30 Day Love Challenge: Love Language Edition

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Want to try a 30 day love challenge?

Love is patient, love is kind.  Love is also work and effort, but love is also a lot of fun!  One of the most valuable things in marriage is to learn about love, how we love and how others receive love. 

If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages, it’s life changing not only for your relationship with your partner, but also with your kids and other people in your life.  

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What are the “5 Love Languages”?

If you haven’t read the book, the low down is that everyone has what he calls a love tank. 

When people do things to make you feel loved, it fills your tank. However, people love and receive love differently. 

In fact, Gary Chapman has discovered 5 different love languages – receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation (see our words of affirmation for him and words of affirmation for her), acts of service, and physical touch. 

While any act of love can help fill our tanks a bit, the love that fully fills our tank is our own love language.  It’s like trying to charge a battery. And our love language that we are fluent in is like a super charge.  

It’s also important to realize how other people give love naturally. 

Let’s say your husband’s love language is “acts of service”. He shows love by taking care of you – cooking dinner, taking care of the house, doing the laundry, and so on. 

You may appreciate those things immensely, but if “acts of service” isn’t your love language, you might not feel as loved as you wish he would show you.

You can have moments of frustration because you wished he would “be more loving’’ but you have to realize that him doing those “acts of service”, in his mind, is how he show you love! 

Once you understand that his Love Language is “acts of service”, those things aren’t just him helping around the house, but it’s what he does to show you love. 

Knowing your spouse’s Love Language will also let you know how you can most powerfully show them love.

Since he shows “acts of service” to show other people love, it’s also how he feels loved the most. If you don’t have the same natural love languages, it can be hard to teach yourself what their kind of love looks like. 

But it’s the most rewarding thing to be able to show him how much you love him by learning his love language. Then you’ll know exactly how to make him feel the most loved.  

Learning about love and how to love each other through your Love Language, can really increase the love in your relationship! 

Not sure what your love language is or what your partner’s love language is?  You can take a quiz online!  

You can also work on our Love Language Challenge! 

What is the 30 Day Couples Challenge?

The 30 day couples challenge is a 30 day challenge that gives a new love task each day.  The love tasks are based on the 5 love languages and will help to recharge your relationship and keep those love tanks filled! 

How does the Love Language Challenge work? 

It’s really simple!  First print off our Love Language Challenge sheet and our Love Language Cards.  If you are doing this challenge with your partner, go ahead and print off 2 sets.  (But don’t worry – you can totally do this solo too!)

Each day, pick a new card and do the task given.  Then, find it on the sheet and check it off when it is complete. Easy peasy!

What are the 5 Different Love Languages?

The 5 different love languages are- receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. 

What are the Love Language Challenge tasks?

  1. Make your partner a cup of coffee or their favorite drink. (Acts of Service)
  2. Tell your partner 3 things you love about them. (Words of Affirmation)
  3. Hold hands throughout the day. (Physical Touch)
  4. Bring home your partner’s favorite take out for dinner. (Receiving Gifts)
  5. Go for a walk to talk about your day together. (Quality Time)

  1. Do a chore that you normally do not do. (Acts of Service)
  2. Compliment your partner twice today. (Words
  3. of Affirmation)
  4. Offer your partner a massage. (Physical Touch)
  5. Buy your partner a plant or flower that reminds you of him/her.  Tell them why you picked it. (Receiving Gifts)

  1. Preplan a thoughtful date night. (Quality Time)
  2. Make lunch for your partner and have it ready before they leave. (Acts of Service)
  3. Tell your partner your version of your love story, highlighting your favorite parts. (Words of Affirmation) 
  4. Try a new way of seducing your partner.  (Physical Touch)
  5. Bring home a card with a sweet note inside. (Receiving Gifts/Words of Affirmation)

  1. Sign up to do something together. Think a 5k, class, volunteer, etc. (Quality Time)
  2. Fold their laundry and put a love note on top. (Acts of Service)
  3. Surprise your partner with an unexpected love note. (Words of Affirmation)
  4. First thing when you wake up, passionately kiss your partner. (Physical Touch)
  5. Pick up a pack of your partner’s favorite drinks and put it in the refrigerator with a love note. (Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation)

  1. Plan a romantic, phone free, picnic. (Quality Time)
  2. Dress up for your partner. (Physical Touch)
  3. Brag about your partner on social media.  (Words of Affirmation)
  4. Hug and kiss your partner throughout the day for no reason. (Physical Touch)
  5. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. (Acts of Service)

  1. Make an ongoing couple’s quest.  Vow to find the best pizza place, visit all of the state parks in your state, try out every local winery, etc.  (Quality Time)
  2. Fix your partner’s plate for them. (Acts of Service)
  3. Text or call your partner randomly telling them that you were thinking of them. (Words of Affirmation)
  4. Play a love song and slow dance together. (Physical Touch/Quality Time)
  5. Get a photo album and fill it with your favorite photos.  Make sure you leave room for future photos! (Words of Affirmation/Quality Time/Receiving Gifts)
  6. BONUS: Go to bed together, even if you only go until your partner falls asleep.  (Quality Time/Physical Touch)

I can’t wait to hear about all of the positive impacts the 30 Day Couples Challenge has on you and your relationship!

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