Road Trip Games For Couples

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In need of Road Trip Games For Couples? We have some fun ones for you to try.

Road trips are the best! Rolling down the windows, cranking the tunes – what could be better than doing that with your partner by your side?

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But cranking the tunes can only last for so long. If you’re going on a long road trip, you’ll need to find some other ways of entertaining yourself too. Luckily for you, we’re the queens of road tripping and we know all of the best games to play. Let us share some of our secrets.

Road Trip Games For Couples

Name the Artist

Think you know music? Well, now’s your chance to prove it! Who do you think knows more artists? Find out with the roadtrip game called “Name that Artist”. 

How to Play

For this game, it’s best not to use music apps because they generally tell you exactly what you’re listening to. Instead, you’ll want to have your radio turned on.

Scroll through your radio stations and stop at the first song you hear. If you know the name of the artist, shout it as quickly as you can. The first person to shout out the correct answer gets a point.

If no one knows the artist, simply switch the station to the next song. Whoever gets to 10 points first is the winner and has bragging rights!

Twenty-One Questions

If you haven’t heard of 21 questions, we’re not sure where you’ve been all your life. Twenty-one questions is a classic. It’s great in any setting, but is particularly great for curing boredom on a road trip. But for those who don’t know, here’s how to play.

How to Play

Choose a player to think of a place, person, object, etc. It can be anything they want it to be. They must not say what they are thinking out loud. 

To play, the second player must try to guess what the first player is thinking of by asking questions to try to narrow it down. 

For example, you might ask, “Are you thinking of a person?” If the answer is yes you can then ask, “is it someone in your family?” or “is it someone famous?” and so on and so forth.

You get 21 questions to guess what your partner is thinking of. If you get it right, you get a point. Then, take turns. First person to 5 points wins. 

Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Think you’ve got what it takes to win the money on Don’t Forget the Lyrics? Well, it’s time to put yourself to the test. Who’s better at remembering lyrics, you or your partner?

How to Play

For this game, you’ll take turns. Find a playlist or simply use songs from the radio. As one song is playing, stop it on the chorus. If you can sing the chorus without the music playing, you get a point. If you can’t it’s simply the next player’s turn with a new song. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. 

Alphabet Categories

How fast does your brain work? If you want to win this game, you’ll need to be quick! 

How to Play

Choose a category. It can be anything you want – animals, cars, chocolate bars – your choice. Then, take turns traveling down the alphabet as you name items within the category. 

For example, let’s say the category is animals. The first player might say, “A – Alligator”. Then it’s the next player’s turn. They might say, “B – Bear”. And so on and so forth. You can play just as it is, or you can make it more difficult by posing a time limit. If you don’t say an item within 5 seconds, you lose the game. 

Games to Play in the Car for Couples

The Alphabet Game

Yes, yes, I know we were just talking about an Alphabet game above, but this one is a little different. Instead of choosing categories, you’re going to look for items while driving.

How to Play

Start at the beginning of the alphabet. The first person to find an object that starts with that letter gets a point. Then move on to B, and so on and so forth. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

The Alphabet Game- Word Version

Another way to play this game would be to do this with words you read while driving. The goal is to find each letter of the alphabet in order, by spotting license plates, road signs, or billboards that start with that letter.

You might have to come up with your own rule for the letter “x”…unless you’re in a big city and want to make it extra challenging.

Going on a Picnic

No, no – you’re not going for a picnic in your car, that would be dangerous! But going on a picnic is a fun game that you can play with as many players as you like. 

How to Play

Start the game off like this, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring…” and state what you would like to bring. The second player adds to the list. They must now state the item you’re going to bring and the item they’re going to bring. Then the next player adds another item. The first player to mess up the arrangement of the items or to forget an item is the loser. 

More Car Ride Games For Couples

Would You Rather?

Looking for some deep conversations on your road trip? Errr…maybe this game isn’t for you! Would You Rather is definitely a good way to learn more about your partner and get a good laugh in though. 

How to Play

The rules are simple; ask your partner a series of Would You Rather questions. Would You Rather freeze to death or burn to death? Would You Rather eat a dead mouse or a bat? Would You Rather be able to read people’s minds or have the ability to go invisible? 

There’s no winners in this game. Just hilarious questions to get you smiling and laughing. 

Relationship Question Games

We will use any excuse to recommend playing some of these fun relationship question games together. There are so many good ones that can help you get to know each other better, laugh together, or just have some random questions answered.

Here are some of our favorites:

Road Trip Conversations For Couples
This or That Couples Questions
Who’s Most Likely To Couples Questions
Put A Finger Down Questions

More Road Trip Couples Games

I Spy

One person chooses an object within sight and says “I spy with my little eye something that is (color of the object)” and the other player has to guess what it is.

Two Truths and a Lie

Each person takes turns telling three statements, two of which are true and one false, and the other player has to guess which one is the lie.

Road Trip Bingo

Create a bingo card with items that can be seen during the road trip (such as a red car, a cow, a truck stop, etc.). The first person to get five in a row wins.

Trivia Challenge

Take turns asking and answering trivia questions on a chosen topic. You can find some fun trivia games online, or create your own.

Name That Tune

One person hums or sings a song and the other player has to guess the title and artist.

Storytelling Game

One person starts telling a story and the other player adds to it.

The Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items to find along the way, such as a specific landmark, a specific type of tree, or a specific type of car.

The License Plate Game

Try to find a license plate from every state. You can keep notes on your phone to remember which ones you’ve seen, or print out a map/ paper with each state listed and cross each one off as you find them.

You can even play this game along with another, since this one is a little slower.

Who Am I?

One person thinks of a famous person and the other player has to ask yes or no questions to guess who it is.

These are some of our favorite road trip games. Of course, when it comes to couples, we also strongly encourage you to use this time to engage in some deep conversations as well.

The car is a great place to talk about all things including the daily “how are yous?” to the more serious, in depth questions about the future of your relationship. 

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