Bedroom Date Ideas

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In need of some Bedroom Date Ideas?

Hitting the town on a date is fun but sometimes staying home is even more fun.

In fact, if you want to have the most fun, you don’t even need to leave your bedroom.

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Whether you’re looking to save some money by doing an at home date night, or hoping to heat up your love life, there’s lots of dates that you can do from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Let’s heat it up! Here’s some of our favorite bedroom date ideas.

Bedroom Date Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

We know it’s a classic, but it never gets old – breakfast in bed is never a bad idea.

Whether you’re a new couple or have been married for 50 years, bringing your partner breakfast in bed is a sign of appreciation and is sure to stimulate some romance. 

Bacon and eggs. Waffles and milkshakes. It really doesn’t matter.

The point here is that you don’t have to get out of your pajamas! Plus, you can spend your morning, snuggling, Netflix and chillin’, or doin the hot dance. 

Wine and Cheese

Breakfast doesn’t have to be the only thing you eat in bed.

Wine and cheese in bed makes for an excellent date!

You can grab a bottle of your favorite wine or purchase a few you’ve never tried before.

Light up the room with some dim scented candles, throw on some soft music, and enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one.

What’s more romantic than food, wine, and dancing in your own room? Maybe you could even throw in some jumping on the bed!

Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Photos are a cross between fashion photos and glamour photos.

In a Boudoir photoshoot, women typically dress up in sexy lingerie (or no clothes at all) to embrace their sensuality.

The whole purpose of this type of photography is to help a woman feel confident and secure in her body. 

There are many photographers out there who do professional Boudoir photoshoots, but you don’t have to pay a fortune to have one – you can host your own Boudoir shoot in your bedroom.

Set the scene, boost her confidence, and let her embrace her sensuality. Such a sexy date night idea!

Game Night

Where better to play all of your favorite games than in the bedroom? Monopoly. Yahtzee. Twister. Poker.

It doesn’t matter what games you play – staying in your pajamas for a game night is always a good idea.

Plus, you can keep it as PG or go as XXX as you want.

We all know you can play regular poker and twister, but if you want to steam it up, make it dirty!

You could even try some sexy board games designed specifically for spicing up your love life in the bedroom!


If you’ve been together for a long time, you probably have a lot of wonderful memories together.

How often do you sit down and actually reminisce about them?

Look at old photos. Watch old videos. And if you are married and have a wedding video, take the time to watch it again.

Reminiscing about old times can bring you closer by reminding you what made you fall in love in the first place. 

If you want, you could also take the time to turn old memories into a scrapbook.

Or replay old memories by hosting your own wedding retake in your room. At the very least, you could host a replay of your wedding night!?

Check out Date Ideas For Married Couples.

Communication Time

As couples, it’s important that we set aside time for communication. Sure, we talk to our partner everyday in passing, but how often do we really set aside quality time to talk about our feelings?

Now is the time to do so. Take some time to just communicate with your partner.

Try our relationship check in questions… examples like:

What’s been on your mind lately? How’s work going? Do you have any stress? Is there anything you could improve on in the relationship? Is there anything bothering your partner?

If you’re a newer couple, you could also focus on important questions like “where do you see us going in the future?”, “Do you want kids”, and so on and so forth.

-Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

You could also keep the conversation lighter with fun relationship question games like, “If you were stranded on an island what are 3 things you would take?”

Would You Rather Questions For Couples
Who’s Most Likely To Questions
This or That Questions For Couples
Yes or No Questions

The point here isn’t what you talk about, it’s that you set down your phones and take the time to focus on each other.

Relationships need that and the bedroom is a great place to do it. 

Spa Night

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good massage. In fact, you have someone right at home who knows what you like better than anyone!

Create your own at home spa date, and get the massage oils ready and treat each other to a nice at home back or full body massage.

If you have an ensuite bathroom, you could also give each other facials and end the night with a nice hot bubble bath. 

Indoor Campout

Who ever said you can’t campout indoors? An indoor campout is a great way to make your night more exciting while staying in the comfort of your own bed.

Grab some large sheets and make a giant fort/tent out of your own bed. If you want, you can add some twinkle string lights to give an effect that you’re laying under the stars…like a romantic stargazing date.  

Then, curl up with some hot chocolate, make some stovetop s’mores, and spend the night  telling ghost stories (or watch Ghost series on Netflix!) while holding each other tight to stay safe!


After a long week of work and stress, we could all use a little relaxation. And if you’ve ever done meditation before, you know that this can be a great way to destress.

So why not take some time to destress together? Use your date night to find a  quiet spot in your bedroom and engage in some deep meditation together.

Don’t know how to meditate? No problem – it’s never too late to start.

You can learn meditation from the comfort of your own home and take things at your own pace.

Just remember – meditation takes practice and practice makes perfect.

The more you and your partner practice, the more benefits you will get out of it. Perhaps you can make it a nightly or weekly routine?

Or try our Relationship Affirmations to say together!

If you don’t feel like leaving your house, try some of these awesome date nights right from the comfort of your own bedroom!

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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