun, sea, and land – you can see them all on your very own helicopter tour over the city. We know, it’s pretty posh – but if you’re looking for a bachelor style date, this is the one. 

Comedy Show

Laughter is definitely the best medicine. And we could all use a good laugh now and again. Check to see if any professional comedians are coming to your city, or check out a local amateur night. 


You might need to do some planning for this one, but find an artist or band that you both love and make a date night out of a concert. 

Mini Golf

Whether you’re playing inside or outside, regular golf or glow-golf, mini golf is a great way to get close to one another and enjoy some low key entertainment. 

Cartoon Jar with popsicles sticks labeled The Travel Jar

Popsicle Stick Date Ideas


Looking for an excuse to check out your partner’s butt? Sneak a peak on a classic bowling date!

Escape Game

If you and your partner were stuck in a room together, would you fight or thrive? Find out how the two of you work together as a team at a thrilling escape room. 


Wardrobe in need of a makeover? Or maybe you need to look for some new supplies for the house? Whatever it is you need, a shopping scavenger hunt is always a fun idea. 


You don’t need to spend a fortune to go shopping – or to go on a date. You can head to your local thrift store and have tons of fun! Who can find what you need the quickest? Who can find the weirdest item? Find the ugliest outfit you can – and rock it! There’s so many ways to have fun at the thrift store!


The best thing about camping? You can do it almost anywhere! Book a campsite, campout in the backyard, or even plan an indoor campout!

Swap a House

Have some friends that are looking for a date idea too? Swap houses for the night. It’s like staying at an AirBnB, but without the price tag!

There are hundreds of different options that you could write down for your date jar. It’s a cute way to spend some time together getting crafty and thinking of things you both would love to do. It’s really simple to make and will provide you with fun options for months. Making the jar can be a date idea itself!

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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