Qualities Of A Good Husband

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Looking for Qualities of a Good Husband? Here are some that we think make the list.

New relationships are exciting. They’re exhilarating. They make your heart beat and your palms sweat.

But once the “honeymoon” phase wears off, it’s important that you still enjoy the person you’re spending your time (and potentially your life) with.

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You want to make sure that your partner has lots of positive qualities.

Of course, they’ll have some that drive you crazy too, but there are some qualities that you just shouldn’t compromise on.

Which brings us to the question, what qualities does a good husband possess?

Qualities of a Good Husband

Morals and Values

You want your husband to share the same morals and values as you. If you don’t share the same core values and morals, your relationship probably isn’t going to work.

So think about what matters to you.





Whatever it is, your morals and values should align. 

Good Communication Skills

Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

It’s important that you and your husband can clearly and logically communicate your feelings with one another, even when you’re in a disagreement.

Not only that, but it’s important that you can connect with each other on a deeper, more emotional level – and that requires good communication.

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Society teaches us that men need to be “strong” and “hard”.

But in reality, a man that knows how to show his emotions is super sexy.

A man that can understand and be comfortable with his own emotions can better support us when we’re going through ours.

And isn’t having that consistent support one of the best things about being in a relationship?


Another one of the best things about being in a relationship is that you always have someone in your corner to support you.

Your husband should be someone that picks you up when you’re feeling down, and is your biggest supporter when you’re feeling low and having trouble picking yourself up. 


Immaturity makes it really difficult to have a relationship. Men who are emotionally mature are stable and in control of their own impulses.

They are better able to handle arguments and stresses with grace, which makes a relationship much easier to navigate during difficult times. 

Views You as an Equal

We cannot stress this enough.

Do not settle for a man that looks down on you or makes you feel like less.

Your husband should value you as an equal partner.

That means that you have an equal say in all aspects of the relationship including personal boundaries, finances, and decisions for you and your family. 

More Characteristics Of A Good Husband


If you can’t trust your partner, you’re going to have a lot of stress within your relationship.

Your husband should be someone who shows integrity, who stands by their word, who is faithful, and who is honest even when it’s uncomfortable.

Without trust, your relationship doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

And visa versa.

Your husband needs to be able to trust you as well.

Confident but Humble

Search for a husband who is confident yet humble.

You want someone who knows what they have to offer, but does not rub it in the face of others.

A man who is confident and humble has a lot to offer but does not try to be better than others.

To quote Tamlyn Tomita, “If I am more fortunate than others, I will build a longer table not a higher fence”.

A good man will agree with these words. 

Prioritizes You and Your Relationship

Relationships take work and your husband should be ready and willing to put in the time and effort to make it work.

Even with the busyness of everyday life, your husband should make you feel like a priority.

If they’re spending their weekends with their friends instead of you, you might want to reconsider your options. 

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The key to a man’s heart may be food but the key to a woman’s is humor.

A man that makes you laugh is a man that can make you stay.

The ability to make each other laugh can help to reduce stress, encourage feelings of happiness, and even help to reduce the intensity of arguments.

Research has actually found that a shared sense of humor can actually increase the probability of a successful relationship!

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Accepts your Imperfections

None of us are perfect, and women are the first ones who point out our own flaws.

But our husband shouldn’t be pointing out our flaws for us.

It’s okay for them to acknowledge our flaws and encourage growth, but a good husband will be loving and accepting of us – flaws and all. 

Similar Interests

They say that opposites attract – and that may be true.

But we strongly believe that it’s also very important to have similarities too.

It’s okay to have separate hobbies and interests, but it’s also important that you share some.

After all, what will you do together if you don’t enjoy any of the same things?

Your husband should do his best to take interest in the things that make your heart sing, and visa versa.

And you should also have some common interests that get both of your hearts pumping. 


In order for two people to live together in unison, you need to be considerate of each other’s space, opinions, and thoughts.

You may not always agree with each other, but this is a relationship and you need to take your partner’s wishes into consideration each and every time you make a decision.

Your husband should provide you with the same grace. 


Do you know that your husband loves you?

Do you feel like your husband is attracted to you?

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, your husband should be making you feel loved and wanted.

One way he can do this is through affection.

Hugging, holding hands, snuggling – these are all different ways a good husband can show affection toward his wife. 


One of the most important keys to a successful and positive relationship is respect.

If you don’t respect your partner, you have a problem.

If you don’t feel like your husband respects you, you probably already know in your heart that it’s headed down a negative path.

You and your husband need to have a mutual respect for one another, or it will never work. 

30 Traits Of A Good Husband

  1. Kindness: A good husband is kind and compassionate to his partner.
  2. Honesty: He is honest and transparent in his communication with his partner.
  3. Loyalty: He is loyal and committed to his partner.
  4. Dependability: He is dependable and reliable, always there for his partner when she needs him.
  5. Trustworthiness: He is trustworthy and keeps his promises.
  6. Respectful: He shows respect and consideration for his partner’s feelings and needs.
  7. Supportive: He is supportive of his partner’s goals and dreams.
  8. Communicative: He communicates effectively with his partner.
  9. Active Listener: He listens actively to his partner’s concerns and opinions.
  10. Empathetic: He is empathetic and understanding towards his partner’s experiences and feelings.

  1. Patient: He is patient and understanding with his partner, especially in times of stress.
  2. Forgiving: He is forgiving and able to let go of grudges.
  3. Selfless: He is selfless and puts his partner’s needs above his own.
  4. Thoughtful: He is thoughtful and considerate of his partner’s feelings and needs.
  5. Affectionate: He shows affection and love towards his partner.
  6. Romantic: He is romantic and keeps the spark alive in his relationship.
  7. Adaptable: He is adaptable and willing to compromise in order to make his relationship work.
  8. Responsible: He is responsible and takes care of his family’s needs.
  9. Hardworking: He is hardworking and committed to providing for his family.
  10. Financially responsible: He is financially responsible and manages his family’s finances well.

  1. Good Communicator: He is a good communicator with his family members, friends and in social situations.
  2. Good Listener: He is a good listener to his family members, friends and in social situations.
  3. Sense of humor: He has a good sense of humor, which helps in diffusing tense situations.
  4. Honest opinions: He is able to share his honest opinions with his partner while being respectful.
  5. Respectful boundaries: He respects his partner’s personal boundaries.
  6. Non-judgmental: He is non-judgmental and accepting of his partner’s choices.
  7. Supportive of independence: He supports his partner’s independence and encourages her to pursue her interests.
  8. Shares responsibilities: He shares responsibilities around the house and with the kids.
  9. Encouraging: He is encouraging of his partner’s personal and professional growth.
  10. Forgiving: He forgives easily and does not hold onto grudges for long.

There are many things that make for a wonderful husband.

And remember, just because your partner lacks in one or two areas doesn’t mean they can’t grow and change.

But if you’re not sure if they’re the one, here’s our advice to you.

Follow your heart.

If something feels like it’s just not right, it’s probably not right.

But if in your heart you know your husband is a wonderful man, that’s what is key. 

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